Tuesday, January 25, 2011

rude office ladies

halloo :) today is just a short post, 
carrying on from an issue i raised yesterday about the ridiculously rude office staff at my school :) i wanted to find out if it was just the office women in my school who are lazy, evil and misshapen by the canteen "secret sauce" (salt) and muffins.

first of all i googled "rude office woman" and searched for pictures, hoping to find some hilarious cartoon which is exactly what i was hoping to find :D but google very unhelpfully changed rude, to nude which supposedly is more common search..8-).  
these are 2 of the pictures that came up. the left one isn't funny at all.
the right one i don't find funny but maybe.. someone else will :P

anyway! after that fail. i thought maybe some market research? i asked a question on yahoo answers. and here are the results that i found. I'll put people's answers in black, and put my responses to them in purple :)

WHY are school office women/secretaries SO rude?

I wouldn't say they are all rude but the ones that are think they are something big and important when they really aren't.
i agree with this.. majority are rude. i think that they feel the need to assert the little authority they get that comes with the "staff" badge. the only problem is that they're so rude about it which the don't understand loses them respect.
It has been my observation they are rude because the students and parents are rude or ask retarded questions and they can't stand it anymore! And most of the ones I know are nice and show common courtesy to most people. Its only those who have proved to be an idiot time after time that get the rude treatment!
I don't agree with this one. maybe the office people emily's come across are nice.. fat chance but it's possible :P
Crazy Cat-
You know how you can't see them from the waist down because of a desk or something? Yeah its because there masturbating and your interrupting. 
hahahaha this one just made me laugh. maybe it's why they take so long to get up.
There are rude people in all occupations. If the ones where you are are rude, they're probably not happy with their job or their life. When I was a kid the school office women were nice to me when my mother forgot to pick me up in the afternoon.
by kid, i'm assuming cookie means primary school. my primary school people were nice! it's just the secondary bit that fails. but i agree, they're probably only working as school office staff because of the holidays. they should enjoy staffing...and...schooling.
MY OPINION IS THIS, They are busy with all kinds of office work, then people come in & want immediate questions answered or problems solved. I figured out a long time ago if you start out VERY respectfull showing them you realize their busy, You will get a much better reponse & the will be happy to help you.
i don't agree! as part of the office staff they're inclined to help the students! although, the immediate answer thing i can understand, but i don't see why students should be overly respectful to the staff when as soon as they see you, you see their hearts sinking because they actually have to talk to their inferior!
I don't know but I have noticed that myself. I am not stereotyping but a lot of them automatically think they are better than you for some reason. And for another reason, they think they have the best job in the world...
i think the second bit is sarcasm... the ellipses at the end makes it hard to work out. but yeah office women do generally think they're better than anyone else, students anyway. although if you think about it, they're working with students who are working up and who will most likely pass them career-wise while they'll still be office women.
My school office women were really rude too, no one liked them!!
Maybe working in a school is stressful or maybe it's because they're so rude they can't get a job as anything else..
hahaha, they probably are too rude to get a job anywhere else! and i think school staff jobs pay well, and you get good holidays! i wouldn't say it was the hardest job either! they should be happy pandas!
They probably just hate their job like most of us do, give them a break.
hmm.. maybe manny is right. but i don't think it should be up to students to make their working jobs easier. if the office women were happier or nicer generally, no student would be rude to them for no reason so i disagree in that way.
The ones I know are all perfectly civil.
...maybe louise is from a different planet :P
in conclusion, i think that office women are rude, and the best thing for us to do is grin, bear it and be nice. because then it's impossible for them to be horrible because 99% of the time, they want a reaction from you to give them something to talk about over their biscuits and skimmed milk coffee's during their lunch hour. 
i hope you've found this interesting as i have :) ronan xxx

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