Sunday, May 13, 2012

i wonder if she's been rest against an unfamiliar wall

heyyy everyone! how you doing? :)
i'm goood, the weather in london this weekend has been absolutely beautiful! i'm so happy it's sunny, makes everything nicer! i had my first saturday off work in ages yesterday and i spent it jamming in the sun which was lovely, and today i went to work and it was surprisingly quiet for a sunday. people are obviously having barbecues and going to lidos instead of going shopping, which if i wasn't working i'd be doing too! i've decided i'm definitely gonna invest in a new bike when i finish my exams and start cycling more, which is something i love doing but never have the time to do :/ anyway, today i'm gonna show you what i wore yesterday!
pictures taken by janelle :)
 jersey - ebay
track pants - american apparel
tights - gift from mumma - henry holland for pretty polly @ river island
dr martens 8 eyelet boots in smooth navy - office 
hat - jack wills
nail polish - blue stargazer, white and yellow - rio nail pens
a little while back my friend introduced me to coach's jackets and i loveeeed them but it was difficult to locate one in england. so i was so happy when i found this little brand new gem on ebay which i managed to swipe from the previous bidder for just over a tenner! it's really big and at first i wasn't sure what i'd wear it with, but i decided to go with it as a dress, with my track pants underneath just in case. and my suspender tights to give it a little feminine edge, plus my navy docs because it just felt right haha. i love this jersey, it's such a bold piece but it's still so wearable as an everyday item, and i can't wait to try out different things with it! anyway that's all from me tonight,  good luck to anyone with exams coming up! and i hope you've enjoyed reading, ronan xxx


  1. I love ur blog :)
    ps I live in Canada

  2. I love your tights! They look really good with your shorts.


  3. love the oversized sweater w/the teeny shorts.

    J x

  4. Thank you for the lovely comment!! Love your new outfit!!

  5. I was about to ask if you had shorts on, but then I saw the third picture haha! I agree we should become rich and go shopping - I am too skint for my own good loll.

    You seem to wear the nicest clothes, all your logo tees and sweats :)


  6. Love the acid wash shorts, and that jersey is awesome!

    Laila x

  7. This is such a fun otufit! Your nails are so pretty. Your blog is so cute =)

    Suzie Q

  8. Lovely post and very inspiring blog! Please check my blog too, maybe we can be followers

  9. Love your outfit pip! A fantaaaahshtic transitional piece *twirls moustache* x

  10. you look super nice :) love ur outfit!

  11. Those tights are amazing. I love this whole look. Also, you have amazing hair :) Just saaaying.

  12. once again, loving the garter stockings! the baggy top looks great over it :)

  13. absolutely love your style!!

  14. you have such a cool style and LOOOOVVEE the hair and blog

  15. You look gorgeous as always Ron, I bought these tights in December but still haven't got round to wearing them! Whoops! The jumper looks great with them :-). Today is my first Saturday off work in forever too! Feels so weird! Xx