Saturday, July 30, 2011

all i need now is a straw hat

hey everyone!
how you doing? :) hope you're all well, i'm feeling fabulous today! maybe because i came across something style-wise that i've never tried before and i love it! this being a maxi skirt ;) also, because i've recently discovered a new song by jamie t - called "if you got the money" which is one of my favourite summer songs now, listen to it here
so anyway all i did today was run errands with my dad and brother, then cook a curry which is almost done so i can't wait for that, yummmaaayum! :D also, last night i found out that the lovely kate from campervans and cake had awarded me the lovely blogger award so i'll write a little bit about that later! :)
first, here's my new maxi which i think would look even better with a straw hat and some jeffrey campbell booties... you'll see what i mean! oh and a big thanks to janelle for being my photographer today :)
warning - picture heavy post
bodysuit - siobhan mckenzie
belt - topshop
maxi skirt - asos
wedges - office
yellow nail polish - barry m
yes... i am wearing a long skirt! it feels so crazy for me because as you've probably noticed i don't ever wear long skirts as they don't suit me... well. i think this one does :P
it's really soft and i love the pleats. it's a chiffon layer over a silky mini layer which i love because it's not a proper maxi, more half mini half maxi which is more me :)
as you can see it's light and breezy. i decided to get one from asos because they didn't have them in my size in topshop. it was £45 but the quality of the skirt is amazing.
i decided to wear my wedges with it to give my outfit some colour and also so that the skirt didn't trail along the floor, i also think it elongates me a bit more and makes me look more elegant.
elegance out the window :P i wore this great patterned bodysuit because as you know i'm a strong believer of something tight, something loose and i thought the colour and pattern on the bodysuit would give it a little more "me".
i wore the belt to break the outfit up a little and a skinny belt belongs on every outfit!
i realised that i'd paid £45 for a circle of fabric with a hole in it :P haha ah well! i love my new maxi skirt, what do you think? 
now for the lovely blogger award
i've previously been given this award by another gorgeous blogger but it completely slipped my mind to write about it. so here are the rules i missed out on:
1. thank the person who gave it to you - thank you kate! everyone go and check out her lovely blog at campervans and cake.
2. write 7 random facts about myself
- i hate peanuts
- i did tap and ballet classes for 13 years
- my phone is a motorola flip out
- i have a pillow collection 
- i don't eat potato unless it's a chip 
- i love stand up comedy
- i'm asthmatic
3. nominate 15 other bloggers
i know it's a blogging tradition to nominate 15 bloggers, but i think it's a little more personal to only pick 4 or 5. so here are my 5 nominees for the lovely blog award (in no particular order):
well done girls! go and have a look at those 5 blogs, they're absolutely lovely! :)
4. let the people know you've given them an award
about to do that now!
so everyone, i hope you have a really great weekend! i'm looking forward to doing some baking tomorrow, and if you're lucky i'll show you something sweet soon! (very proud of that pun :P) haha speak shortly lovelies! :) ronan xxx

Thursday, July 28, 2011


evening guys!
just got an outfit post for you all tonight, hope you're well :) i'm sitting here with my dad, sister and brother watching dynamo. are any of you watching this?! i thought penn and teller were good but dynamo is doing some proper magic stuff like bringing plastic butterflies to life.. seriously! 9pm on watch, you've got to watch it if you missed it tonight! before i would have thought dynamo was a cheesy name which the likes of mr bean would use to try and chat up an unsuspecting woman but i was wrong haha! you all need to watch this show!
so today, i caught up with some friends, and then went up oxford st to find a maxi skirt that i love! but the size 8 fell around my waist and they didn't have a 6 in stock or online because it's last season but i ordered a gorgeous one from asos so i'll show you it in a couple days :)
here's what i wore today:
so i did something different and decided to take my photos in my gym for a change.
dress - h&m
cardigan - h&m
i love the shape of this dress because it compliments my figure without being a bodycon. it's a great cut for majority of shapes and sizes.
socks - tabio
brogues - schuh
i'm usually not one for wearing my school shoes outside of school :P but these shoes were just perfect for this outfit and with the socks so i went for them.
belt (formerly a headband) - river island
i love the low cut back and high cut front because it's different :)
i've mixed quite a few colours here but i like the purple of the cardigan, it gives it some matt colour to compliment and not take attention off my sparkly socks.
tabio is THE shop for socks and tights, if you haven't checked it out go and do it! - such good quality and different things to what you usually get :)
now you've finished reading, go and check out dynamo whether on catch up or youtube! (or you might be able to catch this episode on watch). also, i've just created a facebook page for m blog, so i'd love for you all to like it! the link's at the bottom of this page so like if you like! :) have a great week everyone, thanks for reading! ronan xxx

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

wednesday wants

hey everyone!
hope you're all well and having a wonderful wednesday. i spent the day watching 2 of the twilight trilogy aka lusting over taylor lautner with rhiannon (:P -> just loook at hiiiimmmmm! he's the most beautiful werewolf i've ever seen) and cooking my rendition of breaded chicken which actually turned out to be pretty tasty! i aslo watched the glee project which i'm ashamed to say i really like because i didn't watch glee... do any of you watch it? if you do, who do you want to win? i'm definitely rooting for samuel and cameron!
so anyway :) today i thought i'd do a wednesday wants because i haven't done one in months! so here goes:
1. topshop £28
this tee is different and i can imagine it being worn with loads of different outfits, hey cowboy ;)
2. lazy oaf watermelon skirt £38
this skirt's the same cut as my red one (look here) and it also has a silver zip down the back. again it's different to anything i've seen and plus i love watermelon
3. personalised louis vuitton bag - £610
my mum's a big louis vuitton fan and i never really understood what's so amazing about them...but then i got older and started to appreciate the classicness and elegance that comes with them. and now you can get them with your initials on them...perfect.
4. billionaire boy's club jacket £775
you may or may not know that i'm pharrell william's biggest fan, so i'm obviously a big fan of his brands billionaire boys club and ice cream. i love this baseball jacket because it's a unique design and ah, i just love everything about it!
5. mac ruby woo lipstick £12
i'm also a big fan of channel 4's dirty sexy things which for those who don't know is a show where perou (an internationally acclaimed photographer) takes a series of photos of 8 models for an exhibition. great show! and jesse b, jesse and charlotte from it have all tweeted me (woohoo!) haha. anyway, jesse b who's one of the female model wears this lipstick and it looks absolutely amazing. although she says that it's just her top coat, underneath it she wears barry m red lipliner and bright red lipstick which is a lot cheaper, but the mac just gives it an extra kick.
6. nike sneakers - £65-£82
speaking of a kick, these are just 3 pairs of dunks that i want at the minute. the first 2 pairs are the same design but different colours and materials and the last is suede and a new design for nike. 
7. bbc and ice cream sweaters - £185 and £75

these sweaters just look so soft haha. and i can imagine them looking so great, mixed with like a bodycon mini and dr martens or high waisted shorts and toms. what would you put it with? i'm struggling to understand why the grey one is £110 more expensive than the blue one though :s
7. womens' classic mini uggs - £130
alright guys, i know it's summer... but i love uggs and a pair (or 2) would be good for my collection! and i really love the navy colour, it's different. which brings me on to want number 8 which is dakota uggs- £105:
these 2 pairs would thrive in my shoe collection and i think they're a definite need because i haven't currently got anything like this dynamic duo :)
9. lazy oaf mini shirt - sale price £20
i love this mini shirt because it's different and monochrome. everyone loves a bit of monochrome! even though i'm not sure whether i'd put it in with my light wash or dark wash :P but it's a cool tee and would be wearable with so many different outfits!
10. new era cap £28-£35
i've got 2 new era caps, but my hair's gotten to big and now they just don't fit (sounds silly i know:P) but i've wanted a new one for a while and i love these 3. jesse from dirtysexythings has a personlised one:
and so i've decided that i want one of those! with ronan written on the side of course ;)
lucky 11. louboutins
and for lucky number 11... i'd love this pair of louboutins, although i probably wouldn't be able to walk in them. how beautiful are they? 
that's all for me today, have a lovely week and speak soon! :) ronan xxx

Monday, July 25, 2011

grande petite soeur

aujourd'hui j'ai realisé que je ne serai jamais avoir une métier de francais! hello! today i realised that i would never have another french lesson... it's hit me today (i'm a bit late i know) but i'm cutting out so many lessons that i've been taking for the last 5 years! i feel like i'm growing up haha. ahh, although today i spent the day slobbing it up with siobhan excluding a little trip down the market to buy fabric and nail polish. 
i wore something standard, but i noticed that my sister janelle (who was going out to meet some friends) looked particularly nice and so i dragged her into the garden to take some photos, although she was in a rush so i didn't get many. 
minidress - hollister
tights - unknown as of yet
trainers - converse
necklace - present from mum and earrings - not sure :P
janelle never overloads with jewellery but she wears simple silver pieces that add a bit of bling to her outfits.
i love this outfit on janelle because it's casual but cool and it really sums up her playful personality :)
me and my little big sis :)
piana decided to take a backseat during janelle's photoshoot (i'm clearly her favourite). but she happily sat and posed for this photo :P
nail polishes - barry m (blueberry and pink flamingo). 
i've seen this one finger different colour trend around so i decided to try it out but with different colours on each hand and i think it works well.
so i hope you're all having a great start to the week! and i'll speak to you all soon! :) ronan xxx