Wednesday, December 18, 2013

skin is caramel with those cocoa eyes

hey guyss, 
how're you doing? i'm good! haven't blogged in a month though, mainly because my photorapher - a.k.a brother haha - marcel has been in barbados for 5 weeks, kushtyyy i know! while i was in grey england working away and still dressing like it's 25 degrees outside haha. should probably start dressing appropriately for the weather, in fact i'm on the hunt for a new coat. i saw a really nice knock off kangol one down the market which is definitely designed for 60 year old men who own fruit and veg stalls but hey, i liked it and it was a bargain so. grabbed myself another bargain (ish) at the a.i pr sample sale a couple weeks ago, they had a few pieces from of one of my favourite designers; marques almeida and i snapped up this heavy denim dress! here is it.
 photo IMG_0032_zpsa7c4f8fc.jpg
 photo IMG_0052_zpsd75d0191.jpg
 photo IMG_0022_zpsef5b6866.jpg
 photo IMG_0029_zpsf779855a.jpg
dress - marques almeida ss13
socks - nike
scrunchie - american apparel
shoes - the whitepepper
 photo IMG_0019_zps491c5bb0.jpg
i just love the shape of it, the colour is great too. i paired it with my new chunky heel walker boots from the whitepepper and nike socks because they're always a must ;) 
thanks for reading and i hope you have a lovely christmas! ronan x

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