Sunday, January 30, 2011


hello everyone! hope you've had a great week :D
mine was all building up to the weekend:P NO SCHOOL! but that resulted in me doing an hour and half of english homework at 10pm on sunday evening :P
anyway, on saturday it was my lovely friend kim's 16th birthday meal. the one i bought the shoes for :) but unfortunately, they didn't come:( so on saturday afternoon i went shopping for another pair! i knew i wanted some irregular choice ones because i love irregular choice! and there were so many pairs that i liked and i'll definitely be going for more! but i bought these :)
but mine are green with pink and white spots. stuunninngg:D and heel is a bit of a lie because they look tiny but they don't feel it when you've been walking for 15 minutes:P 
they were £49.99 and they're comfortable, come up big though because i got a size 5 and they're still spacious:) and look pretty :P
everyone looked amazing when we all got together and we had a great time singing and laughing at rhiannon - the only vegetarian in the group - have grass for dinner :P
here are some photos which sum up the evening, more will follow soon when the ones of me biting into kim's birthday cake and more odd mugshots of everyone are out for the world to see :P woohoo partay!

rhiannon susanna and keisha, having a good old giggle
we got kimmy katy pery tickets :P

we were having a ball as you see ;)
too much cake, clearly :P
happy birthday dear kimmy, happy birthday to you <3

how cool do we look? :P
the superglam keisha and myself ;)
after a sip of wine :P

it was a really fun night :D <3 
oh if you were wondering, blazer - urban outfitter
dress - my sister made it -
hope you've enjoyed reading, ronan xxx

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

rude office ladies

halloo :) today is just a short post, 
carrying on from an issue i raised yesterday about the ridiculously rude office staff at my school :) i wanted to find out if it was just the office women in my school who are lazy, evil and misshapen by the canteen "secret sauce" (salt) and muffins.

first of all i googled "rude office woman" and searched for pictures, hoping to find some hilarious cartoon which is exactly what i was hoping to find :D but google very unhelpfully changed rude, to nude which supposedly is more common search..8-).  
these are 2 of the pictures that came up. the left one isn't funny at all.
the right one i don't find funny but maybe.. someone else will :P

anyway! after that fail. i thought maybe some market research? i asked a question on yahoo answers. and here are the results that i found. I'll put people's answers in black, and put my responses to them in purple :)

WHY are school office women/secretaries SO rude?

I wouldn't say they are all rude but the ones that are think they are something big and important when they really aren't.
i agree with this.. majority are rude. i think that they feel the need to assert the little authority they get that comes with the "staff" badge. the only problem is that they're so rude about it which the don't understand loses them respect.
It has been my observation they are rude because the students and parents are rude or ask retarded questions and they can't stand it anymore! And most of the ones I know are nice and show common courtesy to most people. Its only those who have proved to be an idiot time after time that get the rude treatment!
I don't agree with this one. maybe the office people emily's come across are nice.. fat chance but it's possible :P
Crazy Cat-
You know how you can't see them from the waist down because of a desk or something? Yeah its because there masturbating and your interrupting. 
hahahaha this one just made me laugh. maybe it's why they take so long to get up.
There are rude people in all occupations. If the ones where you are are rude, they're probably not happy with their job or their life. When I was a kid the school office women were nice to me when my mother forgot to pick me up in the afternoon.
by kid, i'm assuming cookie means primary school. my primary school people were nice! it's just the secondary bit that fails. but i agree, they're probably only working as school office staff because of the holidays. they should enjoy staffing...and...schooling.
MY OPINION IS THIS, They are busy with all kinds of office work, then people come in & want immediate questions answered or problems solved. I figured out a long time ago if you start out VERY respectfull showing them you realize their busy, You will get a much better reponse & the will be happy to help you.
i don't agree! as part of the office staff they're inclined to help the students! although, the immediate answer thing i can understand, but i don't see why students should be overly respectful to the staff when as soon as they see you, you see their hearts sinking because they actually have to talk to their inferior!
I don't know but I have noticed that myself. I am not stereotyping but a lot of them automatically think they are better than you for some reason. And for another reason, they think they have the best job in the world...
i think the second bit is sarcasm... the ellipses at the end makes it hard to work out. but yeah office women do generally think they're better than anyone else, students anyway. although if you think about it, they're working with students who are working up and who will most likely pass them career-wise while they'll still be office women.
My school office women were really rude too, no one liked them!!
Maybe working in a school is stressful or maybe it's because they're so rude they can't get a job as anything else..
hahaha, they probably are too rude to get a job anywhere else! and i think school staff jobs pay well, and you get good holidays! i wouldn't say it was the hardest job either! they should be happy pandas!
They probably just hate their job like most of us do, give them a break.
hmm.. maybe manny is right. but i don't think it should be up to students to make their working jobs easier. if the office women were happier or nicer generally, no student would be rude to them for no reason so i disagree in that way.
The ones I know are all perfectly civil.
...maybe louise is from a different planet :P
in conclusion, i think that office women are rude, and the best thing for us to do is grin, bear it and be nice. because then it's impossible for them to be horrible because 99% of the time, they want a reaction from you to give them something to talk about over their biscuits and skimmed milk coffee's during their lunch hour. 
i hope you've found this interesting as i have :) ronan xxx

Monday, January 24, 2011

big heels, little heels, cardboard box heels

happy monday everyone! :)
i hope you've had a fab day! mine in fact wasn't the usual tiring, boring, useless day, i actually had quite a hilarious science lesson including the trainee teacher losing complete control of the class. ha ha haa. i shouldn't laugh, poor lady was trying to teach us incorrect information about static electricity or something. :P aaanddd adele's new album (adele 21) is out! oh also, i have a question that i really want answered, why are office ladies (or should i say toads) so rude?! they sit there like they're the queens of the school when really if we weren't there they'd be out of a job so technically ms king, i think you'll find that you're working for me!
 anyway, before today i have a rant, today i want to talk about high heeeelsss! there's a point in every girls life when they start to steer away from pumps and flats and want to elongate their legs and start wearing heels! as you know i have my baby louboutins<3 :D but the occasion arose that maybe i should purchase a pair of more everyday heels, even if similar, cheaper so that i wouldn't mind strutting about in them in east (east) london :P especially seen as on saturday my lovely friend kim is having a 16th birthday meal and the dress code is simply to "dress up". and i know that majority of my friends will be wearing heels, and as the tallest, i must stay the tallest at all times :P shorties probably don't see the need for this but i thought it was important for me to keep up the height. so i went on a hunt for a cheap but nice pair of heels :)
1. first stop was new look.    
new look always have pretty affordable but also nice shoes. so i thought that it would probably be the best place to look :) here are a few pairs of shoes that i found.
i was pretty disappointed when i found these. this is a little montage i put together to show a good overview on the types of shoes that new look had to offer. the first pair i think are quite nice :) i wouldn't personally wear them but they'd like look nice on my mum or something :P the second and third pair.. the roman or "gladiator" sandal as i think they're most widely known. personally, i'm not a fan. my sister janelle would probably love them :P i don't really like the peep toe type shoe in general, but as well i don't really like the strappiness. a shoe should either be on or off..  not both :P and the clog pair... are just. i'm sure someone out there can pull them off but on majority of people they're a fashion disaster.
so in conclusion, new look let me down. the only thing i'd say was good is that the prices are reasonable and if you like peep-toe shoes, then new look's your shop :) for me.. not so much :)
2. the penultimate- office. 
office is very similar to schuh. and sells a wide range of different types of mens and womens shoes, boots, trainers etc. and i had a look on the online store to see if i could find my perfect pair of heels on here :) here's what i found.
    interesting :P office do have a very diverse range of high heels and you can see what i mean by this selection. the first pair i think are the sort of thing that you think of which seems like such a cool idea but then you actually do it and it doesn't quite go to plan :P for one the peeptoe thing. no. i don't think they've quite got the treel (trainer&heel) blend quite right here. i'm not sure what's wrong about them but they just.. aren't quite right. the second pair i actually really like1 i wouldn't pay £80 for them unless i was really rich but i actually really like them! they're different and i like the colour of the heel, sort of a subtle colour and mixed with the black makes them look very unique :) the third pair i don't think work so well. the suede doesn't look good. maybe in real life they're nicer but here i don't think they're so good. and the last pair i dont' really understand. are they a boot or a shoe? are they a heel or a clog? the mix of "bohemian chic" and "the dog ate half my shoe" probably could work really well with like high waisted shorts and a leather jacket or something. but i don't think they're quite what i'm looking for.
3. schuh. 
schuh is probably my favourite everyday shoe store because they offer such a range of different shoes in one place! i thought after my disaster with the last 2 shops, i might be able to find exactly what i was looking for in schuh!

okay so here are a few things that a found. the first pair i wont talk about seen as you can probably guess what i think from the other pair of cloggs 8-) :P the second pair i loooveeeeee! they're stunning! i love the bows and the heel is just amazing! the only thing that put me off is the £67. i wouldn't be willing to get those ruined and i'm skint :P so they were sort of out the question. the next pair are irregular choice but sold in store in schuh. the thing is that i actually like irregular choice! the stuff is different :) but these would probably clash with  my skin colour no matter how lovely! so i decided against them :) the last pair. my brother would probably murder me in the night if i even thought about buying them! and i can understand why. i also don't quite understand the point of the stilleto kitten heel? why? the heel is so small it's insignificant, the only thing that it does is make the foot look longer because in proportion to the heel it doesn't look quite right. you can probably see what i mean :) although schuh shoes are usually a really decent price, maybe not cheap but decent :)

and with schuh i'd found my winners!
these are the ones that i bought :D they're 12cms so approximately 4 inches high, and they were a bargain! at £14.95 down from £49.99! i fell in love as soon as i saw them. mainly because they're really similar to my baby louboutins, just the fact that they're so wearable (after practicing all week indoors :P) and i wouldn't have to worry about mucking them up! and plus! i'll be about 6'2 in them, so i shall be the tallest ;)
so i ordered them! and hopefully they'll come by saturday for kim's birthday!
i hope you enjoyed today's blog! and have a lovely wednesday! ronan xxx

Sunday, January 23, 2011

running, athletics and sport shops

good evening everyone! i haven't posted in a week! 
as you've probably noticed, and that's because as i'm back at school, i'm not doing exciting and interesting-to-write-about things everyday and i don't want my blog to get boring :) so i've decided to hold my blog each day until i have something really meaningful and what i think is interesting to say :) today is about running, athletics and sport shops :)

today, i went to compete at the london indoor games in under 17's triple jump.
here i circled my event for you in the list :P it was at 5pm, which for me wasn't that great. because probably like a lot of people, i'm best in the morning because all the energy i've racked up during my sleep is able to shoot out all in one go. but at 5pm, you're only using energy of which you've stored up during the day. and after doing 2 hours of art coursework, french homework, a nutri grain, a packet of raisins and a couple of sausages isn't that much.
never the less i got to lee valley athletics centre at about 10 past 4. met my lovely coach bob, where i did a few drills (warm up exercises eg. high knees. i have noo idea why they're called drills:S) and a few strides (short sprints) to warm up before all the U17 triple jumpers were called to sign in. now, if you don't know what triple jump is, i've made a little panoramic picture compiled of 4 screen shots of a tripled jumper that i found on youtube-
1. there's 4 possible boards you can jump off. 7 meter, 9 meter, 11 meter or 13 meter. the 11 and 13 are left to the professionals though :P at my age the 9 meter board is the board to go off and what that means is that the board you jump off is 7,9,11 or 13 meters away from the sandpitt. so you give yourself 7,9,11 or 13 meters to do your hop and step. so in the first picture, the jumper is doing a hop off the board.
2. the girl is doing her step.
3. the girl is doing the jump ( hop, step, jump = triple jump)
4. this is just the girl landing in the pitt :)
i'm usually okay when it comes to competitions, but today for some reason i was really nervous! nerves is just the fear or not doing well (as my dad pointed out to me today) and so if you just try your best surely the nerves will go but that's not quite how it works. but fortunately, i jumped okay, 10 47 was my first and winning jump. it's nowhere near as good as i can do but nerves got to me and the fact that i hadn't done any training all week, excluding a 2 mile run on thursday that killed my legs which made me more nervous! the girl who came 2nd got 10m so i did pretty well i'd say :) 
anyway, another thing i wanted to talk about was sportswear. because i don't usually think of sportswear when i think of clothes. but as i train twice a week, and people are meant to exercise a lot to keep fit and healthy, sportswear can cost a lot, and be used a lot :) so i've found some of the most useful sports shops, and maybe they can be of use to you :)

1. decathlon. is one of the biggest sport retailers in the uk which caters for clothes, shoes and all the extra trimmings for every sport from archery to mountaineering and it's all for a really affordable price, for great value stuff! 
decathlon's own brand is kalenji, and here is just a small selection of bargains that you can find in store and online.

PhotobucketPhotobucketthe running spikes i've got shown here are only £40 which is really cheap for shoes. the jacket, £20, trousers £10. and this top which i have about 4 of, that come in a ridiculous amount of colours is only £5.99 each. they're really breathable and if you do do sport, you'll need a lot of this type of breathable, wearable, durable, clothing for everyday and decathlon is a really great place to get it. i have only shown things that i would wear and use because i do athletics but decathlon do have a range of really affordable clothes which fit well as they range from womens xxs (uk4-6) to xxl.
2. nike is probably the most worldwidely known sport shops. although it also sells many everyday products it provides a wide range of sporting goods. unfortunately, nike is such a good and well known brand, that i think it's got a bit ahead of itself and gave up with the website. i tried to go online to find some sportswear but...
like i said, they're so cool they don't need a working website. although determined to find something great on nike i searched until i found the nike id tool. what it is is the ability to create a trainer/sneaker to your exact fit and design. and as this is about sports, i decided to create myself a pair of general running shoes.
Photobucket and here they are!
i quite like and want them actually :P they're pretty cool. it only took me about 10 minutes, bish bosh into the basket and for £85, i've got myself a pair of unique running shoes.
nike have really good quality footwear, so £85 is actually a very good price for a pair of running trainers. usually good quality branded running trainers vary from about £50-150 and these are tailored! there was options for slim feet, wide feet, different sized feet, hard soles, soft soles, comfort soles, extra laces. so you really do get what you pay for :)
3. the next website i had a look at was run and become.
run and become is a great running shop, nearest located in central london but the online store is great and they loads of types of specialist shoes for different events but also general running stuff. i in fact have bought 2 pairs of running spikes from run and become.
my triple jumpers
my sprints

here they are shown. run and become sell a variety of different brands and have in store shoe fitters who allow you to try out a variety of different styles and pairs before you buy so that you can find the perfect pair. 
addidas spikes are great for jumping events such as triple jump, long jump and high jump. i don't know if you knew you get different types of spikes for different events? but triple jump spikes have more support at the back than sprint spikes and long jumps have less actual spikes. 
nike are really good for sprint spikes, they are lightweight and are ideal for people with slim feet. although there is a wider variety on run and become than on the actual nike website. addidas sprint spikes do sometimes look better, but they don't offer as much support for the ankle and that is vital. 
run and become also offer a better price for trainers.
a downside to run and become is that the attire is very, very overpriced. for some things, the more expensive, the better quality. but once you hit a good quality in sport, the extra money you pay for a more expensive item just isn't worth it.
for example here are some items i found on the run and become website.
Photobucketspecimin a. the black running leggings on the left. £140. UGLY. and also even on the manikin there are signs of a camel toe which is never good. NEVER :P. these running leggings are made with the exact same fabric blend as the ones from decathlon but just because they're more expensive, someone will buy them thinking they are a better quality.
Photobucketspecimin b. this running jacket is £100. granted it's waterproof and look sporty, it also has a bigger air patched under the armpit than the other jacket, to prevent excess sweating. but the thing is that nobody unless you're an actual grunting pig will sweat enough for these to be worth £80 more than the other jacket.
the way i see it, you can either get a great, affordable and durable item of clothing from a shop like decathlon which will last and look just as good. or buy an expensive pair that is pretty much identical but with a heavier price tag.
4. last and probably least is sports direct. which is my most local sport shop known for being cheap and cheerful. i think in some ways, sports direct is good, providing very cheap sportswear for every occasion, the only problem i have with it is that i have a basic principal never to trust a shop that sells EVERYTHING.
Photobucketthe problem i have here is that sports direct sell sportswear (fine), but also bikinis and tankinis, mens and womens underwear, kids character clothing, polo skirts, skirts and dresses, knitwear, outdoor clothing, hoodies, jackets, featured 3 quarter pants (ankle swingers 8-)) and socks. i mean there's nothing wrong with having a sport shop that sells any and everything sporty, but once they sell kids "character" clothing as well. there is a big problem there.
PhotobucketPhotobucketmy mum actually got me a really good sports bra from sports direct for £7.99 which i think is a great price because in some places you'll pay quadruple that! but sports direct also sell these shock doctor mens boxers which i can't even comment on. imagine going in store and asking for "a pair of extra small shock doctors please" 8-). i think that sports direct are just overreaching a little. sports direct is probably a good store, i just think that they're trying to maximize their sales by selling more stuff which devalues the store and all the products in it. 
so :) i hope you've enjoyed my sports wear section today and have a lovely week. don't miss eastenders and hustle on friday ;) ronan xxx

Sunday, January 16, 2011

if i had an unlimited high street shopping voucher

hello again :) the weekend's almost over :( 
but today, lots of high street stores have launched their new spring collections. so as i love shopping so much :P i went looking around 5 of my favourite high street shops and created these image boards to see and show you what i'd buy if i had an unlimited voucher! i'll explain why i chose what i have :) so i hope you love the stuff as much as i do!

1.  topshop
topshop is one of the shops that makes up a big part of my wardrobe and i love all the different types of things you can get for affordable prices all from one shop! :)
i love the shoes because they look so comfortable and pretty much will go with anything! because of my skin tone, i'd just about get away with the yellowy top but i love the style. the dress, i'd find hard finding somewhere to wear it but i loveee plum! and it looks pretty :) the navy skirt is a mini then has a sort of see through layer, which i looveee!
i don't even know why but i saw it and could imagine wearing it with loads :) the bodysuit would go well underneath the white crop top which i love also. the creamy coloured top that's like the yellow one is nice, and would go nicely with the skirt underneath it. something plain with something patterned-love it :) the sweater just made me laugh :P lastly, i love the bra but i wouldn't pay £18 for it :P and the skirt i could imagine wearing with loads, it's old skoooool, reminded me of sandy from grease, and it's pretty :)
2. hollister
Photobuckethollister, the nearest one i think is westfield's white city, shepherds bush on the central line. i really love the laid back edge all their clothes have and although a little more expensive, the quality is definitely worth it! i love skinny belts and this one would go with loads, including the lovely white flowery skirt. the blue skirt i love, would go nicely with a tee over it or something but it looks comfortable as well :) i love the dress! 
i love the back and i think it's really nice, could be smart and casual too. i'm not usually one for denim jackets but this one i think could go with a lot of different outfits because it's light. the flower gives it a nice soft touch too:) i love the jeans, they're a really good colour as well. the flowery navy shirt is gorgeous. the only thing is is that i think i wear shirts more than i actually do :P but i really like this one :) as well as the stripy one on the end. especially because hollister shirts are always amazingly soft, even after they've been in the tumble drier ;)
3. jack wills
jack wills, although quite expensive, is one of my favourite shops and this season especially has some of the nicest things i've seen! starting with the quilted jacket, i've only seen a few quilted jackets that i like but i saw this one and absolutely loved it! it looks so comfortable, waterproof, durable and also good. as well as that jacket i love the navy duffel type jacket because i saw one in aubin and wills last season that i loved but when i tried it on, it was too oversized to look good. but this one is perfect! next, the green striped top, jack wills henley tops are always so comfortable but also look like tucked in to something high waisted or over jeans. the vest top i just liked :) and the cardigan, i mean look at it. good quality and soft! the only thing is that for £129, i'll have to pass :P 
next the black trackies, they're skinny so they're like leggings and because they're quite thick they're comfortable and look great :) the green flowery skirt is simply lovely. as well as the blue one underneath, looks sort of like a pixie skirt but looks so nice! it's not see through as well, and although short it'd make your legs look fab! :) the brown shorts are actually "culottes" which are baggy shorts that look like a skirt and i love the colour and silky material :) last of the outfitty stuff are the chino-type-trousers. for reasons obvious to the eye they're really nice and all the colours and cut would compliment all body types :)
top left and bottom right are pajama/home shorts and they look idea for those loungey tv days :) the matching bra and knickers, i love flowers and jack wills underwear fits so comfortably, and the red flowery bra, is just pretty :)
4. schuh

schuh, i love shoes and trainers! but the schuh trainer section was lacking majorly! but i found these 2 pairs which i liked. i'm not sure about the look of the laces on the white pair but with one any of the outfits i've talked about they'd look great. and as for the silvery pair, i love hi tops and these are so cool. i love that they're simple but great. i also love dr martens, the only thing i don't like about them is that they're quite heavy so you have to get used to wearing them around. on the right there are some black hunter wellies.
before, i thought that hunter just made fancy wellies but i actually really like these:) they're waterproof, durable and no more expensive than a regular pair of boots! the 2 pairs of shoes in the middle of course because i love brogues. and you may not recognise but the pink pair are actually my school shoes in another colour :P
at the top, the pair on the right and left are both irregular choice which as you can tell by the name, do irregular shoes. they're really colourful and i love that about them. the middle pair, i love red. and these are just great :P
5. aubin and wills
aubin and wills, is the sister company to jack wills the same way that hollister, gilly hicks and abercrombie and fitch are the same company :)
aubin and wills again is very expensive for everyday wear and the prices shown here are sale prices. but none the less,  i've had my eye on the pink shirt/dress for a while not and it looks like it'd be great either loose, or with a nice little waist belt to give it some shape. the skinny jeans, i like the simplicity of them. and the other pair of trousers look so comfortable and again i love the simplicity, simple but sophisticated ;) i love the tee, for no reason i can express but i just like the colour and way that it looks and finally the brogue boots. at £229 in the sale they're obviously a luxury only some can afford but i love them! if i had, that unlimited high street shopping voucher, they'd definitely be on the list!
so, what would you buy if you had an unlimited shopping voucher? i hope you've enjoyed reading today and have a lovely week :) ronan xxx

Saturday, January 15, 2011


heloo! hope you've all had a lovely week!
 mine's been school.. looking forward to the weekend and wondering how i'm going to wing another bassoon lesson :P the old "i've had sooooo much work this week" excuse worked. and some being so crap my teacher just had to laugh! this week's eastender's has been a huge disappointment! and what else has happened... my art teacher and i actually agreed on something! 

anyway, i haven't posted since monday! but today's is about a really great little website called "" like any other clothing website it has men's and women's clothes, a bit of vintage stuff, etc. but the really cool thing about this website is that  it has a "let's trade" section!

the let's trade section is basically online haggling. 
on the right are the rules and the left are some items from the dresses section.
what you do, is you get sent to the let's trade page which are completely legitimate items that are simply one off's that you can put in a price of how much you want to are or willing to pay for it. 
here i'll show you a quick demo of how it works :)

1. pick an item and type in how much you're willing to pay for it
2. if your amount isn't as much as what the unknown asking price is. you'll see this message

3. then you have 2 more chances to make an offer that this interactive stall owner can accept

4. if your offer is accepted, you will see this message. the only thing is that if your offer is accepted on your first or second go. you can't try again and put the price down. although my sister found a loophole, you can go on the website on another server eg. google chrome, windows explorer or firefox, and put in the cheaper offer ;)Photobucket
5. you add the item to your basket and continue shopping!

i think this is a really good innovative idea and it is currently the only website which offers this service! majority of the products can be sold at a cheaper price because they're haggled down. 

as well as this, pretaportobello is actually a normal online shop which offers some really nice, affordable clothes and accessories! here are some things that i've found that i really like :)

also on pretaportobello, you can choose to buy things at price ranges so there are loads of really cool different things you can buy for really good prices :) so i'd definitely recommend that you check it out! :) if not to buy, at least to try and have a giggle seeing how much you can haggle, it's fun.. trust me:P
hope you've enjoyed reading today's post! :) ronan xxx

Monday, January 10, 2011

america's next top model

hello! i haven't blogged in 4 whole days! as you've probably noticed :P 
it's because i try to make my blogs as interesting and enjoyable to read as possible and i really haven't had anything interesting to talk about excluding school, exams :/, carol's awful cover up in eastenders today, sainsbury's and such :) but today, probably similar to many of you who watch america's next top model.

This is jut one group shot out of the 15 cycles of america's next top model. hosted and produced by supermodel, photographer, actress and presenter tyra banks.
The show is a weekly show, a competiton consisting of 13 girls who are competing to become america's next top model. the prize of the show is to win an $100,000 contract with one of the biggest modelling agencies in the world. and also usually the cover and a 6 page spread of covergirl magazine or such like. This season it's the cover of and possibly a spread in italian vogue.

I can understand the want to be on one of these shows, (there is australia's next top model, britain's next top model etc.) but the fact is that the model agency that the winner gets signed to is consulted when the competition winner is being chosen. the problem i have with this is, is that if the agency don't want one of the girls, they will never win. which is why i think that if you want to be a model you should go to an agency yourself or try and get scouted. 
for example, the winner of last seasons britain's next top model - tiffany pisani - actually couldn't talk. not that she had any speech impediments, it just seemed that her mouth wouldn't open wide enough for the words to come out. and the girl that she was opposite in the final, was a much better model in general. but i think that the company that signed tiffany had something to do with why she won.

previous winners of america's next top model. - on the left, naima. and on the right is danielle which have been 2 of the best models on the show in my view. danielle previously worked in abercrombie and fitch before coming on the show and has done really well for herself since as has naima.  

nyway, what i wanted to talk about today, is the size of models. most models are a us size 0, so a uk size 4-6. which you might think is ridiculously unnaturally tiny and that all models are anorexics. this is obviously untrue because i'm completely healthy, at fit the stereotypical models size category.  but today when i was watching america's next top model, i noticed a girl called anamaria. 
anamaria.. as you can see is very, very skinny. literally only skin and bones. and on her first photoshoot she stood out because of this. 
mr jay, which is one of the judges of the competition is also creative director at the photoshoots so he sort of helps the girls to pose and get into the mood of the photoshoot. but he found anamaria very difficult because of her limp skin and bone figure. 
the problem with anamaria though is that she's not healthy. she counts calories and sticks to a diet of literally a rice grain a day.
when she did the behind the scenes sort of, "what the girls thought" thing, she said that she likes her weight. she likes being able to see her bones, muscles and ribcage. which i think is pretty gross. if you look at her you can see skin and bones, and tyra banks said that she had potential to be a good model because of her face, but if she was insistent at staying at her coathanger size, she must learn how to model to her advantage. 
but being stubborn as she is, anamaria decided that she knew what was best for her, and she was insistent on this. 
at panel, where one girl is eliminated each week, anamaria got kicked out of the competition. tyra banks said that her portrayal of a good model was incorrect and she would be giving lots of young girls the bad impression of models and how they should view their bodies. but, she did that that if anamaria was fit, healthy, and still naturally lean as she is it would be different, but as she's almost starving herself, it's wrong. i completely agree with this. tyra also said that some fashion designers will also discriminate against models that are unhealthily thin because it's sending the wrong message about their clothes and what they're about.

i find it odd that plus sized models in america are about a uk size 12 because i don't think that that's a big enough average size to be called plus sized. but i also don't agree that models should be tiny thin little hangers that the clothes just fall off, but i still keep up with the theory that models are tiny because if the design of the clothes fail, then the designer hasn't wasted much fabric :P if you have any comments then definaiely let me know :) but i hope you've enjoyed my blog! ronan xxx