Monday, August 19, 2013

doing things you never thought you'd do

hey! how are you?
i'm good, so happy to see that the sun's come back to london. although to be honest i was quite content seeing sweaters and chunky knits beginning to show themselves more at work. probably because i'm pretty satisfied with the summer we've had, it's been warm, bright and apart from the few grey days it's been lovely overall. it has seemed to fly by though, i'm onto my last week at i-D now and it's been so much fun, such a good experience to have especially before i even start uni. speaking of which, i got my a level results on thursday.. proud to say that i got an a* in art, an a in english language and a b in sociology :) hope everyone else who got results was pleased too!
here's what i wore today. 
 photo IMG_7499_zpsa8e81274.jpg
 photo IMG_7512_zps46b0411b.jpg
 photo IMG_7501_zps0ff2d9d4.jpg
 photo IMG_7492_zps17b871fa.jpg
top & shorts - typical freaks
belt & nail polish - american apparel
socks - vans
aggy strap boot - dr martens x aggyness deyn @ schuh
backpack - sports direct
 photo IMG_7535_zps9e3f3400.jpg
i'm completely in love with my new two piece from 'typical freaks', who i found via instagram and instantly loved their collection of gorgeous prints in the most perfect cuts. they have a stall in spitalfields on sundays which i'm yet to visit since i work every weekend ( :( ) but i can't wait to see their winter range online. it's so bold i didn't really need to style it, but the colour combo did go nicely with the new pastel-neon green that we got in at work which is kiwi fresh, with my vans calf socks - always a yes - and aggy strap boots. finished off with my panda backpack which i got ages ago from sports direct and now am in need of another since i found that i can fit a bottle of water in it it's a lot more functional than i thought before haha!
anyway i hope you all have a lovely evening and have enjoyed reading :) take care, ronan x

instagram: ronanksm

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

come and let me really make you whine like a gypsy

heyy! how are you?
i'm good, been almost a month since i've blogged though. been so busy - after i got back from new york i interned at a fashion pr company before going to greece with the girls which was a laugh. then as soon as i got back i started interning at i-D magazine which is going really well, it's so good to just be in the environment and seeing how the magazine and website is all put together. last week i shot the "street girl" edit for company magazine and i'm modelling in shoreditch fashion show tomorrow which should be good fun. i'm loving the weather as well, even though it's a bit up and down (it is england after all) i'm dreading having to lug an umbrella around and wear tights so i'm making the most of it. here's what i wore today.
 photo IMG_7454_zpsda46d1ee.jpg
 photo IMG_7417_zpscad3402f.jpg
 photo IMG_7438_zpsb899f2cb.jpg
 photo IMG_7422_zps922ff874.jpg
 photo IMG_7397_zps8fadf769.jpg
 photo IMG_7434_zpsd461033b.jpg
sweater - tee & cake, gift from laura - customised 
belt & scrunchie - american apparel 
shorts - sondico @ sports direct kids
socks - palace skateboards @ below store
shoes - vagabond @ office
 photo IMG_7386_zps81cf7336.jpg
 photo IMG_7369_zpsf04d1fde.jpg
excuse that stray lock that should definitely have been tied up haha. these shorts are one of my favourite things at the moment, i bought them from the kids section in sports direct so they cost me two quid, then i just rolled them up on the leg so they're shorter and more fitted. bargain! paired with my black bears sweater from tee and cake which my lovely friend laura gave to me and i cropped to add a nice contrast to the fit of my shorts. as you've probably noticed i can't get enough of calf socks, i've been living in them for the last few months and this palace pair is the latest one in my collection, worn with my vagabond sandals (which are the cosiest platforms known to man) so that you can see the cute yellow and green tips of my socks. 
anyway that's all from me today, i'm going to blog whenever i can but if you want to see my outfits every day i post them on my instagram which is: ronanksm. thanks for reading and have a lovely evening, ronan x

instagram: ronanksm