Tuesday, September 24, 2013

he look me in the eyes and say he wanna breed it

hey guys!
how're you doing? i'm good. enjoyed some much missed sun today after a few weeks of solid grey! so i thought it was the perfect opportunity to post about my amazing new maui jim sunglasses as part of the maui jim style challenge. a few weeks ago, maui jim contacted me asking if i'd be interested in taking part of styling an outfit around a pair of maui jim sunglasses, obviously i jumped at the opportunity and was super excited because i've never really worn sunglasses because i've never thought they really suited me so i thought why not give it a go! here's how i styled them:
 photo 17_zpse64ce39f.jpg
 photo 7_zps4b6fc586.jpg
 photo 14_zpse7768720.jpg
 photo 13_zps34c1dab9.jpg
 photo 15_zps60757980.jpg photo 1_zpse17daf58.jpg
 photo 11_zpsa8ee1c75.jpg
sunglasses - maui jim
turtleneck, nail polish, scrunchie & belt - american apparel 
shorts - not so square scarf co.
socks - palace
timberlands - hand me down
 photo 4_zpsbc3f8a52.jpg
i'm now a sunglasses convert haha. these are the 'liana' glasses; inspired by the likes of andy warhol and audrey hepburn, they have a gorgeous vintage quality to them - coming in black, tortoise shell and sandstone. the lense itself is made from superthin glass and along with all of the other maui jim's, they feature nine layers of patented, colour-enhancing lens technology to block 100% of UV rays and 99.9% of glare. what more could you want? i'm just looking forward to more sunny days so that i can bang them out! check out the whole maui jim collection here.
take care! ronan x

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Friday, September 20, 2013

i just want a ticket out of town

hey guyys! how are you?
i'm good, has been almost a month since i blogged, i had a super busy summer. interning at i-D was so much fun, such a great experience. then a week after i finished there i started my art foundation in fashion & textiles at ravensbourne university which is going well so far. i bunked off my first friday to go to bestival though haha which was insane; snoop dogg, james blake and cyril hahn were my favourites i think - so good! i got the opportunity to go to london fashion week as well and saw the ktz show which was incredible, loved the big jackets and the veils.
anyway, today i'm gonna show you the photos from a shoot that i did yesterday with my friend lorna. i'm doing the photography/styling week on my course and we had to do a photoshoot which reflected our personal style and physicality and i'm so happy with the outcome i thought i'd share it with ya.
 photo IMG_8553_zpsb5b94323.jpg
 photo IMG_8539_zpsc2e2b0f3.jpg

two piece - homemade, jacket - lornas: vintage, socks - american apparel, shoes - vagabond
 photo IMG_8590_zpsad11dabb.jpg
 photo IMG_8583_zps6a772624.jpg
tee - slazenger, shorts - customised american apparel trackies
 photo IMG_8559_zps4b013c1d.jpg
sweater - etnies, tee - stussy, socks - donnay
 photo IMG_8493_zps9a4374b2.jpg
 photo IMG_8496_zpsaf631550.jpg
jumper, turtleneck & swim shorts - american apparel, socks - nike, trainers - reebok
 photo IMG_8486_zps7a0ceb36.jpg
 photo IMG_8484_zpsb055af55.jpg
blazer - beyond retro, trousers - american apparel, top - customised topshop, trainers - air max 1
 photo IMG_8438_zpse8218f0a.jpg
 photo IMG_8427_zpsa584eb35.jpg
 photo IMG_8422_zps2cd482d4.jpg
jacket - hand me down, nail polish - american apparel, bra - lonsdale, jeans - blitz vintage
doesn't she look incredible! i was so happy she was able to do the shoot - thanks again lorna you're star!
oh also, i did a photoshoot for this lovely online store called the white pepper  and the pictures went up today so check it out if you fancy it: http://www.thewhitepepper.com/collections/new-in !
take care, ronan x

instagram: ronanksm