Tuesday, March 27, 2012

a little sweat aint never hurt nobody

hey guysss! how ya doing?
i'm good, had such a great day today :D even though i just went to college it was so hot and beautiful which never fails to put me in a good mood! i only had 2 lessons but they were 3 hours apart, so i jammed on the field with my friend ruby and we just soaked up all the sun. i really need to start remembering my sun cream! today i decided to wear my american apparel dress which i usually wear as a skirt, as seen here, because as i'm tall the back of it doesn't quite cover my derriere :P but a few months ago i saw the lovely chelsea from http://letsputourheartstogether.blogspot.com put a bodycon skirt under it on her blog which i loved so i've completely copied it here and i'm really happy with the outcome.
 dress - american apparel
bodyconon skirt - h&m
superman converse @ office
backpack - vans
 so i took the first couple of pictures before college, then the ones outside afterwards because i wanted to show you how beautiful the weather was. also that i ditched the socks when i was chilling haha. it was simply far too hot, and i tan way too easily to have socky tan lines! i like the way the bodycon looks, i think i will invest in some cycling shorts though, just for overall convenience of short skirts in summer with the wind haha :P my wardrobe is currently completely lacking in new pretty summer things! i need to do some shopping soon, but here are a few things that i'd love to have in my wardrobe!
1/2. american apparel, 3. topshop, 4. blackmilk, 5/6. topshop, 7/8/9. lazy oaf, 10. urban outfitters, 11/12. stussy, 13. represent, 14. wildfox.
what do you want in your wardrobe right now?
ah also before i go, the title of this song is a line from one of my favourite summer songs; "get me bodied" by beyonce. have a listen if you don't know it! it's one of those songs you have to get up and shake a leg to ;) anyway, i hope you've had a lovely evening and enjoyed reading :) have a great week! ronan xxx


Thursday, March 22, 2012

it's like candayyyyyyyy

hey guys, how're you doing?
i'm good thanks, been enjoying the beautiful weather we've been having in london. it's been bright and sunny, it could be warmer but there's now way i'm complaining! :) even though it's been gorgeous outside, i decided to take the pictures for this post inside my room because on monday, sebastian the urbanist  came and graffiti'd by bedroom wall. i'd wanted it done for so long and what he did was everything i wanted and more so i wanted to show it to you all! :)
here's the outfit i wore to college yesterday and my newly airbrushed wall.
jumper - topshop
shirt - topshop
skirt - american apparel
socks - gift from siobhan
belt - topshop
worn with navy smooth 8 eyelet docs as seen in my last post 
the last picture is of the urbanist with the wall. what do you think?
i love it. that paired with the weather at the moment has really got me in the mood for summer. i got my ticket to reading festival also, the lineup looks great: the cure, bombay bicycle club, florence and the machine, the maccabees and azaelia banks will be there to name a few! so i hope that we get a beautiful summer to match!  i hope you're all having a lovely week and have a great weekend. i'm going to leave you with a song that which always makes me smile. i hope you've enjoyed reading, ronan xxx

Sunday, March 11, 2012

bonafied lovin

hey guyssss! how are you?
i'm good! had a really nice day today, went to the most amazing art shop, then brick lane with my friend conor and it was so sunny and full of life! we got street styled for someone's blog but i didn't get to catch the name of it :( it was a bit of a cringe haha, but we were flattered :P also the weather was so nice i cannot wait for summer now! i got my results AS on thursday for my first sociology exam and i was so surprised to find that i'd somehow managed an a! well done to everyone else who got results :)
today i'm just going to show you what i wore to work yesterday, i took the pictures in the evening after work and used the light from my shed and i like the way the photos came out.  
strawberry hat - present from mum - river island
denim shirt - blitz
hoodie - stolen from marcel - h&m
tee - urban outfitters
american apparel riding pants in safari brown
smooth navy doctor martens
backpack - vans 
snapback - obey
 i've alllllmmost broken in these docs now so they're getting less painful, but no pain no gain eh? haha :P i also want to invest in another pair of riding pants, navy i think? but as it's getting closer to summer i'm thinking the new riding skirt might be a necessity to my wardrobe. i bought you some really nice burgundy/plum vintage levis a few weeks ago which i wore today and will show you soon! there are a few things that i've got down to grab for summer: i've been drawn to babypink vintage levis! also completely white converse all star hi tops, new knee high socks and i'd love to get the black BOY print leggings. today i busted out my old reeboks as well so i think i'm gonna be whipping out all the things i've neglected since last summer! anyway, i hope you've had a lovely weekend and have a great week :) i'm just gonna leave you with a song which although it's a bit of a cheeky one :P it will defo get you in the mood for summer! :)
thanks for reading, ronan xxx

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

happy birthday mumma!

hey guys! 
how're you doing? :) i'm gooood.
 even though it's results tomorrow - i get the results from my sociology as unit one.. eek. i'm not too worried though because i sociology is my hardest subject and i hate it, so whatever i'll get i know that i gave it as good a shot as i had at the time. good luck to everyone getting results tomorrow! :) just a quick post today to say happy birthday to my beautiful mumma.
 sweater - princes vintage
shirt - hollister
skirt - topshop
nails - maybeline & elle red layered
worn with my black clarks desert boots as seen here
 i had to hold the camera in this last photo so the only option was to bite the paper haha :P i love sweats/baggy jumpers and floaty skirts as i was discussing with mala today, but i never really go with it much because i go feel most comfortable in something baggy and something tight. but i love this combo and will be trying it out more in future!
 anyway, i'd just like to say that mumma, i hope you've had the most lovely birthday. you're a big inspiration to me, and i just want to thank you for all the support, breakfast, leaving little gifts on my pillow for me when i get home from college, always being there and everything else. i love you mum. happy birthday :)
have a lovely weekend everyone, thank you for reading! ronan xxx

Monday, March 05, 2012

black and blue

hey everyoneee! how are you? :)
i've been alright, busy with college and workkk which is why i haven't posted in a while - sorry about that! i've missed blogging and reading all my fellow bloggers posts but i'm catching up tonight :D today i just went to college, but didn't have a great day because some of my teachers were stressing me out, but i've come home and relaxed and eaten far too many of siobhan's homemade oatcakes and i'm good :P 
i just wanted to show you what i wore today, i've got my new money polo on which i got yesterday. money do really good polos - they're easy to take care of and are so comfortable. i've wanted a black polo for a little while and decided on a money one because i like to be loose at the top, tight at the bottom type look, and although they're mens, i'm wearing a small and it has quite a nice relaxed fit to it.
thanks to janelle who took my photos today! :)
 baseball jacket - rokit
hoodie - stolen from marcel - h&m
polo - money @ choice
belt - topshop
skirt - urban outfitters
brogues - office
i love my new brogues as well. i got them yesterday as my uniform shoes - so in other words for free.. (and i say hellyeah, hell yeah hell yeah, fucking right, damnnn right alllright! hahaha). and they're really good because they have a slim fit. also as they have a sort of vintage washed quality to them they're not too bright and will go with lots of colours. i can't wait for the sun to come out properly so i can wear them without tights! 
also yesterday, i got some gorgeous new burgundy vintage levi cutoffs from urban outfitters which i can't wait to show you! i reckon vintage levi's, colourful socks and baggy t-shirts will takeover my summer :D what are you most looking forward to this summer?
anyway, that's all from me tonight! so i hope you've enjoyed reading, and have a lovely week :) ronan xxx