Monday, May 28, 2012

i walked into the room dripping in gold

hey guyyyys! 
how y'all doing!? sorry i've been such a rubbish blogger this month. i've been so busy with exams and work that i haven't had time :( plus the weather's been absolutely amazing in london i didn't wanna step out the moment to take a picture of my outfit haha :P some people hate it, but i absolutely love the sun. i don't like tanning, but i like the sun. and today i went for a little picnic/bbq with some lovely people in bethnal green so i decided that i was gonna tan whether i wanted to or not so i might as well lay in the sun allll day long. and it was beauuutiful :P i'm pretty much finished all my exams as well, just got two critical thinking exams tomorrow which don't matter anyway so i've just been enjoying the weather. here's what i wore today.
 top - urban outfitters
jeans - blitz
belt - topshop
bag - beyond retro
watch - casio, nicked from brother
nail polish - yellow: barry m, blue and red - rio nail pens
addidas gazelles
i lurrrv this top! got it yesterday on a little trip down brick lane with my gorgeous friend kerry where i failed in finding a nice leather skirt :( but did get streetstyle snapped for elle korea and cast for a puma campaign which i'll hopefully get! i usually love these little crop tops but it's never warm enough and i never know how to wear them because i follow the 2/3 belly/boobs/legs rule. but i thought i'd take the plunge and i love the way it looks with my levis! i got my gazelles a couple of weeks ago as well and i've been living in them, they're so comfy and i love the colour because i hardly wear any pink so it goes with most of my wardrobe! 
also, i did the bupa10k run yesterday morning for the british heart foundation and i've made my £100 target, but it's for a really good cause so if anyone wants to donate/post-sponsor me i'd be very grateful - click here
anyway that's all from me tonight, i'll definitely post again soon as i recieved a lovely camo pocket tee  from kate @ this is what i do which i'm looking forward to styling! so have a lovely week, good luck to everyone who've still got exams to go :) and thanks for reading, ronan xxx


  1. Really love this outfit. Who'd guess that tie dye would make a comeback this summer! All you need now is a bong and the illusion is complete! x

  2. I love this outfit and how it's so 90s. The crop top looks great on you - wish I could get away with wearing one!

    Polly x

  3. Love your top!!!

  4. Gorgeous outfit, i wish i could find a pair of jeans like them! x

  5. ahhh there is such a great 90s vibe here...unless i got my decades wrong.
    but wow, congrats on the street style and good luck with the puma campaign :)


  6. I love this outfit! The proportions are spot on. The crop top is so cool.

  7. You should try it, its very easy and yummy:)
    You look nice btw, love the outfit <3

  8. That top is hot! Love it! I'm so into bralettes and crop tops, it's dangerous. Good thing I'm pregnant or else I'd never wear a real shirt in the summer haha.

  9. Perfect <3 I really want a pair of jean like that - think I said that the last time you posted them, I really need to search for some! And the top looks great with them!

    Laila x

  10. I really like your crop top, and your nails look amaazing. Glad you made the most of the weather ;) X X

  11. YOU ROCK!! NICE TIE DYE top :D

  12. loving the crop top! congrats on getting your photo taken for elle korea, and good luck with the campaign! that is all so exciting : D

  13. love this look and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  14. this top is fucking amazing!! same as you! so pretty and such a great style!

  15. Hello teeny waist! I love this outfit, wish I could pull something off like this! I also am a huge fan of the bralet, I've been after one for aaages and this seems perfect.x

  16. ooh I love that song! Flight Facilities, yeah? totally wishing I had your waist btw! <3

  17. i just can't get enough of your tie dye top, super cool outfit xoxo
    would you like to follow each other?

  18. Love this outfit, those jeans look amazing on you, I always look like a gimp in jeans like that! I always end up buying crop tops and then have no idea how to style them too, yours looks amazing :-D xx

  19. this is such a perfect outfit - I love the jeans so much!
    you're gorgeous

  20. loove this outfit, it looks great on you!
    you're so pretty,and i'm absolutely in love
    with your hair :)