Tuesday, January 04, 2011

school schmool

back to school today,
it wasn't actually as horrific as i'd imagined! the smell of teachers got right up my nose as soon as i entered the building but apart from that it wasn't too bad :) only had a very pointless lesson and a half after a half an hour tutor period about why it's bad to watch pornography at school. yawn.   oh, then we got to watch a very badly made video at why you shouldn't send strangers nude photos of yourself and tell them where you live. are people really that... stupid? :s
my form tutor ms rashid seemed to think so. but then again maybe she just wanted some attention :(. you're probably wondering why i'm saying this but i'll give you the lowdown on ms rashid in 50 words. (like a mini saga :P)
There once was a lady called ms rashid who taught a lovely little form called 7w. but as 7w turned to 8w..9w..10w.. and 11w. she felt out of her depth as her mindless waffles were no longer interesting. So now ms rashid sits at the front and watches us talk.
 with the occasional "please girls! listen to me!"
and did i mention she actually uses a microphone?... :P
haha anyway, i'm sorry to admit that my camera has died, and i've been hunting high and low for the charger but they will come tomorrow! thats a promise :)
so today i'm left with not much to blog about! so i thought i'd save todays, and write you a super extra long one and maybe even through in a bit about celebs too! :)
stay toooneeed! ronan xxx

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