Tuesday, August 28, 2012

big wheels keep on turning

hey guyssss! how're you all doing? :)
i'm gooood! got back from reading festival yesterday and it was amazing. i had such a great time and saw some crazy good acts. santigold, azealia banks, bombay bicycle club, the cure, the maccabees, florence and the machine and sbtrkt were just a few of my favourites! it was a great weekend even though everyone there  (including me) turned into top tramps while we were there, but oh well it had to be done haha. i also went to brighton early last week and had such a lovely time walking through the town and discovering the most peaceful little bookshops. 
today i went to the natural history museum with my friend, and it was so interesting. love a good museum, plus the weather was lovely so we had a nice little walk admiring the beautiful houses in south kensington. here's what i wore.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
tee - lazy oaf
belt - topshop
skirt - american apparel
adidas gazelles @ office
janelle bought this skirt for me on our shopping trip a few weeks ago and i loveee it! another piece to add to my american apparel collection haha. it's longer and tighter than i'm used to (if that's possible :P) and i've got to get used to the feeling of not being able to take my normal massive strides when i walk haha. but i really like the fit and 'saved by the bell' esque look i get by combining it with this bold lazyoaf patterned tee. 
so i'm just enjoying my holidays at the minute, haven't even begun to look at the amount of work i've got 2 weeks to finish ahhh don't want to go back to college! anyway i hope that you're all having a lovely summer!
thank you for reading, ronan xxx

Saturday, August 18, 2012

don't you know it's like a heatwave

 hey guyyyys!
how ya doing? :) seems like the mini heatwave's back in london which i thoroughly enjoyed today on a shopping trip with my sister janelle which was so lovely. she's started a new job 2 months ago and it's really demanding so we don't get to spend much time together any more so it was so nice that the sun came out for us! she treated me to a few lovely little bits, and i also picked up the last of the things i need for reading festival next week eeek! including some royal blue wellies which glow in the dark - hellyeahhh, hellyeahhh hellyeah ;) here's what i wore today.
 bodysuit - american apparel
belt - topshop
shorts - the not-so-square scarf company
vans classic slip on in black mono
i decided to whip out my not-so-scarf shorts today because i've been saving them for beautifully warm day to show them off. the not so scarf company is made up of my lovely little friend alice's sister rachel, and her friend who decided to start making shorts out of scarves because they wondered "why have everything in scarf print when you can have everything made out of scarves" and as soon as i saw their unique pieces i had to bag myself a pair, and they were a bargain at just a tenner!
so whenever the sun's out, brick lane always sprouts the coolest of kids, and so i had my camera handy when we passed through to snap up some summer style. and even though my camera broke and failed me (possibly my fault from when i dropped it a few weeks ago), janelle's phone camera worked quite well. 
i love all of these outfits, all so individual and so i had to snap them up to show you! :)
anyway, hope you've enjoyed reading today! i probably wont post until the week after next as i'm off to brighton on monday! :D then reading on wednesday. but i hope you have a lovely week and the weather stays nice for you all! thanks for reading, ronan xxx

Friday, August 10, 2012

i don't want to bother you but i'm in distress

hey guyyyys! 
how are you doing? i'm good! had a lovely week because my lovely little friend ruby's been visiting from somerset and we've spent the last few days getting far too into the olympics, spending a little too much money and trying to get people to notice that i was wearing a cat-dog t shirt (if you follow us on twitter you'll probably have seen :P). so for the last few days the weather's been a bit iffy, warm for 5 minutes then cold then boiling, which to be honest is a typical english summer, so today we're going to show you 3 perfect outfits for our british 'summer'. 
mickey tee - urban outfitters
american apparel riding pants
converse all star in optical white @ office
lipstick - topshop : rio rio
jumper - monki
shirt - h&m
necklace & leggings - urban outfitters
shoes - dr martens
tee, chiffon skirt and petticoat - american apparel
nail polish - purple: max factor, blue: barry m
ring - topshop
brogues - office 
ruby likes the second one most, which is your favourite?
i love something about every single one. i really like the way that the petticoat makes the chiffon skirt puff out a little more. and i also love the washed blue colour of the monki jumper. ruby discovered monki through other blogs and so when we were on carnaby st we decided to have a little wonder around. they have a wide variety of different things for reasonable prices, for example this jumper was only £35 and you can tell by just feeling the fabric that it's excellent quality. 
also, did you notice ruby's nails? she got this lovely faded affect by layering the glitter colour over the purple. it can be done easily with the barry m glitter colours and they've got loads of new ones out at the minute :)
anyway, ruby's back to somerset today :( and i'm off to work.. all day while the sun is shining waaaaaah :'( haha. so i hope you have a lovely weekend and have enjoyed reading. ronan xxx

title song : amy winehouse - cupid

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

just give me some candy

hey guyyys, how're you? 
i'm goood, sort of starting to get into the olympics mood. i haven't watched much of it but i caught some of the gymnastics which was absolutely amazing. the strength that they have is just incredible. gymnastics, pole vault and synchronised diving and the three events which i really enjoy watching. really makes me want to stop being lazy and actually do some exercise. i don't remember if i mentioned, but i quit athletics a few months ago, i'd done triple jump for a few years and i just got really bored of it and hated the pressure of competition so decided to quit. but now i'm getting lazy and need to take something new up, if anyone knows how to salsa and wants to teach me i'd be very happy!
 canadian ice hockey jersey - ebay
belt and skirt - topshop
chelsea boots - dr martens 
 this is what i wore today on a little shopping trip to westfields with my friend which ended up us not finding what we were looking for, but we ventured into victoria secret to see what all the hype was about! we were a bit disappointed, it was very pink and the cheapest bra we saw was like 40 quid. i think not. hahaha. i was getting some quite strange looks in my canada shirt though, it's not like i'm team canada or anything i just woke up today and thought 'yep, it feels like an ice hockey shirt day today'. paired with my polka dot circle skirt to smarten it up a little as previously i've worn it as a dress. and with my chelsea boots because, well, i just love them.
anyway i'm off for tonight, really tired for some reason. this humid weather is taking it out of me haha! hope you all have a lovely week, and have enjoyed reading :) ronan xxx