Sunday, July 29, 2012

said it's alllllrighhhhht

hey guysss! how're you?
i'm good thanks, we've had a little heatwave this week haven't we, it's been absolutely beautiful! pity that it's gone back to dull normal london, but i'm a little in denial and plus the lovely girls over at glamorous uk have sent me some lovely summery items and i couldn't wait to wear them. today i'm gonna show you a gorgeous oversized striped chiffon shirt which i wore yesterday, and you've probably noticed how much i love my vertical stripes :P
shirt - glamorous uk
reeboks - office (about 3 years ago)
american apparel pique bloomers
glamorous are an up and coming high fashion and vintage inspired label based in manchester. their classy designs range from casual to smart to fit every occasion, of which many of their items - including this shirt - could be dressed up or down. what do you think of how i've styled it? i decided to wear it as a dress to emphasise the casual aspects of it and pair it with these reeboks i got on my 14th birthday, as they have some animal print on them which contrasts the stripes, but thick black laces which compliment the white of the shirt. check out glamorous uk by clicking here, or the widget on the left hand sidebar of my blog.
anyway i'm off to steal some music off youtube (itunes 99p a song my back foot hahaha). keep reading to see the other lovely item that glamorous uk sent me, and i'll speak to you all soon! have a lovely week, ronan xxx

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

i made mistakes back then, i'll never do it again

 hey guyss, how are you?
i'm goood :) finally finished my first year of college and my new found freedom's been welcomed by this beauuutiful sunshine that we're having in london! although apparently it's going to be a short summer becuase the rain's back on sunday :/ but i'm going to try and enjoy it until then. i may have been born in november but i'm definitely a summer kind of girl. i love not having to wear tights and being warm without 1000 layers on.
tonight i'm just gonna show you what i wore to work today :)
 top: american apparel
vintage levis: the vintage store
belt: topshop
bag - beyond retro
white mono hi top converse @ office
i absolutely love this top! i bought it at the same time as i got the jeans and it's quickly become one of my favourites. it's a really nice fit and gives your pitts some air in this heat haha. plus, who doesn't love monochrome stripes?
how are you all coping with this olympic fever that's hitting town? or not. i'm really feeling like these olympics are so much more money, effort and time than they're worth. i was on the bus today, looking like a sweaty mess after running for my bus as the one which would have got me to work in time was cancelled, and a message from boris johnson came on the loudspeaker apologising for any delays and just to leave earlier to get to where you want to in time. he sounded pretty kushty to me, blatently sitting in his private jet watching london rush around like an irratable bunch of ants.
anyway haha enough with the rant, i'm off to get some grub and catch up on the last two weeks of geordie shore (don't h8, appreci8 hahaha). so i hope you have a lovely week and have enjoyed reading :) ronan xxx

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

girl you know you better, watch out

hey guysss, how're you today?
i'm good! been having quite a nice relaxing week as i've only been going into the lessons i know will be decent at college haha. even though the weather's gotten humid and rainy again :/ i want some sun in my life which i hope will come soon! i'm gonna be 18 in just under 4 months now and i'm soo excited, although it feels like i'm getting older and gonna be released into the big bag world pretty soon, i'm ready to start my actual career and stop faffing about in AS level drama pretending i'm an 'animal with 4 legs' or a 'historical monument'.
tee - rokit vintage, customised
american apparel easy jean
jacket - american apparel
chelsea boots - dr martens
socks - topshop
i'm quite excited about my outfit today as it's the first time i'm wearing my new american apparel jeans! i've wanted some black jeans for a little while now and i always have trouble finding jeans that fit me properly, so i decided to look in aa because i usually love the way their clothing fits, so i wasn't surprised to find that that i felt exactly the same about these 'easy jeans'.  they're comfortable and although i did pay 64 quid for them, i know that they're good quality and durable so i didn't mind paying that little bit more for them. today's outfit is sort of a typical look for me, a cropped tee and high waisted pants, but i don't think it will ever get old because i love the tight/baggy contrast, plus blue is my favourite colour (if you hadn't noticed.) so this hornets tee goes perfectly. 
anyway, i'm off to nandos tonight to get my chicken fix with some lovely friends so that's all for tonight. i hope you have a fantastic weekend and have enjoyed reading tonight :) ronan xxx

Friday, July 13, 2012

don't look ahead there's stormy weather

hey guyyyys! how're you?
i'm goood! spent today visiting the royal academy of the arts summer exhibition and whitechapel art gallery which i really enjoyed. although anyone can submit work to the royal academy so it was a really interesting range of artwork of which some of it looked like any jim jack or john could have done haha. for example, there was a canvas which was painted half red and half white, divided by a black line however it was valued at 65k. that shit cray! haha. today i wore my new rudeboi clothing sweater which is an independent label based in chester.
 sweater - rudeboi clothing
shirt - blitz : vintage ralph lauren customised
bodycon dress - made by my sister siobhan
tights - present from mumma : river island
clarks desert boots @ office 
nail polish - barry m
 i found rudeboi a few months ago via twitter i think, and i waited patiently for their s/s12 line before ordering this gorgeouusss sweater which i now love. before i saw this sweater i was sure i'd never wear bottle green again as it was the colour of my secondary school uniform (ew school haha) but my opinion has been completely changed. check out rudeboi here. i paired my sweater with this bodycon monochrome striped dress siobhan made me because the black/white complimented the white of the rudeboi logo and also my collar. then i paired the whole outfit with suspender tights simply because suspender tights to carry on the vertical stripe, lengthening my legs. then finally with my clarks because it had to be black shoes which finished the outfit, looking smart and casual simultaneously. i really want to get a pair of black trainers, i saw some lovely ones at work the other day but they only came in mens sizes :( my friend had some amazing black suede air max 90 vt's and so i think i might save a bitta money and get those!
anyway that's enough from me today haha, got a bit carried away talking about clothes there as usual :P hope you all have an amazing weekend. and i hope you've enjoyed reading :) ronan xxx

Monday, July 09, 2012

wherever there are cats, there are dogs

hey guyyys, how're you all doing today? :)
i'm good! had such a lovely weekend, been my first complete weekend off work since the end of august and i went to gay pride which was really nice. the costumes and music of the parade were amazing and plus i got free cake, chocolate and stickers to last me a lifetime :P although i thought the show later on at trafalgar square was lacking musical talent, and full of boy george singing songs in languages that i don't think anybody understood haha, the vibe was really merry and happy.
the weather's been quite warm but it's been so grey, dreary and dull so today i decided to wear all black; partly by accident because i just reallllly wanted to wear my new space jam tee, but also because i never wear completely black and i wanted to see how it'd look. 
tee - ebay
underground creeprers @ office
nail polish - rimmel
i quite like it to be honest!
not to say that i'll turn goth and start wearing completely black all the time but once in a while i think it looks quite sleek. this is one of the oversized mens tees i've gotten into recently that i was telling you about in one of my recent posts, they're just so comfortable and make my legs look extra long. plus, if you never watched spacejam as a kid you need to netflix the shit out of it right now haha! such a good film :P 
also, the lazy oaf x batman collection launches on friday and i'm so so excited about it! the previews show prints of batman logos with the quite animated trademark lazyoaf style of illustration and so i can't wait to see the whole collection! plus the monroe apparel new line is also out on friday so i'll be kissing my wages goodbye and welcoming a broke month ahead hahaa! 
anyway, i'm off to have something to eat before work so i hope you've enjoyed reading today, and have a lovely week :) ronan xxx

Thursday, July 05, 2012

i go crazy cos here isn't where i wanna be

hey guyyyys!
how're you doing? :) i'm good! except the fact that i'm still going to college when almost everyone is finished and all my lessons are pointless. i think it's because i go to a sixth form college that they're still making the students sit in on lessons where we're not learning anything that they wont recap in september! but today it was a really warm and sunny day so i wont complain :P the weather's been a bit on and off, but it was nice today and my friend and i went on a little trip to oxford st and i picked up a few bits that i've wanted for a while. here i'm just gonna show you what i wore!
 polar neck & riding pants - american apparel
shoes - office
i bought these shoes last week and i was so excited about them! they're basically 90s school shoes, but they're so comfortable and although they're a little plain there's something about them that i just love! my mum bought me this polar neck for my birthday in november, but i've been holding out posting it (for that long i know!) because i didn't know what to pair it with, but i love the way it looks with my grey riding pants!   i've seen that american apparel have some new coloured riding pants that will inevitably end up mine eventually haha! anyway that's all for me tonight, hope you all have a lovely rest of weekend! i'm looking forward to showing you the new things that i bought today so keep reading :) love ronan xxx