Tuesday, April 08, 2014

you look so comfortable in my skin

hey, how are you?
i'm good, really enjoying the warm weather we've been having. so much so that i've been cutting my clothes up again; i got this shirt last year from a shop called vexatiously vintage on asos marketplace and it's been sitting in my wardrobe for a while so i thought i'd cut it - when all else fails just cut shit up haha!
 photo IMG_2326_zps4462d5fe.jpg
 photo IMG_2351_zps931f65c2.jpg
 photo IMG_2371_zps73946093.jpg
 photo IMG_2361_zps2121af50.jpg
 photo IMG_2343_zps0e737f33.jpg
 photo IMG_2377_zps0f25e0c0.jpg
 photo IMG_2372_zpsc383267d.jpg
shirt - asos marketplace
belt & scrunchie - american apparel
socks - nike
shoes - vagabond
 photo IMG_2330_zps6376b2a9.jpg
i love the jazzy print on it so think it works nicely as a 2 piece. also expanding the nike sock collection with these new dri-fits which i love the colour of!
take care, ronan x

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