Monday, October 31, 2011


hey, you good? :) 
 shirt and skirt - urban outfitters, jumper - hollister, tights - sainsburys, shoes - schuh
it's getting colder and darker, but i love the colours of the leaves on the floor, and it's an excuse to have mugs of hot berry tea with 3 sugars :) i'm going shopping for a new coat this weekend too which i'm really excited about. i love coats, i want a navy one that's waterproof and warm. any store suggestions? :) also, i don't know how many of you are beyonce fans but i can't stop listening to countdown and love on top from her album 4. if you don't know them, have a listen :) anyway that's all from me today, i hope you have the most wonderful halloween, trick or treat? :) ronan xxx

Saturday, October 29, 2011

hey everyone! 
how are you? hope you're good! i'm good, enjoying the break from college even though most of my half term's been spent working, or at work :P ruby's down from somerset though and we went into pret today, their ragu meatball wraps are definitely the one. haha. although the manager threw a hissy when i asked what would happened if i said i was taking away but ate in.. apparently i could get fined because it's fraud... cool. haha anyway here's what i wore today, hope you like it :) 
pictures taken in janelle's new room after a very tiring day.
 hoodie - american apparel
 suspender tights - nicked from mumma
 skirt - american apparel
 top - jack wills
bloomers - american apparel
okay so most of my outfit today was american apparel.. but i love aa so it's all good! :) i got the skirt and hoodie at the flea market sale, it was amazing! this skirt went from £70 - £20 and i've wanted i for aaages so i'm pretty pleased with that! and the hoodie was £15 down from £40ish and i just really liked the colour :) it's really soft too. anyway i'm off because it's 2am and i've gotta be at work in 9 hours haha. i hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating halloween if you are or just chilling, watching the x factor ;) speak soon! :) ronan xxx

Thursday, October 20, 2011

long awaited

hey guys!
how are you all? :) i haven't posted in 3 weeks! eek. i've been so busy with work and college but it's all good, i'm enjoying it! :) i am cutting down my work shifts though from 4 to 2 a week after half term so that i don't put too much pressure on myself . i had the morning off college today and i went down to the american apparel flea sale with tanĂ© which was awesommmeee! :D i bought the disco pants and petticoat skirt that i've wanted for aaages, and i also bought a hoodie and some very cosy looking thermal leggings all for £65.. bargain! it finishes on tuesday so i reckon you should get yourself down there! the only downside was waiting in the queue for 45 freezing minutes.. i really need to get a new winter coat! the last time i wrote, it was boiling but it's gotten to proper winter now and it's freezing! anyway i just wanted to show you what i wore to college yesterday, and i will be blogging more regularly now (hopefully!) :)
shirt - hollister
vest top - mango
cardigan - zara
 shiny shoes - office
 riding pants - zara
 i've got a growing love for riding pants and these are my second pair to start my collection :P
 these are my uniform shoes from office, they're £62 and come in patent burgundy, leopard print, snakeskin and blue glitter. i'm about a 5.5 and i've got a 5 and after a painful 5 hours of breaking them in barefoot, they're really comfortable :)
hollister do the best checkered shirts! they're really comfy and you can wear them with pretty much anything, dressed up or down :)
the dark brown bits are suede
i love this cardigan! it's really warm and was only £15 which i thought was a really good price.
as you see here, i'm demonstrating the flexibility of my trousers :P haha. this is a really comfy outfit.
i've bought loads of stuff recently so i've got lots to show you! and as it's half term next week i'll try and post as much as poss :) i hope you're all doing well and i can't wait to catch up on all of your posts in the next few days! have a lovely weekend and i hope you've enjoyed reading :) ronan xxx

Saturday, October 01, 2011

blue skirt

hey everyone!
hope you're all good :) i'm good thanks, pretty tired though! did an 8 hour shift at work today followed by a very lovely meal with friends which was good but i'm so tired now! college has been really good all week too, sociology's a bit dry but i'm hoping i'll get in to it a bit more once we start the new topic which is about family and education i think :) i also got my first paycheck on friday, there's loads i want to buy but since i work in office i decided to treat myself to some shoes using some of my wages; i bought some creepers, some of the new nike blazers and some plain black office shoes which are my uniform shoes and they're all so nice! i love them :D i'm gonna show you them in my next post, but today i just want to show you what i wore to college on friday :) hope you like it, not gonna talk too much today.
photos by marcel (the brocycle).
oh by the way - london got sunny this week! :D
skirt - american apparel
 shirt - h&m
 shoes - miss selfridge
thanks cel for the photos! :) 
i get the train to school with mala and sasha, and when i turned up at the station, sasha was wearing the exact same skirt in light blue (she's got style ;) haha) so she made the mature decision to untuck since my shirt was kind of untuckabble :P haha have you ever turned up somewhere wearing the same thing as someone? quite funny i thought! :D this skirt is actually a dress/skirt, just that it's an xs and as i'm tall, it's waaayyy to short to wear in public as a dress although it is gorgeous. i will buy another one sometime and show you it! :) anyway that's it from me today, hope you've enjoyed reading! ronan xxx