Thursday, November 24, 2011

with love from tané

hey guyyyys! how you doing today? :)
i'm good, having a good day too because the sun popped out for a few minutes this morning :P today's post is called with love from tané because tané (the brocycle's girl) bought my lovely top and socks for my birthday :) - thank you tané!
 real laughter - there was a "cool guy" across the road thinking he's a gangster - doing that hoppy broken leg walk :P
 shirt, skirt and socks - urban outfitters
 yellow nail polish - barry m pastels. blue & white - rio nail pens
brogues - schuh
pretty much head to toe in urban outfitters today. my friend sasha's got a job there now and with the sale price and all her discounts she managed to get a gorgeous pair of ankle boots down from £80 to £7.50! bargain much! anyway, i'm off to athetics now so i'll speak to you soon. have a lovely weekend! ronan xxx

Monday, November 21, 2011

baggy shirts and bodycon skirts

heya, you alright? :) 
i'm good, today was one of those days where i woke up and just wanted to wear something warm, cosy and comfortable. i decided to go with my new money polo and electric blue bodycon because it's comfortable but still nice - i think anyway :P
 polo - money
 belt - topshop
 electric blue bodycon - siobhan mckenzie
brogues - schuh
so this is what i wore to college today :) what do you think of the bodycon + baggy combo? i go with it quite a lot because quite a few brands like money and boy london have nice things for guys but not so much girls. anyway, i'm off to do some english homework before made in chelsea. have a lovely week :) ronan xxx

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

baby it's cold outside

hey everyone!
how you doing? :) i'm good! thank you for your lovely birthday messages, i had a really great birthday! i got some beautifully thoughtful presents from my friends and family - among which were some classic black jeffrey campbell litas :D i feel like a proper blogger now haha! ;) they're gorgeous and so comfortable, although a little inappropriate for college, so here's what i wore today :)
 coat - jack wills
 boots - office
 nail polish - barry m
 skirt and top - hollister
 bloomers - american apparel
 i got this sweet little "sister" necklace from janelle, siobhan and marcel :) 
 belt - topshop
 i decided to get these boots because i saw them whilst working and i really liked them, they're pretty much just black walking boots but they're a little different and they're so comfortable!
so that's it from me today! i'm off to athletics now after a break all last week due to my, and my friend hannah's birthday but i'm ready for some exercise! i hope you all have a lovely evening, him&her is on at 22:30 on bbc3 which you should watch because it's hilaaarious! :D speak soon! ronan xxx

Wednesday, November 09, 2011


hey guys, how're you doing? :)
i'm gooood, it's my 17th birthday tomorrow! woo, starting to get excited now :P the weather's starting to setlle down and be consistent which is nice too. i went shopping with my mum on sunday and got my new coat which i looovee, it's really warm and cosy, and it's actually not navy!
 tee - boy london
 coat - jack wills
 shoes - azzure at drjays
 skirt - h&m
i really love this tee. i was up in art today and i squeezed the red acrylic paint bottle and it blew up onto me splashing paint all over me! i managed to get most of it off and you can't see it much in the photos which i'm pleased with but it was damn annoying! :P i love my new coat too, the "sherpa" lining is a removable gilet with a checkered pattern on the outside making it really warm and supersoft :) 
also, few of my friends are always banging on about how amazing the rizzle kicks are and i hadn't really listened to much of their stuff but last night i spent a good hour and a half youtubing them and they're really good! i love their sound - it's so different. but i also love their style! 
so yeah, check them out! and their album stereo typical :) but that's all from me today, have a great end of week and weekend! and the next time i speak to you i'll be 17!:) i hope you've enjoyed reading today. ronan xxx

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

tramp benches

 hey, how's it going? :)
 today i whipped out my winter boots. 
 shirt and cardigan - urban outfitters
 boots - gift from siobhan - red or dead
 skirt - hollister
undertop - h&m
this skirt maid me feel slightly like a maid haha but i like it. so did some fat old man who felt to tell so me as i walked past the corner shop this morning.. ooherr. i didn't have work today as i've cut my shifts down and so i met up with max who i haven't seen in ages which was really nice. we sat on some tramp benches after finishing off lemon drizzle cake in the deli. YUM. i love cake. also, what's everyone doing for fireworks? i might go to alexandra palace which would be good. when i was younger we used to have a fireworks and sparklers at the back of the garden.. before everyone realised how dangerous fireworks were :P so be safe whatever you do! and i hope you've enjoyed reading :) ronan xxx