Friday, February 25, 2011

street style featuring reggie yates

good evening :) hope you're having a great week! for those who are on school half term, how gutted are you that we only have 2 days left of the holidays? as sunday doesn't count because you can hardly relax :P anyway today i had a really good day! i went to westfields white city shopping centre which is just by shepherds bush train station -which is one of the biggest indoor markets in europe - with my good friend keisha ( it was great fun of course! but we had our eyes peeled for something special today:
i always see "street style" sections in magazines where someone has gone around and picked out people who had great style and reported to everyone so that they can learn some tips. so i thought it could be quite a nice thing to do on my blog, so i decided i would do it regularly and since i was out in a shopping centre, i couldn't think of a better way to start?
so we had our eyes peeled for people who looked that just bit different and surprisingly, there were only 3 people who stood out to look great but just that bit different one of which included presenter reggie yates.
Photobucket1. calm casual and cool
(i did ask before taking this picture :P)
this guy that we saw was standing outside topshop when i spotted him. i really like the way that although wearing simply a hoodie and jeans, the paint splattered pattern and slim fit of the jeans made the outfit express his personality more and looked just that little bit different from the hundred other guys around westfields who were clearly trying to fit into what's stereotyped to look "good".
i also like the subtle matching of the red vans and the red hat, i'm not sure if this was done purposefully but it definitely adds a splash of colour to the outfit which is always good.
i think that a shirt could have also worked in place of the hoodie in this outfit or a zip up hoodie with a plain tee underneath.
vans and other similar styles of sneakers like these can be found at:
similar jeans can be found at:
similar hats:
similar hoodies:
2. smart, chic and sophisticated
Photobucketi had just lost all hope in finding a girl who was dressed well when i saw this cute well dressed couple just sitting down to lunch so i had to interrupt and ask if i could get a picture!

first the lady:
overall i think the outfit she was wearing looked great! earth and autumny colours are all in fashion this season and this lady has put her outfit together amazingly!
i love the chiffon off white shirt with the high waisted tan skirt. the colours compliment each other so well and the loose black bow around the collar of the shirt looks great because it makes the outfit look so much more casual and natural.  then i think the subtle matching (i do love my subtle matching :P) looks great here as the tan of the shoes matches the skirt, but they're not overly statement and they really suit the outfit. 
and as for the satchel bag, i really need to get myself that exact one! it goes well with the outfit because although it's still brown, it's not exactly the same so it stops it looking over-coordinated.
similar items to these can be found in almost every high street store, but in particular:
and the gentleman:
the blazer and jeans coordination i can't fault- smart but the jeans keep it casual. i like the way that the jeans and blazer are also both different shades of grey, because if they were different colours then there's a lot of room for colour mis-matches. 
chinos would also have worked well with this outfit instead of the jeans.
the cuff out of sleeve shirt is a nice touch as well because again it brings out his personal style and taste without overdoing it. then the dark under layers suit the outfit, keeping it smart. 
finally, i really like the trainers with this outfit, because the colours are quite smart and simple, the trainers bring back the casual side of it and i like that.
similar items to these can also be found in most high street shops, but especially:
together i think that these 2 look really good together, no clashing colours and i especially like how he's wearing grey, and her shirt is very light off white grey. 
Photobucket3. reggie yates!
chat show host and tv presenter reggie yates zoomed past us when keisha caught a glimpse of him and we caught up to say hello and asked if i could take a photo for my blog! 
he was really nice and cool, although he said i wouldn't want him on my fashion blog because he didn't look very nice :P i think he looks really together and cool!
jean jackets are all "on trend" this season, and although i'm not usually a fan of shirts poking out under jackets, reggie has definitely made me change my mind!
i really like the simple but sophisticated casual outfit he went for. the white shirt and jean jacket go perfectly, with the comfortable green v neck underneath go well together. 
and the chinos although aren't the same colour they really work here. what i like about this is that he looked great for just popping out to do a bit of shopping, but if he buttoned the shirt off, rolled up the sleeves and thre on a skinny tie the outfit would have been fine for a more smart event.
the light grey dusty colour can pretty much go with anything and the trainers here look good too. vans or loafers would also have suited this outfit. 
jean jackets and shirts like this can be found at:
for simple tees i would recommend:
for chinos:
and for the trainers:
oh and if you were wondering what i was wearing today -
i went for simple and warm :) a patterned jumper with a plain pencil skirt (both h&m). a cool scarf i won a few years ago from and a plain navy baseball style jacket (american apparel)

i hope you've enjoyed reading today :) i'll definitely be doing more street style and so i hope you enjoyed it. a big thank you to the people who took part :) ronan xxx

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

what were they wearing at the brits?

evening :) how're you all doing? 
just a short post from me today as i have to get up for boring old school tomorrow :) but i wanted to do a quick post on the brits - as all of you probably know - was on yesterday, and as some "stars" rocked the red carpet, some simply shocked it. 
1. rihanna - i thought i'd start off with someone who some people love, and some hate. of which i'm siding more on the dislike side. i much preferred her "if it's loving that you want" days. but even though i'm not her biggest fan, i can't deny that she does have pretty good style (excluding her most recent s&m video)
this is what rihanna wore yesterday at the brits. 
lots of people were quite confused with it and couldn't decide whether they liked it or didn't, i personally really like it. it's different for one, looks like a cross between an explosion at the sweet factory and something thumbelina would wear but here i think it works. 
i like the different colours, because most celebrities wouldn't go for something as outgoing at such a publicized event in case of it failing but rihanna's taken a chance here and i really like it :) the only thing i dislike is the shoes, i don't like the pointiness, because the dress is already quite a statement i don't think she shoes needed to be as well. 
2. cee-lo green. i like cee-lo green's "forget youuuu...oo ooo oooo!" and i'm still not sure whether he is actually gnarles barkley as i've heard some rumours. but he doesn't fit under the usual rapper type artist stereotype, which is why i was suprised when i saw that he turned up in the brits in this...

so cee-lo thought it a good idea to turn up at the brits -which is the biggest awards event in a musical artist's career- dressed like he's gone through missy elliot's bin and worn what he found. i was majorly unimpressed with this outfit, i mean i can understand the appeal of feeling comfortable but it doesn't look great it he'd won an award and gone up to the stage in his shades and robber-hat and spurted out a speech. i think his stylist needs to be fired.
3. jessie j- the "hottest new artist" according to some. i personally think that do it like a dude is a tiny bit annoying, although one can help but sing along to the "we can do it like the mandem mandem" bit :p i heard her singing "mama knows best" on youtube though and she actually has a really good voice! anyway, this is what jessie j wore the the brits..

i can't really decide what i think  about this one. i don't think it's a very nice dress, i hate 3/4 length sleeves, they should either be rouched at the elbow or full length, but i think there's something about the rest of her look that allows jessie j to pull it off.
although she does look a tiny bit like a leaf, she definitely stands out and i think it looks alright :) i think it would be a bit nicer if it were a bit longer, because you could probably see her botty at the back, and definitely make the sleeves longer, but apart from those 2 little things it's alright.
4. alan carr. what nazel voicey stand up comedian and tv presenter alan carr was doing at the brits i do not know! but he arrived in true alan carr fashion

this really is true alan carr fashion, and for those who've ever caught him doing stand up or on his show "chatty man" you'll know exactly what i mean. i can't knock alan carr for turning up in this horrific brown metallic blazer, because it's alan carr. apart from the fact that i know i'd do a better job dressing alan carr, i have nothing else to say about it because it's all so wrong :P

5. katherine jenkins, is an opera singer who i actually really like. even if you don't like opera music, you'll probably like a little bit of katherine jekins for when you're having a mellow, quiet moment :) i recommend "time to say goodbye" bit depressing maybe but it sounds pretty. katherine jenkins went for an lgd - i just made that up, but it means little green dress ;)


i really love what katherine is wearing here. the minimal make up and simple but sophisticated green dress really work together and are perfect for this type of event. i can't fault it to be honest, i think she looks really good and even though the boobla area is a pointy, the dress's gotta have a bit of jazz in it somewhere.
6. professor green and candy mccolloch - google told me that candy is professor green's girlfriend. i don't really have much of an opinion on professor green's music, i don't like it but i don't dislike it :) it's okay. here's what he and his girl turned up in for the brits -

his suit's pretty standard, looks alright. brought it back to smart-casual with the trainers which i think is fine.  i'm just not sure about candy's outfit. 
first of all, she is the only female who wore trousers to the brits, there's nothing wrong with it.  but there may be a reason why.. the bright red would probably have been ok if the top wasn't so horrible. the problem about wearing tops that have a tight fitting bottom and jeans is that the top goes over the jeans making you look really blobby around the middle which is exactly what has happened here. 
also, the chiffon sleeve is good for revealing flesh but still staying classy because you're sort of not revealing anything, but it only really works if you're showing flesh somewhere else. as contradictory as that sounds, what i mean is, chiffon sleeves are usually on mini dresses - legs are out, or on crop tops - stomach is out. you see what i mean. this is what went wrong for candy, i think she should have opted for a slightly longer top of the same style, and red tights. that way she would have everything she wanted, but it wouldn't have looked so... odd.
7 & 8 together because i think their outfits would look good as a duet for a couple - dizzee rascal and emma willis. everyone loves a bitta dizzee and i'm not exactly sure who emma willis is. but this is what they wore and you'll see why i think the outfits would be perfectly matched-


so you can probably see why i thought they'd match :) dizzee rascal looks cool but smart in his sleek suit and cute little bow tie, and emma's lace white dress and skinny belt completely complement each other. and i think they both look really good, perfectly suited for the event. see the length of emma's sleeve and see why it's a lot better than jessie j's dress :P but i think these 2 outfits look really good together, and who knows, there might be sparks for emma willis and dizzee rascal in the future ;)
turned out to be slightly longer than a short post :P but i hope you enjoyed reading and seeing what some celebs turned up in for the brits ;) i'll just leave you with avril lavigne and hofit golan, who's red carpet outfits look very... different and experimental but not in a good way :P but i'll let you make your own judgements ;) ronan xxx


Sunday, February 13, 2011

irregular choice

good afternoon :) 
hope you're having a good sunday and had a chance to look at forever 21, the fabulous brand that's hot in america, new to the uk and that i wrote about on tuesday!
so i haven't posted since tuesday! but i've had a really nice weekend :) my nails haven't broken yet which is amazing! although it was pretty sad seeing poor lucy on take me out get rejected, the new schuh on oxford street's opened up! i haven't had the chance to go up there yet but i definitely will be soon! :D 
oh also who managed to catch beauty and the beast on channel 4 on wednesday? and  see the lady with the disfigured face alive happy and well! and it was pretty gross seeing the other lady inject herself! she's going to look even worse when she's old! for those who didn't catch it, the show is basically about people who are looks obsessed meeting people who have disfigured faces. it was amazing really, some people are so obsessed with the way they look.  and some people are so unfortunate in what's happened to them yet they seem happier than the others. i really admire those people, and it makes me feel so lucky to be healthy and have a normal face :)
so anyway today i thought i better make my post good because i haven't written in a little while :) so i'm going to be talking about one of my favourite shoe shops.
is one of my favourite shoe shops!
and the name of it -"irregular choice" basically sum up the collection :P founded by dan sullivan in 1999, he wanted to change the way that people see shoes, and put his irregular stamp on them. over the last 12 years, irregular choice has gone from strength to strength, pushing boundaries with each new collection, which is why it has commonly been nicknames "the viagra of the shoe industry". dan describes irregular choice as "a supply of something fresh and fun that maintains imagination and originality above all else"

among irregular chioce's vast range of shoes, bags and even a few clothes, there's hardly anything that i wouldn't wear (unless i couldn't walk in them!). no matter how bizzare they look, they're all really good quality shoes that look amazing with practically everything! the most popular store is based in london on carnaby street (just past size), and in store it's like a rainbow of shoes from flats to heels to boots to trainers, and they're not just for girls! irregular choice have a wide range of mens shoes as well. it was tough because i'm awful at picking my favourites but just for you i've picked some of their best pairs, that really show the diversity and colourfulness of the brand.




and the mens...

so you can see that irregular choice designs are pretty "out there" but if you're willing to have a go, then you'll see that they really do go with almost anything ;)
i went to a friend's birthday meal a few weeks ago and if you remember, i bought a pair from heels for irregular choice to complete my outfit. i wore a blue dress, navy blazer and..

maybe you can't imagine that working together, but they really do go with almost anything! here i put them on with just a simple pair of jeans, and they look casual!
model aggyness dewn, jane off estenders, helena bonham carter and many more are all getting on the irregular choice boat so you should definitely have a look ;)
i hope you've enjoyed today's post! and in my next post i'll be talking a bit about japanese street fashion so keep reading ;) i'll just leave you with a completely unrelated photo i took today, but i think it'll make you smile :) ronan xxx

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

keisha, and the new asos?

hello! happy tuesday!
this evening, i've got a present for you girlies! and you guys, but i doubt you're as hot on online shopping:P anyway, i've got a little present for you! - i did some research today and found a new online shop which could be the new asos! it's called "forever21" and it's reasonably priced, there's a very varied range of clothing and the stuff is nice which is a bonus :P
forever 21 has 5 different sections to it, sort of like different departments. there are; forever 21= the main part, I<3H-81 = another clothing line in forever 21, forever21 girls= the younger girls section like the equivalent of new look 915, twelve by twelve = another clothing line, and finally 21 men, which is the mens section.


down the right of the page are a selection of the things that i found. all of the items, sub the odd few are actually all under £20! cheap and cheerful like i said! :D the reason i'd say that this website is like the new asos is because there's such a variety of affordable items. 

from shoes to hats to bags to underwear this shop has it all! these are a pair of shoes that i found for £20! the ones on the left were only £8! which i think is a really good price for a nice pair of shoes! but the fact that they are so cheap makes me wonder how they've been made, how forever21 can afford to sell shoes for such a cheap price without being on sale. maybe the quality isn't very good or maybe they're another one of the shops that uses child labourers which makes forever21 a lot less attractive. although on the other hand, if child labourers weren't working, they'd have absolutely no income, so which is the lesser of the 2 evils?
PhotobucketPhotobucketthe next 2 tops are 2 that i found that i really like. the contrasts between them really show the diversity of forever21! the first one is more quirky and the second could be for someone completely different. one of these tops is £13 and the other £20, which is a lot cheaper than they would be in a shop like topshop!
they both look like they fit well, and that they are of good quality, but when i have more than a fiver to my name, i might buy something and try it out ;)
here are a few more things that i found that i liked, but you should definitely have a look yourself and see if there's anything that you like!


also, my friend keisha -
has fiiiinaaallly decided to create a blog! which i definitely think is about time because keisha - an aspiring fashion journalist- is one of the most fashionable, stylish people that i know! so check it out - 
and i hope you've enjoyed my blog today! ronan :) xxx

Saturday, February 05, 2011

warmest day in months

evening! :) hope you've had a nice saturday! 
and enjoyed watching poor lucy on take me out get rejected once again! :( oh a few days ago i started a photo blog on tumblr! here's the link if you want to have a look :) today i went shopping :) well looking as i'm superpoor :P around selfridges mainly because i've never had a proper look around there :) i'm happy to report that i really liked it! theres hundreds of brands all in one place which is great, although when you're poor it's well depressing :P i wanted to see the billionaire boy's club section. which if you don't know if pharrell's brand and everything is absolutely lush! i saw a jacket that i've decided i'm willing to sell my liver on the black market for as it's £1095 :( but it was amazing to look at anyway. there is also the biggest shoe gallery in either the uk, the world, or europe as my trusty source bergue told me :P which as you know if you read my blog regularly is like my heaven!
so today, for a change the weather wasn't too bad :) quite warm so i could put the jeans out and whack out a pair of shorts! so i thought i'd do a little review of my outfit, and then (i met siobhan at oxford circus and she bought me a skirt :D) a little review of my amazing new skirt <3
today's outfit :) my sister janelle was my photographer for today, and in the first picture i actually was laughing! :P none of the exact items in stock any more but i thought i'd do a review on the size, pattern and find some similar items :)
so first my cardigan - it's from uniqlo - £15 - lamb's wool - xs. it's a really soft cardigan :) and goes well with lots of different outfits because of it's basic pattern. the only thing i'd say about it is that when it's hot, it gets a bit itchy because of the real wool not a mix. i've found some similar ones that i really like on urban outfitters and here they are.
second, my top - jack wills - £14 from the jack wills outlet , £44 original price i think - 8. this is just a regular jack wills henley top. but what's so great about regular jack wills henley tops is that they're made to a great quality and fit really well. the colour is quite mild but it makes the top easily wearable in a variety of different ways and is really comfortable and cushy! this one isn't in stock any more
 because i got it a few months ago 
but like for the cardigan, i've found a few that are similar that will fit just as well. 

thirdly, my shorts :) - topshop - 6 - £52 -high waisted. topshop always have amazing clothes! and i love these shorts which my mum actually picked out for me! they're supercomfortable, lined inside so that they're not itchy and although they're short, they don't look trashy :) they have big hidden pockets which is handy unlike a lot of shorts. i'm wearing them with a belt here because the waist is quite roomy and i prefer them on my waist than just sitting on above my hips. they're actually plaid not just checkered but i think it give them a nice touch and means they can be worn with more:) here are some similar pairs that i like and found also on topshop.voila!
so lastlyyyy! my shoes :) i got them about a year ago for my 15th birthday from topshop. they're a size 6 - £70. there's not really much you can say about a pair of shoes apart from the fact that they're uber comfortable, still go with my outfit a year and a bit on! topshop shoes are also really good quality which is good. and they're not actually that expensive for a good pair of shoes so i'd definitely recommend topshop. especially as they sell such a wide range of shoes :) so i went to find some more similar pairs that i love! :)
so next up, i met my sister at oxford circus at 6pm. and i'd previously just been in topshop, and seen a skirt that i posted in my blog "if i had an unlimited shopping voucher" and i fell in love with it in real life! so, i asked her to buy it for me and she did! you all need to get yourself a rich big sister.. they're amazing!:P 
so here it is :)

so i hope you think it looks as nice as i think it does :) £35 from topshop. i just threw it on with the top i as already wearing and put the belt on too and yeah i think it works :) i've got a size 8 and it's a little bit big around my waist but it wouldn't fall off if i took the belt off. the material looks denim but it's actually some  sort of mix that's got cotton in it because it's really soft and thinner than denim. it's comfortable and floaty although i'm a little scared to wear it in the wind as it's so lightweight. it sits comfortably and yeah, i think it's definitely worth the money. it's got tiny white polka dots on it and could be worn with so many different outfits because the pattern isn't so bold!
so that's all folks :) hope you enjoyed reading, ronan xxx