Sunday, September 30, 2012

why's she here in your house babe?

hey guyssss! 
how're you all doing? i'm gooood. had a really lovely day today, went for breakfast at this place up the road from me and had a nicest croissant i've ever tasted! then spent the day on oxford street and wandering around covent garden and chinatown with my friend whilst eating cookies and ice cream, lusting after rails of pretty things, wishing we had had more money and thinking about how great it would be if we lived in liberty :P here's what i wore today.
polo neck & jeans - american apparel
aggyness deyn x dr martens aggy strap boot - schuh
these are my new boots that i bought today eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek aren't they amazing! i love them so much! they're from the aggyness deyn collection @ dr martens and i even broke my "i-will-never-shop-at-office's-rival-schuh" idea to get them. i wasn't sure whether to at first because they are a hefty £150, but i had a top yolo moment once they got on my feet. i absolutely lurvvv them! they're so different, really comfy and that sole is never gonna wear away is it haha. 
anyway i'm off for tonight! trying to get into a better early-night routine for college and have had quite a tiring weekend so i better start getting my things ready. can't believe it's october already, this year has gone so quick! i hope you have a lovelllly week! and have enjoyed reading tonight :) ronan xxx

Sunday, September 23, 2012

he's brave and walking sure

hey guyysss!
how're you all doing? :) i'm good! just been jamming this morning; went to this cute little coffee shop called daisies with my dad, and whilst we were in there this woman's phone got snatched from her table and the man who took it ran out of daisies and down the road! it could have been my phone, because i wanted to sit at the window and i always leave my phone on the table.. never again! it's so strange how something that can seem so normal is potentially dangerous :/ anyway on a lighter note haha, i've got a little video for you today instead of photos, because the weather is absolutely horrendous and i didn't want to make my brother stand in the rain and take pictures of me under a brolly haha.  sorry the quality's not great, just took it on my laptop webcam!

jumper - lazyoaf : i've cropped it and cut the neck into more of a scoop
shirt - h&m
american apparel disco pants
shoes - office

 i got these shoes free yesterday for my uniform. if i'd paid they would have only been about £40 so a couple people were saying to get something more expensive for free and  just buy them myself but these were the only shoes that i really liked so i thought i'd just get em and i don't regret it! :) similar to clarks desert boots but with a platform-looking twist i'll get loadsa wear out of them. anyway, i'm off because this evening i had a lovely barbecue with some family and friends (despite the rain) and i have stuffed myself to the point of in-desperate-need-of-a-nap haha so off to get ready for college tomorrow. but i hope you've enjoyed reading/watching today, & have a lovely week :) ronan xxx

title song & song in the background of the video: lights out words gone - bombay bicycle club

Thursday, September 20, 2012

whatever you like, whatever feels good

hey guyyyys!
how're you all doing? im gooood :) had a really nice day today, finished college at 11 then spent the rest of the day with my friend at london zoo. it was a little disappointing that there weren't any elephants or pandas, but there were some beautiful little monkeys that i was sooo tempted to scoop up and take home with me! we also took a detour on the way to the lions, with a little trip to the kiddies petting zoo to stroke the baby goats which were soooo cute, and my friend tried to stroke a sheep but it ran away from him as soon as he stretched his hand out hahaha. anyway, this is what i wore to the zoo :)
jumper - dr martens (cut off)
polo neck top & trousers - american apparel
belt - topshop
shoes - clarks originals @ office
i got these trousers yesterday at the american apparel factory outlet, just off brick lane. they were a bargain at like 20 quid, when usually they'd be about 60. they're a little big at the waist but a belt sorts that out no problem :) there were quite a few nice things at the factory outlet, however most of the stuff is factory seconds so overdyed, damaged or sized slightly wrong, but defo worth a check out for a bargain! i paired it with this jumper that i copped at the dr martens sale for a fiver a little while ago, than cut it into a cropped jumper because i wanted to show off the cut of my new trousers. with my polo neck underneath because it was cold outside but i didn't want to wear a coat, plus the roll neck is a nice difference to have a collar poking out the top :)
today i'm just going to leave you with explaining the title of today's post, which is "whatever you like, whatever feels good" from frank ocean's song 'sweet life' which was in my head all day. click the link at the bottom to listen to it :) hope you all have an amazing weekend! and have enjoyed reading, ronan xxx

Friday, September 14, 2012

says she wants my loving all night

hey guyyyys!
how're you doing? :) my first week back at school has actually been quite good. getting back into the flow of getting up early and focussing. i'm actually going to take myself to rymans to buy some folders at some point this weekend! think it's the blazer making me feel all smart and educationally haha. or maybe the knowledge that i'm jetting off to madrid in 6 weeks aaaaah so so excited! :D so anyway, this is the blazer that i picked up on tuesday after getting sent home from college. i found it in beyond retro and instantly loved the cashmere soft fabric and grace jones shoulders. 
 blazer - beyond retro
shirt & cardigan - urban outfitters vintage renewal
skirt - american apparel
panda bag - sports direct
boots - office 
so this is what i wore to college today. as you probably know or have noticed, american apparel is one of my favourite shops and is where my corduroy circle skirt is from. i love the fit of this skirt and it's easy to dress up or down. also, you must have noticed the adorable little panda sitting comfortably on my back! this is my new rucksack from sports direct that my friend picked out for me after finding that i love the hay munching mammals. unfortunately i couldn't use this backpack for college as it is a kids bag (hahaha) and so it doesn't fit a lot in it, but it's so soft and cute that i absolutely love it. 
is there anything that you guys probably shouldn't like but can't help it? ooh and who's checked out the topshop x jw anderson collection? i loveee the prints but some of the actual styles i'm not sure about. 
have a lovely weekend everyone! and thank you for reading :) ronan xxx

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

and it's the sweet words, that pull me in

hey guyyyyys! how're you doing?
sorry i haven't posted in almost 2 weeks! it feels like i haven't blogged in longer but i was quite busy jam packing the end of my summer holidays haha. i had such an amazing summer holiday, and it's such a shame that it's over :( but i went back to college today, which wasn't as great as i'd hoped. i got sent home in the first hour for not wearing a blazer, i was so angry which you might have seen if you follow my twitter (@ronrub2010). but i went to brick lane and found a really nice blazer in beyond retro with shoulders that make me look like a missing member of 5 star, but who cares cos i love it haha. anyway, here's what i wore today.
shirt - blitz
skirt - topshop
boots - office
nail polish - stargazer
i thought i looked quite smart to be honest. and i was trying my hardest to comform to the new uniform rules; shirt/blouse with a black skirt & black shoes but still keeping my own style which i will continue to keep trying to do. for once in my life as well i'm sort of looking forward to the weather getting a little cooler, i want to whip out the cardigans and jazz up my uniform with some subtly colourful knits. also, i've got quite a few new shirts and bits, and some trousers which aren't skin tight for once haha so i'm looking forward to showing you those! how are you guys finding going back to college/uni etc?
i'm off now to do some work due in tomorrow that should probably have been done over my summer holiday, but it's a holiday so obviously i didn't do it haha. hope you all have a lovely week, and have enjoyed reading! take care, ronan xxx