Monday, May 27, 2013

dancing in the street clutching a donner kebab

hey guyyys!
how are you? i'm good! officially finished college last friday so i've got 2 exams then i'm finished. feeling quite good about them so hopefully i do well :) today was the sunniest day in ages and waking up to it made me feel so good. when it's sunny and i get my tunes going while i get ready i literally feel like nothing can bring me down haha. it's funny how even though for the whole year i rebelled against the college uniform and was quite informal, since nearing the end i've been quite enjoying looking a bit smarter (on my standards anyway) so this is the outfit that i went for today. 
 photo IMG_4736_zps1b5bc646.jpg photo IMG_4745_zps1f46d972.jpg photo IMG_4747_zps9635958d.jpg photo IMG_4841_zps836b0cf7.jpg
 photo IMG_4832_zps47bb6ae9.jpg
 photo IMG_4822_zps1c6043d1.jpg
 photo IMG_4744_zpsf71be192.jpg
blazer - beyond retro
bodysuit, belt & trousers - american apparel
jelly shoes - juju
 photo IMG_4860_zps7063c50d.jpg
 photo IMG_4864_zpscc3bea97.jpg
nope, i'm not wearing some sort of super amazing low back wonderbra i just decided to go without haha. this bodysuit is kinda impossible and i really wanted to emphasise the plunge back so thought what the heck - it's sunny out! i also channelled the chanel ad and span my necklaces round, tucking them under the neck of my bodysuit they stayed and i like how it looks! paired with my twill pants and favourite blazer i like the smart combo, relaxed down with my sparkly jellies. sorry about the photo overload, whenever janelle takes my photos for me she takes so many i can never pick which i like most.
thanks for reading, and i hope you're having a lovely bank holiday weekend! ronan x

title song: co-op - man like me

Monday, May 20, 2013

i'm feeling you, and i know that you want me too

hey guyyys, how are you?
i'm good :) onto my last week of college now! i remember when i first started and i did my first week of college outfit posts haha. so much has changed since then and i was 16.. time seems to have gone so quickly! but i'm so excited for the summer holidays, it's already less than a month until new york now eeek. i just can't wait for the sun to come back, it was such a tease a few weeks ago when it was baking hot. to start summer today i decided to scrap the college uniform - like i follow it anyway haha - and wear denim; so this is what i wore today.
 photo IMG_4462_zps24e71c42.jpg
 photo IMG_4467_zps0c7e2635.jpg
 photo IMG_4505_zps1f965333.jpg
 photo IMG_4517_zpsea710ca1.jpg
 photo IMG_4474_zps073d5502.jpg
 photo IMG_4478_zps60f80ed6.jpg
coat - asos
socks, shirt, belt, nail polish & dungarees - american apparel
sweater - slazenger
dr martens x aggyness deyn aggy strap boots
 photo IMG_4543_zps19e29c40.jpg
i got these dungarees a few weeks ago and i can't stop wearing them. i know that i'll be living in them in summer with a little tee or shirt underneath. i paired them with my slazenger sweater today because i haven't worn it in ages and the weather looks a little cold. you probably can't tell in these photos but the zip on my right boot has broken so wont zip up anymore :( i took them to a cobbler and they said they couldn't fix metal zips so i've got to take them to dr martens to see if they can sort it out. i also tried out this quiffy hairstyle today,  finally found a clip (i say found but i mean stole from my mum haha) that actually holds my hair up, it's so thick that i can never usually be bothered to try anything with it but i thought i'd go for something different today. i'm off to do an english essay now, it's only 2 weeks til my english exam eek and so i've got a lot to go over. 
hope you've enjoyed reading and are wel1 :) ronan x

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Monday, May 13, 2013

if you wanna get tough, then let's play rough

hey guyys!
how are you doing? hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend last week and have gotten back into the normal routine. in exactly a month's time i'll be completely finished college eeeeek it's gonna go so fast i can just tell, have pretty much finished my art a level just got my two exams to go then i'm done! i can't wait for summer, especially with the little flashes of sun we've been having. it was sunny for some parts of today but i was feeling quite monochrome so here's what i wore.
 photo IMG_4144_zpsf5f07a0f.jpg
 photo IMG_4129_zps87f1df41.jpg
 photo IMG_4112_zpsabc00032.jpg
 photo IMG_4102_zps8f28d1c2.jpg
 photo IMG_4030_zps68d9fc0a.jpg photo IMG_4162_zps2c9a7ea8.jpg
jacket - asos
turtleneck, socks & riding pants - american apparel
tee - upper playground
boots - office
 photo IMG_4080-1_zps635048db.jpg
i first saw these massive animal faces on the gigi vintage website a while ago but i was so broke at the time it couldn't happen, then i was walking to the cashpoint one day on my lunch break at work and i happened to glance into the window of 'upper playground' where i saw a massive variety of different animal tees so when payday came i couldn't help myself! i got these cute frilly socks just after payday too, they're actually neon yellow with white frills but my ipad camera didn't pick it up properly so i took a close up for ya. these are literally my favourite boots, and they're falling apart as you can see, so i've been trying to wear them less so they last longer haha, we'll see how well that does!
hope you have a lovely evening and have enjoyed reading, ronan x

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Monday, May 06, 2013

we spies, yeah we slow hands

hey guyyys!
how are you? i'm good, really enjoyed the long weekend especially as i had saturday off :) sorry i haven't been blogging much, i've been so busy recently with college and work that i hardly have time to fully put a blog post together. but in 6 weeks college and my exams will be over, eeek! i know it's gonna go so fast as well.. anyway until then i post my outfit on my instagram 'ronanksm' every day so check it out :) today i went for a bbq picnic in the park with some friends which was lovely. here's what i wore.
 photo IMG_3879_zpsc3e9d61d.jpg
 photo IMG_3896_zps7d2c629f.jpg
 photo IMG_3891_zpsd20e6d29.jpg
blazer - beyond retro
dress - topshop petite
socks & nail polish - american apparel
nike air force one mid

 photo IMG_3886_zps6ae4b5cc.jpg
i picked up this dress earlier this week in topshop petite, at 5'10 i'm fair from petite haha but i like that it fits just like an baggy t shirt. i haven't been into or bought anything from topshop for ages but they've got a few cute summer pieces out at the moment. i also bought these nike air force from the kids section of jd sports so they cost like half the price of the adults ones. i've disliked air force for so long; partially from working in office so having them thrown in your face by angry hoodlums on the daily, and also from living in north east london, million of kids under 15 live in them so on non uniform day that's alll i see haha. but since leaving office, and almost leaving college theyve grown on me, and i thought that if i pair them with frilly socks they wont look as 'ard paha, anyway i really like the way they look and they're so comfy :) all thrown together with my favourite blazer made me quite happy.
hope you all had a great bank holiday weekend! take care, ronan x

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