Friday, December 16, 2011

that's it, honey i quit. i'm moving on

hey guyyyss! how're you? :)
i'm good, finally the christmas holidays! but my oh my has it been freezing today. it doesn't look it in the pictures but it feels like the arctic thuss the title of this post - "that's it, honey i quit. i'm moving on" and going to accept that as much as i want it to be summer, it's now winter and i can't continue to freeze in something i'd wear in summer but with tights haha. soo it was "non-uniform" at college today and even though it was bitter cold i thought i'd take advantage of the fact that we're not allowed to wear shorts and go for that. so here's what i wore today :) 
 jumper - jack wills
shirt - urban outfitters
belt - topshop
levi cutoffs - the vintage store, brick lane
shoes - office
insect bracelet - gift from mumma, swarovski
blue and grey nail polish - rimmel 60 second 
white nail polish - rio nail pens
what do you think? 
i love the colour of my jumper and think it's a nice contrast between the distressed black of my shorts. these are also the same patent shoes i was wearing in my last post and they're called "larry". top tip for keeping patent shoes looking fresh: spray a little "mr sheen" on them and polish. makes them look as good as new and takes off any surface scratches! try it, but don't blame me if your shoes die hahah :P but that's all from me today, i hope you have a lovely weekend! if you're at stratfords westfields come visit me in office, preferably bearing food :P i'll be there alll weekend :) speak soon! ronan xxx

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

feeling all alexa

hey guyyys! how've you been?
i haven't blogged in about 3 weeks but it feels like so long! i've just been really busy with work, athletics and college which are all going well :) enjoying art and english the most and i've decided that after college i'm gonna do an art foundation year to decide what i really want to do. also, christmas is coming up next week too (woooo) - this year has gone so fast! anyway today, i got dressed and realised i looked like i'd raided alexa chung's wardrobe :P but i kinda like it.
 cable knit jumper - gilly hicks
shirt - hollister
corduroy skirt - aubin & wills
patent shoes - office
nail polish - rimmel 60 second
do you see what i mean? but everyone loves a bit of alexa ;)
so that's it from me today, i hope you have a lovely week. and i'll definitely write soon! ronan xxx