Sunday, April 22, 2012

she knows her kappas from her reeboks

hey everybodyyy! how are you?
i'm goood! :) quite tired though because i worked friday, yesterday and today. but from next week i'm only working 2 days so it'll be a lot better! the store was completely jam packed as well because we've got a sale on (online as well if you want to check it out). we've also got loads of new stock in, of which i've already spotted a pair of shoes that i want so i'm looking forward to payday :P today i just wanted to show you the outfit i wore to work yesterday - complete with my navy docs, i've been living in them this week because it's been really rainy, but it was quite mild yesterday so i whipped out a t shirt! excuse piana having a little scratch on the floor!
 tee - gift from dad from vancouver
skirt - lazy oaf
tights - gift from mum - henry holland for pretty polly @ river island
smooth navy dr martens @ office
nail polish - barry + rio nail pen
gold r necklace - urban outfitters
other necklaces - gifts 
i went a little necklace crazy yesterday haha, but i love necklaces. necklaces and bracelets are my favourite jewellery pieces. i never take off the two silver ones because they were gifts from my family and sort of my good luck. but i wanted to wear the other two as well so instead of exchanging i decided to wear them all at once. and i love this t shirt as well! (my surname is mckenzie if you didn't know) my dad brought them back for janelle, siobhan, marcel and i when he went to vancouver and they're from an ice hockey team which he sponsored and i've cut it into a crop top and rolled up the sleeves. this actually isn't my t-shirt, mine had "4" on it for being the 4th child but mine got lost in the wash hahaha and so janelle gave me hers because i wanted it so much :P 
anyway i'm off for this evening, got the voice to watch and siobhan's homemade biccies to eat! have a lovely evening and great week! thank you for reading, ronan xxx

Sunday, April 15, 2012

keep me running

hey guys, how're you? :)
i'm good, been cramming in some last minute work this evening which is why i'm posting so late. i haven't posted in over a week now because i've busted my camera lense and need to get it fixed, but i borrowed siobhan's today :) i just went to work today, but it's back to college tomorrow :'( and i've got my art exam on tuesday so i've been busy preparing! well that and stuffing myself full of sunday roast :P i just wanted to show you what i wore today because i bought these new jeanssss! please excuse my messy hair day :P
 tee - bad habits. courtesy of spencer at
jeans - blitz
belt - topshop
socks - new look
nike air max ones @ office
i bought these jeans from blitz - brick lane, on a little shopping trip with laura on tuesday. i was well excited about them because i've wanted some like this for ages and they were only £30 so i was pretty happy :) i also cut my tee into a crop top as you can probably tell because it's a tad uneven haha but i cut it real quick before work today so you have to allow me :P i've been cutting lots of tees i don't wear much into crop tops because i wear so much more high waisted stuff than i used to and i don't really like tucking in, i prefer the way they look just hangin' ;) 
anyway that's all for me tonight, i've got to learn all my lines for my drama exam and do a couple more pages in me sketchbook before tomorrow. have a great night and i hope you all had a lovely easter! i hope you've enjoyed reading! ronan xx

Friday, April 06, 2012

a pretty bra

hey guys, how're you?
i'm good, feeling a lot better now. unfortunately, as soon as my cold left, hayfever kicked in :/ but i've got my hayfever tablets now so i'm back to feeling fresh! this is just a quick post to show you what i wore to work today. i've had this lovely "racerback" lace bra for a while but i hadn't quite worked out how to show off the detail at the back that i love. then i thought about with a chiffon shirt because then i could show it off but also not be exposed in public haha :P what do you think?
brassiere - gilly hicks
shirt - h&m
american apparel riding pants in safari brown
white mono hi top converses 
 do you like it? :)
i also bought these new all white converses last week because i wear my superman ones all the time and they're so comfy. i like the white ones because they're a little different to the normal white with red/blue stripe, they'll get dirty so quickly but what the heck, i work in a shoe shop :P also, i paired them with my riding pants simply because in my opinion, they're amazing and i love them. i want to get the navy blue next to add to the collection! the sun's gone in this week, but i hope it comes back out next week for the last week of my easter holidays especially since i've got loads of my work done this week and i've only got art left to do :) have you paced yourself with work or is it a sunday night before college ting? haha. 
anyway that's all from me tonight, have a lovely easter weekend! thanks for reading, ronan xxx 

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

mint green

hey everyone :) how are you?
i'm okay, my immune system has failed me slightly and i've been feeling a bit ill for the last week or so. but i hate letting it keep me inside especially when the sun's out, so yesterday i went for a picnic with some of my friends which was lovely. i'm on easter holidays for the next 2 weeks now which will be nice, i've got lots of work and revision to do as this year has gone so fast and exams are coming so quickly! but i'm not one to stress, i'll just try my best :) i also picked up a disposable camera yesterday from boots, it was buy one get one free which is always a plus. they're so much cheaper than my polaroid film so i'm gonna see how the photos come out from that.
so here's what i wore yesterday.
jumper, belt, skirt - topshop
shirt - hollister
tights - henry holland @ river island
nail polish - left hand: barry m, right hand : rimmel
worn with grey vans
so this is definitely a head to toe topshop outfit, i didn't realise until i just wrote it out haha. i bought this jumper last week on a spontaneous drag-my-friend-to-oxford-st trip. i wanted something light and comfortable for summer and i loved the mint green colour. the material was so soft so i just couldn't resist. i decided to pair it with this pastel pink shirt because it was sunny but clear the weather could turn and i wanted to be warm just in case. lastly, one of my closest friends ruby (who i share my twitter&tumblr with) has started up a photography tumblr which is really cool so check it out if you're into photography -!
hope you've enjoyed reading, and have a lovely week. ronan xxx