Wednesday, December 18, 2013

skin is caramel with those cocoa eyes

hey guyss, 
how're you doing? i'm good! haven't blogged in a month though, mainly because my photorapher - a.k.a brother haha - marcel has been in barbados for 5 weeks, kushtyyy i know! while i was in grey england working away and still dressing like it's 25 degrees outside haha. should probably start dressing appropriately for the weather, in fact i'm on the hunt for a new coat. i saw a really nice knock off kangol one down the market which is definitely designed for 60 year old men who own fruit and veg stalls but hey, i liked it and it was a bargain so. grabbed myself another bargain (ish) at the a.i pr sample sale a couple weeks ago, they had a few pieces from of one of my favourite designers; marques almeida and i snapped up this heavy denim dress! here is it.
 photo IMG_0032_zpsa7c4f8fc.jpg
 photo IMG_0052_zpsd75d0191.jpg
 photo IMG_0022_zpsef5b6866.jpg
 photo IMG_0029_zpsf779855a.jpg
dress - marques almeida ss13
socks - nike
scrunchie - american apparel
shoes - the whitepepper
 photo IMG_0019_zps491c5bb0.jpg
i just love the shape of it, the colour is great too. i paired it with my new chunky heel walker boots from the whitepepper and nike socks because they're always a must ;) 
thanks for reading and i hope you have a lovely christmas! ronan x

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

i can take it like a pro and you'll know

hey guysss! how are you?
i'm good, turned 19 on sunday! had a lovely birthday - i went to columbia road flower market which was so lovely, have wanted to go for ages but obviously i'm always working on sundays so i never get the chance to go! also had double dinner (which is a must obvi) and ate until i was painfully full haha. i got an early birthday present last week though - the lovely guys at CAT Footwear UK sent me the most amazing pair of colorado boots, perfect timing as well as my timbs are well and truly fucked - i couldn't wait to show you them and here they are!
 photo IMG_9250_zps22c74817.jpg
 photo IMG_9412_zps9d0d261c.jpg
 photo IMG_9358_zps506a7d5f.jpg
 photo IMG_9459_zpsd8f5b5e0.jpg
 photo IMG_9341_zps112064e1.jpg
 photo IMG_9252_zps5e22af05.jpg
 photo IMG_9372_zpsaaddcd41.jpg
 photo IMG_9370_zpsbb3d0a08.jpg
 photo IMG_9461_zps6a32cf2d.jpg
 photo IMG_9406_zpsea8a79f5.jpg
 photo IMG_9476_zpsd6d4e641.jpg
colorado boot - cat footwear uk
jersey - vintage
bralet - missguided
skirt - urban outfitters
socks - donnay photo IMG_9523_zps7c8ef087.jpg
aren't they a dream. they're super cosy and will be the perfect accompaniment to literally anything. they're such a classic style but i love how they've been re-worked to feature the authentic yellow cat logo on both the side and sole. i paired them with my new bodycon midi and missguided bralet to femme the chunkiness of the boot up a little - then my vintage jersey to get that contrast. i'm literally going to be living in these boots over winter, then wearing them in my dungarees in summer! check out the colorado boots and the rest of their collection here.
take care! ronan x

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title song: missy elliott - sock it to me (kaytranada remix)
 photo IMG_9510_zpsf0f8a3a2.jpg

Friday, November 01, 2013

i wanna scream and dream and throw a love parade

hey guyyysss!
so it's been like a month since i've blogged. i've really missed blogging but i've been so busy. i'm in uni 3 days a week now studying art foundation - just finished the first project and for it i made a sports fashion film which you can check out here. i'm also interning at the whitepepper now which is really fun, then i'm still working at american apparel so i'm pretty busy haha but it's all good! can't believe it's november - it got dark at like 4pm today it's insane! i'm gonna be 19 next week as well ahh; definitely going to start blogging more like i used to. here's what i wore today!
 photo IMG_9186_zps05a8ddad.jpg
 photo IMG_9192_zpsf07741a6.jpg
 photo IMG_9206_zps60054728.jpg
 photo IMG_9203_zpscc2af91d.jpg
 photo IMG_9214_zps4733f392.jpg
 photo IMG_9231_zps366eea5d.jpg
jacket - rokit
scrunchie & duck umbrella - american apparel
backpack - beyond retro
top - primark
skirt - ohmylove
socks - vans
jeffrey campbell platranes @ office
 photo IMG_9216_zpsd35fd485.jpg

i've been following strutt la mode's charlene for years now but it's only recently that i actually checked out ohmylove, which she designs for. their collection is comparable to nasty gal and yayer and there were a few pieces on the website which i couldn't close tab on - one being this asymmetric paisley skort which i love paired with my bargain mohair turtleneck - obviously rolled back on itself to make it supercropped the way i like it haha. 
also you may have noticed my new tattoo, i got it 2 weeks ago by the talented al-boy from cloack & dagger london - a new parlour which opened just over a month ago in shoreditch. on number four now and already thinking about the next...
take care! ronan x

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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

my eyes are green and i'm jamaican

hey guyss! how are you?
i'm good! went to see danny county on sunday who was amazing, his style and voice are just so unique. i've just been getting into my course which is going well i think. definitely wanting to do a degree in promotion now and get into styling! a few weeks ago; suzan from educate elevate streetwear contacted me wondering if i'd be interesting in doing a feature on them. i'd been following suzan (syselcuk on instagram) for ages as i love her styling educate elevate streetwear so was so excited to hear from her. here's how i styled the pieces.
Educate Elevate Streetwear 2 photo 3_zpsf7b48ca1.jpg
Educate Elevate Streetwear photo 1_zpscb043e6d.jpg
Educate Elevate Streetwear 3 photo 4_zps007998f4.jpg
Educate Elevate Streetwear 1 photo 2_zpsa7f3ada3.jpg
Educate Elevate Streetwear 4 photo 5_zps018056b1.jpg
sweater - educate evevate streetwear, shirt - asos marketplace, skirt - donnay, socks - only ny, trainers - reebok, scrunchie - american apparel
Educate Elevate Streetwear 5 photo 6_zpsab2ed168.jpg
Educate Elevate Streetwear 7 photo 8_zps633dc79d.jpg
Educate Elevate Streetwear 8 photo 9_zps7c58c522.jpg
Educate Elevate Streetwear 10 photo 11_zpsef143dc7.jpg
Educate Elevate Streetwear 9 photo 10_zpsef5cbb6e.jpg
beanie & t shirt - educate elevate streetwear, belt & turtleneck - american apparel, shorts - sondico
what do you think?
i felt pretty dapper in the pieces! coming up slightly oversized they're easily wearable with so many different outfits, and perfect for going out in or just chillin. i was just happy that the hat fit my head to be honest haha, and i love the forest green colour of their signature beanie. educate elevate have a wide range of vintage inspired pieces available on their website - click here to check it out. 
take care, ronan x

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

he look me in the eyes and say he wanna breed it

hey guys!
how're you doing? i'm good. enjoyed some much missed sun today after a few weeks of solid grey! so i thought it was the perfect opportunity to post about my amazing new maui jim sunglasses as part of the maui jim style challenge. a few weeks ago, maui jim contacted me asking if i'd be interested in taking part of styling an outfit around a pair of maui jim sunglasses, obviously i jumped at the opportunity and was super excited because i've never really worn sunglasses because i've never thought they really suited me so i thought why not give it a go! here's how i styled them:
 photo 17_zpse64ce39f.jpg
 photo 7_zps4b6fc586.jpg
 photo 14_zpse7768720.jpg
 photo 13_zps34c1dab9.jpg
 photo 15_zps60757980.jpg photo 1_zpse17daf58.jpg
 photo 11_zpsa8ee1c75.jpg
sunglasses - maui jim
turtleneck, nail polish, scrunchie & belt - american apparel 
shorts - not so square scarf co.
socks - palace
timberlands - hand me down
 photo 4_zpsbc3f8a52.jpg
i'm now a sunglasses convert haha. these are the 'liana' glasses; inspired by the likes of andy warhol and audrey hepburn, they have a gorgeous vintage quality to them - coming in black, tortoise shell and sandstone. the lense itself is made from superthin glass and along with all of the other maui jim's, they feature nine layers of patented, colour-enhancing lens technology to block 100% of UV rays and 99.9% of glare. what more could you want? i'm just looking forward to more sunny days so that i can bang them out! check out the whole maui jim collection here.
take care! ronan x

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title song: freaks - french montana ft. nicki minaj

Friday, September 20, 2013

i just want a ticket out of town

hey guyys! how are you?
i'm good, has been almost a month since i blogged, i had a super busy summer. interning at i-D was so much fun, such a great experience. then a week after i finished there i started my art foundation in fashion & textiles at ravensbourne university which is going well so far. i bunked off my first friday to go to bestival though haha which was insane; snoop dogg, james blake and cyril hahn were my favourites i think - so good! i got the opportunity to go to london fashion week as well and saw the ktz show which was incredible, loved the big jackets and the veils.
anyway, today i'm gonna show you the photos from a shoot that i did yesterday with my friend lorna. i'm doing the photography/styling week on my course and we had to do a photoshoot which reflected our personal style and physicality and i'm so happy with the outcome i thought i'd share it with ya.
 photo IMG_8553_zpsb5b94323.jpg
 photo IMG_8539_zpsc2e2b0f3.jpg

two piece - homemade, jacket - lornas: vintage, socks - american apparel, shoes - vagabond
 photo IMG_8590_zpsad11dabb.jpg
 photo IMG_8583_zps6a772624.jpg
tee - slazenger, shorts - customised american apparel trackies
 photo IMG_8559_zps4b013c1d.jpg
sweater - etnies, tee - stussy, socks - donnay
 photo IMG_8493_zps9a4374b2.jpg
 photo IMG_8496_zpsaf631550.jpg
jumper, turtleneck & swim shorts - american apparel, socks - nike, trainers - reebok
 photo IMG_8486_zps7a0ceb36.jpg
 photo IMG_8484_zpsb055af55.jpg
blazer - beyond retro, trousers - american apparel, top - customised topshop, trainers - air max 1
 photo IMG_8438_zpse8218f0a.jpg
 photo IMG_8427_zpsa584eb35.jpg
 photo IMG_8422_zps2cd482d4.jpg
jacket - hand me down, nail polish - american apparel, bra - lonsdale, jeans - blitz vintage
doesn't she look incredible! i was so happy she was able to do the shoot - thanks again lorna you're star!
oh also, i did a photoshoot for this lovely online store called the white pepper  and the pictures went up today so check it out if you fancy it: !
take care, ronan x

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