Saturday, June 16, 2012

crazy people never say they're crazy

hey guysss!
how are you? :) i'm good. had my first saturday off work in ages so i spent the day taking pictures for art with some friends, and now i'm just jamming which is so weird to say at half 5 on a saturday! tomorrow though, i'm helping dress models for the ss13 mens jw anderson show eeeek which i'm super super excited about! but i've got to work afterwards then out for fathers day so i'm gonna be so tired. 
so today i wanted to show you mine and my lovely friend alice's first ever attempt at tie-dying which we think went really well. coincidentally, alice and i both went for light denim to pair it with but i hope you like the way we've styled the purple tie dye! :) 
jacket - topshop
mens lee jeans - ebay, customised by alice
shoes - dr martens
necklace - vintage
ring - asosme
jacket - blitz
skirt - urban outfitters, personally customised 
shoes - office, painted with acrylics/fabric paints 
so what do you think? 
we had no idea where to find the fabric dye, so we tried in wilkinson where we found it at £2.99 a packet and so we bought a couple of different colours. and picked up some cheap mens t shirts (which are always the best quality!) from a market stall. there are instructions on the back of the packet, but we filled my bath with 6l of water and put the dye in, adding 150g of salt which makes the dye stay in. watched a couple of videos on youtube on how to get the effect and voila! 
alice is really into customisation as well, and so she cut and studded her shorts herself. i tried diptie-dying my skirt and it didn't completely work but i really liked the pink colour mixed with the acid wash at the top. anyway that's all from me tonight, i hope you like our looks!
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 i hope you enjoyed reading :) have a lovely weekend. ronan xxx


  1. Love the tie-dye and your shoes! Good luck for working the JW Anderson show, that's awesome!

  2. Oh wow i love this, you both look amazing!
    How did you get to work on the JW Anderson show!? Jealous! xx

  3. This looks great, you both look awesome in tye dye xx

  4. Your blog is so amazing & so is your style! Those shoes! & I love tie dye!

    I'd love it if you could check mine out?xo

  5. Cute stuff! :) :)
    Isn't tie dying so FUN!

  6. Absolutely love your jacket and shoes!!!!

  7. I think you girls did great. I have a package of studs sitting on my counter, and some shorts waiting to be dyed. My niece is supposed to come over and help me. Thank you so much for voting for me! You can vote 1x a day till Wednesday! yayyy thanks Ronan.

  8. Wow honest to god all this stuff looks shop bought! Really really well done to you both! I've been looking everywhere for a tie dye skirt but refuse to pay the prices in the stores, especially now since you can make one for you want to perhaps make one for me? ;) The lilac is such a lovely colour too and certainly adds to the edgyness of the whole outfit! Lovely!

    Gemma x

  9. Amazing!!!!


  10. Oh wow you both look SO amazing I love the lilac top! Thank you so much for your lovely lovely comment gorgeous!


  11. love ur outfits,cute blog.

  12. Awesome outfit, love the spike detail on your shorts btw. Hope you had fun dressing models at jw anderson (who wouldn't? ;) tehe) x

  13. the tie dye looks good! i like the effect on your skirt too, and your shoes are amazing!

    laila x

  14. love your outfit ronan the jacket is amazing and trainers are lovely to!



  15. Love everything! I really want to try tie-dying a top! I've ordered some dye off of ebay so hopefully that should come soon! Love what your both wearing! xx

  16. Love the disney jacket, you look great. Sophie X