Saturday, May 05, 2012

your arm felt nice wrapped round my shoulder

hey guyyyys!
how y'all doing? :) i'm goood, been quite busy with college and work which is why i've not been blogging, i'm sorry! but my mummas put my mirror on my wall up in my room so i'll be able to update my wiwt more often even when i don't blog. i had my drama friends+family performance yesterday as a little tester for my exam which is on wednesday so i hope that goes okay! exams are coming fast, but that also means summer is coming fast which i can't wait for - hello barbeques, good music and bike rides :) anyway, today i'm just gonna show ya what i wore to work, janelle took the photos for me when i got home which is why it's dark. 
 cardigan - princes vintage
hoodie - american apparel
tee - rokit
shorts - urban outfitters 
studs - ebay
belt - topshop
boat shoes - office
nail polish - barrym + rio nail pens
 i bought these shorts from urban outfitters a while ago but earlier in the week i bought some studs off ebay for like two quid and studded them myself! i'm quite proud of the job i did haha! i did an "R" on the back for ronan (may seem obvious but someone asked if it was for rockstar earlier haha :P) and a couple studs on the pocket. i'm really happy with the way they turned out, makes them a little different from the usual. i got this tee from rokit for a fiver as well! bargain, and i love this all american style stuff. i bought a canadian ice hockey shirt off ebay yesterday as well (stole it from the previous bidder in the last 5 seconds hellyeaaaah!) haha, so i'm excited to show you that! so i hope you all have a great long weekend and i hope you've enjoyed reading! ronan xxx


  1. Love the shorts!! You look great!!!

  2. Thank you, Ronan :)
    I love your tee, yellow does't look good on me but I like it on other people.

  3. Love those shorts, and your figure, and your shoes, and your shirt, and just everything! xx

  4. Those shorts look lovely! I've got a weakness for denim and studs, I go arouidn studding everything :) Shope xo

  5. Shorts and shoes are great!

  6. I LOVE your cargidan! Strangely, I looked for one really similar the other day haha. xxx

  7. Love the design on your nails! So pretty! <3

    Ellen xx

  8. Cute outfit. :)

  9. i love that you personalized those shorts...looks good!! good luck on those exams.