Tuesday, August 19, 2014

woman your love is like burning fire in my soul

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 photo IMG_6859_zpsf0948609.jpg
 photo IMG_6860_zps164b5a0d.jpg
 photo IMG_6864_zps21b1160e.jpg
 photo IMG_6863_zps5e3fce4c.jpg
 photo IMG_6867_zps6d3db938.jpg
jumper - house of sunny
scrunchie - american apparel
shorts - adidas
shoes - vagabond
 photo IMG_6870_zps1b949242.jpg
a little while ago the lovely ladies @ house of sunny sent me this gorgeous wool jumper which i was waiting for the cooler weather to set in to wear! i think it's safe to say the london summer heatwave is well and truly over aha. i'm still clinging on to it a little though as i'm going to portugal in 2 weeks, so so excited to get away and visit another place, looking forward to beaches and francesinha as well though obviously ;) i'm so excited for the HOS winter range which is out soon, but for now i'm enjoying pairing my jumper with adi baseball shorts folded up into hotpants and always vagabonds.
take care, ronan x

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Friday, July 25, 2014

all the time you really wanted my man

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 photo IMG_5438_zpsc701fc98.jpg
 photo IMG_5446_zps3235a952.jpg
 photo IMG_5452_zpse413777a.jpg
 photo IMG_5464_zpseccceb35.jpg
 photo IMG_5475_zpsb5f02f2b.jpg
 photo IMG_5463_zps5136d57a.jpg
last week i went shopping with my friend neo and picked up these american apparel regular fit 100 jeans. they're basically just the men's version of the classic high waist women's jeans and i really liked the comfortable relaxed fit of them. i also grabbed this basic rib cotton top in the zara sale and cropped it down to the perfect length for these jeans, super comfy for a warm but grey day like today. plus my favourite palace socks & dr martens 1976 boots. 
ronan x

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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

one day all them bags gon get in your way

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 photo IMG_5203_zpsec9d82c2.jpg
 photo IMG_5201_zpsbb01d2f8.jpg
 photo IMG_5223_zps2c1054b5.jpg
 photo IMG_5228_zpsd57243eb.jpg
 photo IMG_5232_zps9fd5a927.jpg
jacket - hand me down
belt - american apparel
jeans - asos
socks - nike
clarks desert boots
 photo IMG_5200_zps2295c950.jpg
today is pretty hot, but i'm not really one to dress according to the weather and i really fancied wearing leather. a family friend gave me his old motorcycling jacket and i love that it's proper heavy leather, paired with black ripped asos jeans and my new one-boutique v back crop top - always with nike socks. 
have a lovely evening! ronan x

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Monday, June 09, 2014

i fell in love i am in love with you

hey guys,
how're you doing? i'm good! finished my foundation a few weeks ago so have just been chillin and enjoying having no work to do  haha. doing a few more shifts at work but other than that i'm just going to enjoy summer focussing on personal work until st martins!
 photo IMG_4657_zps666da328.jpg
 photo IMG_4655_zps3187b35e.jpg
 photo IMG_4668_zps64b61757.jpg
 photo IMG_4671_zps649477f3.jpg
jersey - brooklyn
bra - triangl
pants - slazenger
socks - nike
slides - everlast
 photo IMG_4673_zpsc09f8d7e.jpg
i love my new trackies which are actually kids slazenger cricket pants but whatever, the material is so light and breezy. paired with my phillies baseballs shirt which is missing a letter at the back, and my triangl bra that emma so kindly sent me i had the perfect comfortable outfit to eat loads!
take care, ronan x

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

them love how me clarks them lace up

hey guys! how're you doing?
i'm gooood! for quite a few reasons haha, 1. it's sunny woohooo. been waiting for warm weather since.. whenever it was last sunny haha. 2. i'm nearly finished my foundation, and i've gotten into central saint martins to do my degree in fashion communication & promotion! was a bit of a whim cos i only applied there but i guess it worked! so i've been enjoying being left to my own devices on my fmp, and helping my sister siobhan with her brand new website http://one-boutique.co.uk/ which features a selection of hand picked vintage items and her own pieces. today i'm wearing a mesh dress that i designed for ONE-BOUTIQUE and it's selling for only £20 so you should check it out, alongside the beautiful printed 2 pieces and other things she's selling! 
 photo IMG_3245_zps3f8eca34.jpg
 photo IMG_3190_zpsac128bd8.jpg
 photo IMG_3296_zps2fb06acb.jpg
 photo IMG_3281_zps27b15d87.jpg
 photo IMG_3279_zps524b59be.jpg
 photo IMG_3294_zpsf76a040a.jpg
 photo IMG_3244_zps2f82eee8.jpg
 photo IMG_3158_zpsf7db2d21.jpg
bralet - missguided
skirt - american apparel
socks - nike
jeffrey cambell platrane @ office
 photo IMG_3251_zpsfdcb0d74.jpg
take care! ronan x

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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

you look so comfortable in my skin

hey, how are you?
i'm good, really enjoying the warm weather we've been having. so much so that i've been cutting my clothes up again; i got this shirt last year from a shop called vexatiously vintage on asos marketplace and it's been sitting in my wardrobe for a while so i thought i'd cut it - when all else fails just cut shit up haha!
 photo IMG_2326_zps4462d5fe.jpg
 photo IMG_2351_zps931f65c2.jpg
 photo IMG_2371_zps73946093.jpg
 photo IMG_2361_zps2121af50.jpg
 photo IMG_2343_zps0e737f33.jpg
 photo IMG_2377_zps0f25e0c0.jpg
 photo IMG_2372_zpsc383267d.jpg
shirt - asos marketplace
belt & scrunchie - american apparel
socks - nike
shoes - vagabond
 photo IMG_2330_zps6376b2a9.jpg
i love the jazzy print on it so think it works nicely as a 2 piece. also expanding the nike sock collection with these new dri-fits which i love the colour of!
take care, ronan x

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

every mornin she shampoos my locks

hey, how are you?
i'm good! have had a busy few months getting ready for assessment at uni then for degree interview. the weather in london has been so up and down, the week before last was so hot (for england paha) and yesterday it was sunny but ended up getting soaked half way through my run. i'm so ready for summer and some warm weather. although i've finally started to enjoy layering, i still refuse to wear proper tights haha. 
 photo IMG_2079_zpsd3a38d03.jpg
 photo IMG_2072_zpsaa506fd0.jpg
 photo IMG_2068_zps283206dd.jpg
 photo IMG_2064_zpse591e500.jpg
 photo IMG_2084_zps426784a2.jpg
 photo IMG_2086_zpsb50b1ff0.jpg
scrunchie - american apparel
polo - from a friend
sweater - slazenger
skirt - motel rocks
scrunchie&nails - american apparel
socks - adidas
cat footwear colorado boot
 photo IMG_2065_zps8e0f2197.jpg
i love this almost sheer silky stripe polo that my friend joao gave me the other day. i think he got it from a charity shop in portugal for next to nothing. layered over my mesh skirt from motel, and favourite bargain sweater from sports direct; always with sport socks & cats.
ronan x

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