Thursday, June 28, 2012

cause those thills that run up my back

hey guyyyys!
how're you? i'm good! i went to see erykah badu last night and lianne la havas was supporting and they were both outstanding! however it was so obvious that erykah badu is a top diva :P today, i want to show you the outfit i wore to see my gorgeous friend laura on her birthday which was on tuesday. we had a lovely lunch in giraffe before spending the day jamming until a few friends came over to celebrate her birthday. i went for my disco pants because i love them haha, with this vibrant red tee and pink gazelles because it was a beautiful sunny day :)
 tee - prezzie from laura - rokit
american apparel disco pants
socks - topshop
addidas gazelles - office
also, last sunday i went to radio 1's hackney weekend which was amazing, especially since it was free woooo! i had such a good time and saw bombay bicycle club, azealia banks, lana del rey (who was an absolute bore), florence and the machine, chase and status, professor green, magnetic man, rihanna and more. the weather was a bit up and down but overall nice, and i saw some of the shortest shorts i've ever seen in my life haha. here are a few pictures from it, i was wearing a mens vingtage stussy tee from cmbk as a dress. hope you all have a lovely weekend, and have enjoyed reading. take care :) ronan xxx

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

you're kicking like the can-can

hey guyyyss!
how're you doing? :) i'm goooood. it doesn't look it in the pictures but it was actually really sunny today! it got a little overcast and cloudy but it's been nice and warm so i hope that stays! the jw anderson show on sunday was amazing! it was such a great experience so see a fashion show backstage and all the models and other people helping out were really lovely and friendly. i'm still counting down the days until the summer holidays though, i can't wait for reading eeeek! but hackney weekend is next weekend and i've got a sunday ticket so i'm excited to see ben howard, florence, santigold and azealia banks among others. it will be little a little preview of my summer so i'm looking forward to it!
shirt & skirt - rokit
tassle loafers - dr martens
watch - casio 
so here's the outfit that i wore to college today. i had a little lie in as i only went in for one lesson, and when i woke up the sun was shining through my curtains so i was excited to wear this skirt that i bought from rokit a little while ago. i love the colours and the print and paired it with my denim shirt and grey loafers so they didn't take away from it, but also complimented it's brightness :) 
so anyway that's all from me today, i hope you're having a lovely week so far! i hope you've enjoyed reading, ronan xxx

Saturday, June 16, 2012

crazy people never say they're crazy

hey guysss!
how are you? :) i'm good. had my first saturday off work in ages so i spent the day taking pictures for art with some friends, and now i'm just jamming which is so weird to say at half 5 on a saturday! tomorrow though, i'm helping dress models for the ss13 mens jw anderson show eeeek which i'm super super excited about! but i've got to work afterwards then out for fathers day so i'm gonna be so tired. 
so today i wanted to show you mine and my lovely friend alice's first ever attempt at tie-dying which we think went really well. coincidentally, alice and i both went for light denim to pair it with but i hope you like the way we've styled the purple tie dye! :) 
jacket - topshop
mens lee jeans - ebay, customised by alice
shoes - dr martens
necklace - vintage
ring - asosme
jacket - blitz
skirt - urban outfitters, personally customised 
shoes - office, painted with acrylics/fabric paints 
so what do you think? 
we had no idea where to find the fabric dye, so we tried in wilkinson where we found it at £2.99 a packet and so we bought a couple of different colours. and picked up some cheap mens t shirts (which are always the best quality!) from a market stall. there are instructions on the back of the packet, but we filled my bath with 6l of water and put the dye in, adding 150g of salt which makes the dye stay in. watched a couple of videos on youtube on how to get the effect and voila! 
alice is really into customisation as well, and so she cut and studded her shorts herself. i tried diptie-dying my skirt and it didn't completely work but i really liked the pink colour mixed with the acid wash at the top. anyway that's all from me tonight, i hope you like our looks!
follow alice on twitter : @AliceWhichelow
 i hope you enjoyed reading :) have a lovely weekend. ronan xxx

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

cause no-one's lonely having fun girl

hey guyss! how're y'all doing? :)
i'm goood, went back to college yesterday and so i'm back to counting down the day's til' summer! i want the sun back as well, it's been grey and dreary since last week and the rain's started.. even though it's supposed to be june! i really need to invest in an umbrella as i keep thinking i have water-proof hair and clothes which i clearly don't haha. anyway today i'm just gonna show ya an outfit i wore on sunday. 
wolf sweater - princes vintage
shirt - topshop, customised with buttons from e17 market
grey american apparel riding pants
reebok classics - sports direct
i really like this outfit - i like the navy/grey colour combo with the green collar poking out the top, plus i was quite proud of the buttons i sewed on myself! also, i love my reebok classics - bringing back 2000 inspired by man like me. a friend compared my wolf sweater to the givenchy rottweiler jumper which didn't ring any bells until i remembered i'd reblogged a picture of it on tumblr a while back. (see what it looks like here) it's basically just black with a rottweillers face -mouth open- on it. it's pretty cool, and if i had 357 quid lying around i'd happily have added it to my wardrobe! however i got my wolf sweat for just £21 from princes vintage, and i've never seen another person with it! i quite like "scary" animals on jumpers, princes vintage have a new wolf sweater up on their site in burgundy and so when my funds allow (hate being broke :'( ) i will be purchasing it!
anyway, that's all from me today. off to have a relaxing evening listening to james blake and reading i-D magazine. hope you have a lovely week and have enjoyed reading :) ronan xxx

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

i'll pick you up in my car and we'll paint the town

hey guyyys, how're you doing? :)
i'm good! been having a lovely little rest from college and enjoying spending my days seeing friends and eating far too many doritos then "working it off" via pilates. unfortunately though, the weather in london's gone back to normal- grey and dull :( but it hasn't been too rainy or freezing so i wont complain.  also, it means that i can wear this gorgeous tee sent to me last week from kate @ when she tweeted about any bloggers wanting to try out a bit of camo, i leapt at the oppoturtunity as camo print's becoming more and more popular, and i wanted to try it out mysef. here's what i wore yesterday, and styled with the camo pocket tee.
 jacket - american apparel
velvet leggings - american apparel
socks - topshop
shoes - office
duck back - cmbk 
watch - casio - nicked from brother
what do you think of what i've done with it?
i wanted to add some colour to the black tee that contrasted the green and brown of the pocket but then complimented by my green and brown shoes and i really like how it works. the tee is really thick and comfortable, and i like that the camo of the pocket is subtle, but stands out and adds a little something extra. kate does this tee in white as well, and a camo cross design as well as many other jumpers, tees and jewellery of different designs so you should definitely check it out here!
also, i found cmbk via a tumblr picture, and they have some really quirky affordable vintage pieces as well as some cmbk own design 5 panel caps. this is where i found this duck bag! i love ducks, they are  just so so cute. so when i saw this bag it had to be mine, even though my mum's been taking the mic' since it arrived haha!
anyway, i'm off to get some lunch then might pop to oxford st later as i saw some amazing black cord trousers in h&m yesterday for like 15 quid but i didn't have time to try them on so i might wander down there later today. hope you've all had a lovely jubilee weekend and enjoy your bank holiday today! thanks for reading, ronan xxx

title song: michael jackson - the way you make me feel. (because i've got a bit of an MJ white sock thing going on :P)