Monday, June 09, 2014

i fell in love i am in love with you

hey guys,
how're you doing? i'm good! finished my foundation a few weeks ago so have just been chillin and enjoying having no work to do  haha. doing a few more shifts at work but other than that i'm just going to enjoy summer focussing on personal work until st martins!
 photo IMG_4657_zps666da328.jpg
 photo IMG_4655_zps3187b35e.jpg
 photo IMG_4668_zps64b61757.jpg
 photo IMG_4671_zps649477f3.jpg
jersey - brooklyn
bra - triangl
pants - slazenger
socks - nike
slides - everlast
 photo IMG_4673_zpsc09f8d7e.jpg
i love my new trackies which are actually kids slazenger cricket pants but whatever, the material is so light and breezy. paired with my phillies baseballs shirt which is missing a letter at the back, and my triangl bra that emma so kindly sent me i had the perfect comfortable outfit to eat loads!
take care, ronan x

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