Monday, May 28, 2012

i walked into the room dripping in gold

hey guyyyys! 
how y'all doing!? sorry i've been such a rubbish blogger this month. i've been so busy with exams and work that i haven't had time :( plus the weather's been absolutely amazing in london i didn't wanna step out the moment to take a picture of my outfit haha :P some people hate it, but i absolutely love the sun. i don't like tanning, but i like the sun. and today i went for a little picnic/bbq with some lovely people in bethnal green so i decided that i was gonna tan whether i wanted to or not so i might as well lay in the sun allll day long. and it was beauuutiful :P i'm pretty much finished all my exams as well, just got two critical thinking exams tomorrow which don't matter anyway so i've just been enjoying the weather. here's what i wore today.
 top - urban outfitters
jeans - blitz
belt - topshop
bag - beyond retro
watch - casio, nicked from brother
nail polish - yellow: barry m, blue and red - rio nail pens
addidas gazelles
i lurrrv this top! got it yesterday on a little trip down brick lane with my gorgeous friend kerry where i failed in finding a nice leather skirt :( but did get streetstyle snapped for elle korea and cast for a puma campaign which i'll hopefully get! i usually love these little crop tops but it's never warm enough and i never know how to wear them because i follow the 2/3 belly/boobs/legs rule. but i thought i'd take the plunge and i love the way it looks with my levis! i got my gazelles a couple of weeks ago as well and i've been living in them, they're so comfy and i love the colour because i hardly wear any pink so it goes with most of my wardrobe! 
also, i did the bupa10k run yesterday morning for the british heart foundation and i've made my £100 target, but it's for a really good cause so if anyone wants to donate/post-sponsor me i'd be very grateful - click here
anyway that's all from me tonight, i'll definitely post again soon as i recieved a lovely camo pocket tee  from kate @ this is what i do which i'm looking forward to styling! so have a lovely week, good luck to everyone who've still got exams to go :) and thanks for reading, ronan xxx

Sunday, May 13, 2012

i wonder if she's been rest against an unfamiliar wall

heyyy everyone! how you doing? :)
i'm goood, the weather in london this weekend has been absolutely beautiful! i'm so happy it's sunny, makes everything nicer! i had my first saturday off work in ages yesterday and i spent it jamming in the sun which was lovely, and today i went to work and it was surprisingly quiet for a sunday. people are obviously having barbecues and going to lidos instead of going shopping, which if i wasn't working i'd be doing too! i've decided i'm definitely gonna invest in a new bike when i finish my exams and start cycling more, which is something i love doing but never have the time to do :/ anyway, today i'm gonna show you what i wore yesterday!
pictures taken by janelle :)
 jersey - ebay
track pants - american apparel
tights - gift from mumma - henry holland for pretty polly @ river island
dr martens 8 eyelet boots in smooth navy - office 
hat - jack wills
nail polish - blue stargazer, white and yellow - rio nail pens
a little while back my friend introduced me to coach's jackets and i loveeeed them but it was difficult to locate one in england. so i was so happy when i found this little brand new gem on ebay which i managed to swipe from the previous bidder for just over a tenner! it's really big and at first i wasn't sure what i'd wear it with, but i decided to go with it as a dress, with my track pants underneath just in case. and my suspender tights to give it a little feminine edge, plus my navy docs because it just felt right haha. i love this jersey, it's such a bold piece but it's still so wearable as an everyday item, and i can't wait to try out different things with it! anyway that's all from me tonight,  good luck to anyone with exams coming up! and i hope you've enjoyed reading, ronan xxx

Saturday, May 05, 2012

your arm felt nice wrapped round my shoulder

hey guyyyys!
how y'all doing? :) i'm goood, been quite busy with college and work which is why i've not been blogging, i'm sorry! but my mummas put my mirror on my wall up in my room so i'll be able to update my wiwt more often even when i don't blog. i had my drama friends+family performance yesterday as a little tester for my exam which is on wednesday so i hope that goes okay! exams are coming fast, but that also means summer is coming fast which i can't wait for - hello barbeques, good music and bike rides :) anyway, today i'm just gonna show ya what i wore to work, janelle took the photos for me when i got home which is why it's dark. 
 cardigan - princes vintage
hoodie - american apparel
tee - rokit
shorts - urban outfitters 
studs - ebay
belt - topshop
boat shoes - office
nail polish - barrym + rio nail pens
 i bought these shorts from urban outfitters a while ago but earlier in the week i bought some studs off ebay for like two quid and studded them myself! i'm quite proud of the job i did haha! i did an "R" on the back for ronan (may seem obvious but someone asked if it was for rockstar earlier haha :P) and a couple studs on the pocket. i'm really happy with the way they turned out, makes them a little different from the usual. i got this tee from rokit for a fiver as well! bargain, and i love this all american style stuff. i bought a canadian ice hockey shirt off ebay yesterday as well (stole it from the previous bidder in the last 5 seconds hellyeaaaah!) haha, so i'm excited to show you that! so i hope you all have a great long weekend and i hope you've enjoyed reading! ronan xxx