Thursday, January 06, 2011


evening :)
 i hope you had a nice day. and are as excited as i am for the weekend which has taken so long to come! today my day was standard; school :'( (including 2 hours of trampolining.. i hate trampolining.) and athletics which was good:) hurt my knee a bit though :( but i'm a tough cookie so i'll be fine and back training on tuesday so don't you worry :P
anyway, today's post will only be short because i'm going to be talking about my fashion predictions for spring 2011. 
1. unfortunately, i doubt that leggings, treggings, jegging, menggings, peggings or whatever they create next will go out of fashion! but i do think that they might progress into horse riding pant type things? thicker material for the freezing weather we're having at the moment and can cover up a much more substantial area of cellulite ;)
2. the baseball jacket trend will die out in no time. but it will leave room for more expressive coloured clothes in everyday shops that are influenced by that american high school type culture.
3. i think that these "military" boots that are in fashion at the minute will be put onto high heels and worn more. at the moment i've seen some that have a dr marten style heel but i think that the heel will get higher and they'll turn into a "classier" shoe.
4. on the note of shoes, i think that heels will get higher in general. over the years they've gotten higher and i reckon that vivienne westwood or such like will bring out a pair of shoes where your feet are literally in the shape of a ballet dancer on points.
5. i think that hairstyles of 2011 will be the riskiest we've ever seen them. my friend anissa's already gone from green to ginger in the 6 days of 2011:P so i think that there will be a lot more experiment. the shaved head thing will definitely die out but i think that very very long thick hair will come in fashion :)

so there you have it. my style predictions that this year may or may not have to offer. a shorter blog today but i hope you've enjoyed it none the less :) have a lovely evening and day tomorrow. ronan xxx

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