Saturday, October 29, 2011

hey everyone! 
how are you? hope you're good! i'm good, enjoying the break from college even though most of my half term's been spent working, or at work :P ruby's down from somerset though and we went into pret today, their ragu meatball wraps are definitely the one. haha. although the manager threw a hissy when i asked what would happened if i said i was taking away but ate in.. apparently i could get fined because it's fraud... cool. haha anyway here's what i wore today, hope you like it :) 
pictures taken in janelle's new room after a very tiring day.
 hoodie - american apparel
 suspender tights - nicked from mumma
 skirt - american apparel
 top - jack wills
bloomers - american apparel
okay so most of my outfit today was american apparel.. but i love aa so it's all good! :) i got the skirt and hoodie at the flea market sale, it was amazing! this skirt went from £70 - £20 and i've wanted i for aaages so i'm pretty pleased with that! and the hoodie was £15 down from £40ish and i just really liked the colour :) it's really soft too. anyway i'm off because it's 2am and i've gotta be at work in 9 hours haha. i hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating halloween if you are or just chilling, watching the x factor ;) speak soon! :) ronan xxx


  1. Love that tutu skirt you frolic around in. Very cute.

  2. Aww I love your tights and skirt!

  3. Ha, fined? What a joke. I bloody love those tights, and that skirt is SO CUTE. Nice bargain! Have a brilliant weekend! x

  4. Aw cutest outfit ever!
    The skirt is gorgeous ♥

  5. the skirt is great!! reminds me skirts of Madonna wearing in the 80's xoxo

  6. Ah! What in the world haha. It's like everything I want, you have! I have been lusting over those tights for awhile! Are they amazing as they seem? It's nice to see you back! I love your skirt as well! So cute!!!!!

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