Thursday, March 31, 2011

aubin and wills womens

evening all!:)
just a quick post to end the month and begin another. my day was okay, consisted of school.. athletics.. being tired, whistling to janelle and rubbing my eyes. but today aubin and wills (sister company to jack wills) emailed me to let me know about their new summer collection that's out :) so i decided to have a look and let you all know what i found. which to my greatest dismay of being poor, so many nice things! yes aubin and wills prices are what some might call excessively high, and which are probably unnecessary, but it's a shop. so you can either buy it or not ;)
i found so much great stuff that i'm going to have to split my findings into today, and tomorrow. girls today, guys tomorrow ;) ladies first of course:P i've made an image board of what i like, and i'll just write one sentence about each thing to keep it short:)
going from top left -
1. grey tee- comfortable can wear with anything
2- stripy tee. could dress up to be smart or casual
3. stripy jumper- comfortable, smart and good quality. could be worn with so many different things.
4. pink oversized shirt- have wanted one of these for so long, could tuck into a skirt or wear with jeans ;)
5. striped red and blue dress- again smart or casual. with toms and a cardigan or a blazer and heels
6. blue dress shirt- great lightweight for summer, could be tucked into something or worn alone.
7. striped tee- a wardrobe must have, something that suits absolutely everything.
8. pink chiffon shirt- great quality, these are in fashion and if you want one that'll be a timeless classic. i don't usually like the short sleeve but it works here.
9. blue vest top- just love this, it's so simple, could be worn with a bodycon dress underneath, jeans or shorts to create an effortless sophisticated outfit. 
10 & 11. everyone needs tees and aubin and wills have cool tees down to a tee. they're light, soft, simple but so stylish. 
12. simple striped tees once more, button detail gives and extra something, could wear with almost anything and would add colour to a rainy day :)
13. yellow striped vest top- i love yellow and this is the perfect balance between bold and beautiful. rich colour and laid back cut:) 
14. i don't know why but i was drawn to this black vest top - the small detail in the pattern gives some design to a plain garment making it not just another black vest top.
15-19. jeans- aubin and wills jeans are really great quality with supersoft, durable fabric. the cut and fit on these is perfect and everyone needs a good pair of skinnies for summer! wear with a crop top or light baggy tee on a hot day :)
20 and 21. chinos- aubin and wills have the womens' chinos right! the tan and light blue will go with most colours, good for a really hot day because of the lightweight material used. great buy!
22. plain grey skirt- that you could probably make yourself, but there's something about it i really like, maybe the simplicity and fact it would go with anything, suiting and making any outfit. 
23. yellow shorts- it's always good to have a it of colour, and this vibrant yellow will go with almost anything if you're willing to try :)
24. just a pretty belt!
hopefully i'll get the change to wear some of these amazing clothes! here are some of the "get the look" type things i found on the aubin and wills website that i quite liked :)
menswear will be coming tomorrow so keep your eyes open! and definitely check out aubin and wills!:) hope you've enjoyed reading! ronan xxx

Sunday, March 27, 2011

mens fashion, wellgosh, and stuff i want

first day of summer today! and what a lovely sunny day it's been  :)
today i went to hyde park, while my brother marcel and his lovely girlfriend tané went to a life drawing class. recently, marcel turned 18 and decided it was time for a wardrobe revamp :) so he may been seen a lot more on my blog!
PhotobucketPhotobuckethere's what he was wearing today-
sweater: topman now £20, jeans: uniqlo £29.99 and vans £30.
i really love this outfit on marcel, it fits his easy going personality as you can see i've captured in the picture on the left. 
sweaters like this are becoming more and more fashionable which means they're becoming more and more easily accessible. topman, urban outfitters, rokit and beyond retro are where i would first go to look for one but i've found 2 very similar to this one in topman (click the number to view, the html was too long:) )- 1 and 2 
marcel finds it really hard to find jeans that fit him well because although some jeans technically fit, they don't look the way he wants and i think he's found a winner with these. they're slim fitting which is good because they go with tight and baggy tops and the main thing is that they're comfortable, and the denim is soft. 
PhotobucketPhotobucketthe footwear i don't think matters too much with an outfit and the royal blue vans look good with this outfit, available from most good shoe stores for approximately £30, vans are always a must have in a mens wardrobe.
one thing i said to marcel is that you shouldn't wear light&light or dark&dark top and bottoms and i think marcel's got a really good with this outfit. 
wellgosh is an online retailler like a mens asos, that has a great variety of high street and american branded clothing that isn't otherwise available in the uk. marcel actually introduced it to me, it's definitely a one to look at because it has brands from nike, to happy socks, to lyle and scott, to alife, to dr martens and baracuta all at a really good price. 
here is a small selection of things i found on it:
lastly, i thought i'd give you a really quick update on a few things that i want :P ( in no particular order)
1. a bombay bicycle club tee with bees on it £12. i don't know why but i really love it and want it! it look so comfortable and just, like a nice tee :)
Photobucket2. irregular choice boots
anyone i've showed these to really doesn't like them but i love them for some reason and really want them! they're £116 and i would wear them all the time if i had them! the platform mixed with wedge heel would make them so comfortable! the only problem is that they're 10cm in total which is 4 inches which would make me 6'2 in them. oh well who cares:P

3. new christian louboutin platforms-
i absolutely love these! they're £425 and are just amazing. i don't have to explain why they're so amazing. if i had to chose between these and the irregular choice ones though i'd probably pick the irregular choice ones because i know i'd wear those all the time! whereas i'd be too worried about getting these mucky! :D

4. basically everything from jeffrey campbell's new collection:
i love the first pair! marcel found them on this really cool website he found called karmaloop which is an american retail store. 
the first pair are £128 and i don't even like peeptoe's but they're gorgeous. just look at the detail in the heel. amazing.
the second pair i absoluely adore! it's so strange because i hate peeptoe's but these are amazing you have to agree! i love the soft fabric and the espadrille type heel will make them so lightweight and comfortable. these ones are £120 which i think is a very reasonable price for a designer pair of shoes!
the third i also love, but the thing is that as they're completely white, they could turn out very very hard to maintain. but at £60, they're definitely worth considering, if only they came in black ;) 
the last pair are the last pair i saw, i love them because they're just so different and the way they lace to the top would make them really comfy. the simplicity would make them go with anything, and i love red so :) these are £82.
i hope you've enjoyed today's blog! definitely check out karmaloop and wellgosh and have a great week! thanks for reading:) ronan xxx

Friday, March 25, 2011


helloo! how are you? i've missed posting this week! i haven't posted since last sunday i know, ive been so busy with work, revision and such but i'm determined to do a post every 3 days at least, i promise i'll try my best!
i hope your week's been good :) mine's sped past. spent 2 extra hours at school today doing art as well which was... good? in case any of you were wondering i did this- about a 1.2m wide :) the eyes are different because one's made of like thread, as are the right top eyelashes, left eye white bit and the outline of both eyes :P and it's on brown paper which makes the paint slide but anyway yeah :)
anyway so today i wanted to talk bags ;)
bags and shoes are known to be a girls' best friend! but to be honest, i've never really been up to the girly standard with the bags as i've never really been into them! but as i get older, there's more things i feel i need to carry around with me on a regular basis including my polaroid camera which is brick sized.. and of course receipts from the last year which are yet to exit the realms of my bag! 
the bag on the right is one that my mum got me for Christmas in 2009 and i love it to bits. my first proper bag and it goes everywhere out of school with me, the only thing is that it's getting a little small for me. here it's filled with 2 purses and some receipts as most of the things fell out once i tried to hang it up unzipped haha. but as you can see it's quite small, and time for me to get a real bag!
satchels are all the rave this season, literally the only type of bag you can find at the moment! and even some of the most a list celebrities are getting on the wagon! here pictured- mary-kate olsen, kirsten dunst, leighton meester, nicky hilton, jessica alba and chloe sevigny. 
i personally, aren't the biggest satchel fan so i wanted to have a look at what bags are out there and at what sort of prices:)  i've looked at topshop, accessorize, christian louboutin, louis vuitton, vivienne westwood and lastly paperchase. 

1.  topshop - is the first place i looked
the first bag is a take on the satchel but with a different twist seen as it's suede and not leather. i quite like it but i'm not sure about the tassel, it really puts me off. although i think £25 is a good price for it.
the second i thought looked like a tiny tooblbox but when i zoomed in it was just dimantes which i didn't like. it's a clutch which isn't what i was looking for but i still don't like it. it's a bit too flashy for me personally.
the third one is just hideous, i don't think any amount of money would make me carry this monstrosity around. okay maybe monstrosity is a little strong, but i'm not having a giggle when i say it's £320. i don't think the bad would be that bad without the... side.. embroided bit and i'm sure someone somewhere could pull it off, but for £320, it's definitely a no no on my bag quest.

2. paul's boutique
the first bag is okay, i quite like it. simple, classy. but the only thing i don't like about it is that there's nothing different about it, nothing that makes it stand out just that little bit. maybe something small like making the handle a different colour would change the bag so much.
the second i quite like, the only problem i have with this as an everyday bag is that with the shape, all your things would sit at the bottom of the bag leaving you to sift through like mary poppins to find the thing you're looking for every time.
the third one is okay, quite a nice pattern i think. the only problem with this one is that as it's so patterned, if you wear a lot of patterned clothing then it would clash or make your outfit too busy.
the last one's okay, i personally wouldn't spend £66 on it because it's a bit too "look at meeeeee" for me. i don't think it's quite me anyway because it's the "typical handbag" style and look and that's not really for me. 

Photobucket3. vivienne westwood
i really like these 2 from vivienne westwood's bag collection. the first although it's patterned, it's really simple and sophisticated which i really like. though it definitely couldn't be worn with a lovely tan jacket or pva trousers, but that wont be a problem for me. the problem is the hefty cost though. 
the second bag i really like, is sort of similar to a christian louboutin bag that you'll see in a minute. 
what i love about this bag is that it's simple, compact and the chain strap would make it easily wearable with lots of outfits as the colour wont clash. the only thing is that this would never fit my polaroid in! and also.. i'd have to somehow aquire £155.

4. christian louboutin
this is the bag that i was just talking about which i have fallen in love with. i don't know what it is about it that i love. definitely not the £425 price tag.
these bags just look so classy and sophisticated, the rich colours suiting almost anything. for everyday maybe not, but for going out definitely! i need to have one of these! 
5. louis vuitton!
my mum is louis vuitton's biggest fan! and i've never really seen the hype.. that was until i'd seen their latest personalised bag selection! there are over 70 bag, purse and accessory types, here are 3 types you can get. the colour isn't changeable, but what you can do is change the writing and strip colour. on the bag far right, i've personalised for me ;)Photobucket
i love this personalisation. the one on the right that i personalised coming in at £650. although i don't know if you agree, but it's a beautiful bag! i really like the fact you can personalize things with different colours because it makes the bag all that more special and unique and if you can afford it, why not? ;)
Photobuckethere are a few other louis vuitton bags that i found, the first one i quite like, i'm not sure whether i like the multi coloured logo but i quie like it in this design and think this would be a nice little run around bag. i like the shiny and matt colour contrast and would love one of these. i really like the second as well, you would have to root around to find what you wanted though which could get annoying. i like the simple design though and see why so many people spend so much on louis vuitton bags. the red one is definitely one of my favourites, i love this bag. ever since my sister for a red marc jacobs purse i've become a little obsessed with this red type bag. i'm not usually one for shiny things but something really draws me to this bag. is has a shoulder length strap as well which would make it really comfortable to carry. this is definitely on the wish list!
the last bag, i quite like for some reason, maybe it's because i love blue and compartments and this is exactly what it is. the leather you can see from this tiny picture is really good quality and i love the subtly logo embedded onto the fabric, but for £1440. i think i'll pass!

6. accessorize usually have a big variety of bags so i thought i'd have a little looky for anything less satchelly.
Photobucketthe first one i found was basically a fancy draw-string bag that strangely i really like. i love the patchwork and it's definitely big enough for everything i'd need to carry. the only thing is i wonder how it would sit, as it has a shoulder strap but hangs and is round, would it knock against your hip as you're walking? that would be annoying. same for the last bag on the list. i don't really understand why there's a £10 price difference though, i think the first is a lot nicer than the last. but maybe that's just me as i'm not a very "pretty in pink" sort of girl. 
i love the second bag so much! it would fit everything i need and although technically probably a satchel, the pattern and shape make it different and it's really nice. i went into accessorize the other day actually and the material is really soft too, i'd love this bag! quite a good price at only £30 i'd say as well.
i quite like the third bag too although it looks a little like a laptop bag and i'm not sure about the olive green strap and brown handles.. i'll let you make your own mind up about that one.
the fourth brown satchel i do like though, i don't usually like satchels but i think like the flower one, this is also a particularly nice one! a good size and shape. accessorize is good quality so this would probably last a long time and i'd be quite happy carrying this bag around as brown does go with everything after all!

7. last but not least paperchase!

these 2 bags are really cute! i love the first lunch box type one and i'm actually very close to buying one and carrying around like a normal bag because if you think about it, it's gotta be strong, durable and sterdy so the perfect bag! it would carry everything you'd need and noone would bother try and steal it from you thinking all it'd have in it is a banana and a sandwich! i might just start a new phenomenon there ;)
the second bag is quite cute, i am a backpack lover, my schoolbag being a vans paint splattered rucksack. the only thing is that you'd have to take the bag off your shoulder every time you want to get something out which could prove an inconvenience! which is why i'd go against the rucksack.
i hope you feel enlightened to bags as i do :P and definitely have a look at some of the websites mentioned as they really do have some cool stuff!
i'll let you know when i get a new bag :P hope you've enjoyed reading today and i'm hoping to do a street style soon so stay tuned! thanks :) ronan xxx

Sunday, March 20, 2011

saturday 19th march featuring amber

hello :) hope you've had a nice week!
i haven't posted since monday i know, and i said i was going to be posting more often! i was just really busy with school and athletics and stuff this week, and i didn't want to do a rubbish post so i didn't! but i promise more next week :) i'm going to do a blog about bags and some more things, but today i'm going to talk about what i wore yesterday :) it'll be interesting i promise.
yesterday, was the warmest day of the year so far! warm enough to leave the coats in the wardrobe which was lovely. but during the day, all i did was go to sainsbury's which didn't call for a big dress up, but i got to get a t shirt i hadn't worn in ages out and i quite like my outfit :)
i wore..

Photobucketso just to pop to sainsbury's i put on this jimi hendrix tee that i got from camden for £5 quite a while ago, with these black "tapered" topshop jeans £45 that i love because they're really comfortable and then in case i got chilly i took along this grey slim fitting hollister hoodie £35. and my toms because i sort of live in them at the minute :P                        i really like this outfit because it's so simple and took me about 5 minutes to put together but i think it looks good :) nothing spectacular but simple and chic. (whatever chic means :P)                     oh and my brother took this picture while i was checking for spots but i liked it so :P you can get this style of jeans almost anywhere, but i'd recommend topshop because the quality and fit is really good :) i'm wearing a w25 l32 here and they're comfy :) tees like this i'd recommend topshop again, priced about £18 on average, but also h&m, david and goliath or camden or a bargain. i'd always wear baggy jeans with a fitted tee or hoodie to get some shape into your outfit :)                                     
in the evening though, it was my friend alicia's birthday meal, and because it was at chiquitos the theme was colourful. so everyone had to dress really colourfully :) not a problem for me because i love colour, the only problem was deciding what to wear :P something smart but casual and eventually i decided on this -

i decided to wear this bodycon dress - topshop £22, white lace tights - topshop £12, a purple baggy cardigan - topshop.. can't remember how much, a vintage thick flanel jacket shirt £15 camden, chunky pink scarf which is actually a birthday present from alicia and nike 6.0 trainers - £60. 
i really like what i was wearing because i never really wear the lace tights because they have potential to look a bit riskay, but i thin they suit the outfit here. i was going to wear a checkered shirt with this but i didn't know if it would be too much colour so i asked my trusty amber and we agreen the purple cardigan suited better :) i then went for the shirt jacket because although it's a different pattern, it's not bright so it doesn't look like a mishmash of colours and also, it's long enough to go over the cardigan so it didn't look silly. i then painted my nails orange (rimmel) to get an extra bit of colour in, and it matches the dress a bit, then the pink lipstick, eyeliner and purple mascara because why not? the scarf as it's a block colour doesn't clash, and just adds more colour as well as keeping me nice and warm :) oh, my trainers i bought ages ago, and i love them. because i wasn't wearing coloured tights, the trainers didn't clash and look cool i think anyway:) i like what i'm wearing here and i think it's not too smart but not too casual and i felt good wearing it which is always the main thing :) 

amber looks amazing as usual and so cute wearing this boat dress - topshop £36, cardian - urban outfitters i believe £45 (also available in green, pink, cream, baby blue, red, plum and yellow) , red belt- unknown :P, yellow dr martens - dr martens £81. 
i really love what amber is wearing, the outfit as it should brings out her personality and also looks great:) the dress is lovely, and she's added the red belt which brings out the colour in her dress and lipstick also which looks really sophisticated :)
 the navy cardigan is big and baggy but the perfect size because any bigger and it'd take away from the outfit, and any smaller and it wouldn't look as nice. i like the way that it matches, but looks effortless and tidy which really suits amber. i love the dr martens she's wearing with this because it's a big splash of colour which really suits the rest of the outfit. it's always brave to wear a completely different coloured shoes to outfit but here it works so perfectly, simply adding colour and an amber stamp of style. 
she's also wearing a cute little necklace, which is a little bit of accessorizing to make the outfit look complete :) amber looks good and it really suited the occasion :) 
thank you alicia and everyone else for such a lovely night :) i hope you enjoy reading and have a great rest of sunday :) ronan xxxPhotobucket

Monday, March 14, 2011

make up

good evening :) hope your day's been good! 
funny story - it's my brother's 18th birthday today so my family went to nando's because it's his favourite, and we ordered in total 50 chicken wings. mad i know :P but to be fair i only had 5 and a mixed leaf salad which was pretty nice, (sorry aaron if you're reading this, i know it's shameful to even think about salad in nandos haha).
so anyway i was going to dress my brother today because he got some cool new clothes for his birthday and i haven't done male fashion in ages! but he's buying new stuff on thursday so i'll do that this weekend so watch this space :)
  today i decided to do something i haven't done before which is make up, because i don't wear black make up ever i only wear coloured so here's just a little bit about what i do :)
Photobucketcoloured make up can change a bland outfit into something interesting and different! today i couldn't be bothered to dress up so i wore something simple: grey.
this old grey, cotton topshop top which i nicked from my sister a few years ago, with these grey leopard print h&m jeans which i've had for about 4 years and they're now ankle swingers, but the beauty of wearing jack ups is that i know they're short, you know they're short, and they're comfortable so who cares :P and obviously with my toms because they're just so comfortable.
but this simple outfit can look so different with some bright and different make up. i have absolutely no make up experience other than normal techniques i've copied from my sisters especially as for darker skin there's absolutely no make up advice in everyday magazines, so the only way i know what i like is by trying loads of different things. which if any, is my advice to you, if you don't try something different then you'll never know if it suits you :) 

1. if i'm dressing up

i was in a rush apologises for the awful eye liner :P
i never wear foundation or blusher so here i've just used white barry m pencil eyeliner, red collection 2000 lipstic, (mascara only in the left photo) rimmel blue lash extention mascara on my right eye, and left blue barry m mascara on my right. 
it's a simple fact that to exaggerate the size of your eyes or any feature, you use a colour that will make them stand out. so the darker your skin is, the lighter the eye liner to use, and the lighter your skin, the darker the eye liner. i use white because if i make the effort to put mae up on, i want everybody to notice it. you can do the top or bottom of your eyes, if you do it all round your eye, it opens your eye up completely but to be more subtle just do the bottom or the top. to stand out is also why i use bright red lipstick, i could have used white or yellow lipstick but i didn't want to overdo it, but i definitely would love to in future. 
the coloured mascara brings out darker eyes because it contrasts with them (made that up but it sounds right :P) and i like to use blue or green with white eye liner. you can't see here so well but my bottom lashes are lilac. never worry about using different colours for different parts of your face because if you wont try, you'll never know and it will probably look cool. 

2. everyday
so this is more of a look i'd go for everyday. ignore the silly faces :p
this is a less bold everyday look i sometimes go for, using barry m dolly pink lipstick with light pin and blue eye liner, and light green mascara.
if you say all those colours out loud they sound awful, but i think they look quite interesting. as i was saying with the colour experimentation, don't worry about doing your eyes in different colour eyeliner, i would actually go out like this believe it or not :P and i think it looks quite cool. by only doing the bottom of each eye, i'm drawing attention to my eyes but not widening them which is what i want here. the green mascara opens up my eyes a little but it's more just because i personally like it. 
when i bought this pink lipstick, i bought it because i wanted it, but i didn't go too light so i didn't look like a nicki menaj wannabe :P so you should find a good balance that doesn't look overdramatic but gives your face some colour and stands out.  for some reason i don't use eye shadow, i think it's because as i use coloured eye liner and mascara there's no need for more colour but i might do soon and i'll let you know when i find one that works :)
so that's all for today :) thank you and i hope you enjoyed reading, ronan xxx

Sunday, March 13, 2011

denim shorts

evening! :) hope you're having a nice weekend! and were as happy as i was to see that lucy on take me out's date went wel! :D 
so today i went shopping for my brother's 18th birthday which is on monday and so obviously had a look at stuff for myself as you do :P and i kept noticing denim shorts... which is because it's summer soon, and i've decided that i want some new blue denim shorts! preferably that aren't high waisted because i've got so many high waisted things and i want something different. 
so i popped into topshop to have a look, and i found these... 
£28 which on the hanger looked so nice! and so i decided to make the effort and try them on... and i'm really glad i did because i put them on, they were meant to be "high waisted" but they were way too big around my waist and were more like "too high for hips, too low for waist-ed". 
i don't want to/have a particularly big bum as i'd like to think i'm in proportion, but these shorts were so unflattering. so i decided to give them one more try and tuck my top into them to see if they looked any better.. and maybe it's just me but they were horrid. so the point of this story, is that if you're unsure-TRY ON!

after that disappointed i wanted to have a look round for some more denim shorts that would hopefully rock my boat and here are some of the others that i found:

1. h&m  £14.99
i actually really like these, simple but look comfortable and h&m denim is usually good quality. they might be nicer if they were just cut raw like the topshop ones but they're a bargain for £14.99!

2. superdry £39.99
these are alright. nothing special i don't think, the thing is with "branded" clothes are that you're just paying for the brand. and it doesn't mean the thing is actually nice. they're not horrible but they're pretty standard.
3. hollister- there were 4 pairs that i really liked-
i think i'd rank them 4, 2&3, 1. i clearly like lighter denim shorts.
the first, tiny white and blue stripes on denim which i really like for some reason. i think they'd go with quite a lot and hollister denim is really comfortable .
the second pair look good. i guess there's not much variety with denim shorts, but i kinda like the ripped bits.
the third, i'm not sure about something..i like them but there's something that's not great about them. maybe because of the cut, they look like they'd ride up your'arrsse :P
and the last, i like the cut edgeness of the short bit, and the hint of red because i do love my colour. although they're clearly "hotpants" they don't look like your bumcheeks will be falling out too which is always a bonus.

5. urban outfitters
i really love this pair! they're £32 renewal levi's which sounds lush for a start :P they're not too short as there's no bumflappage as you can see, and they really look comfortable. i like the ripped bit and it's not too much, they look really comfortable so yeah. thumbs up on these ones!

these ones as you can probably tell from the £59 price tag are jack wills. i do love jack wills! but like any store, some stuff is awful or just completely overpriced. 
i really love the flower lining on these! but for £59, i don't think so. although, i have another pair of jack wills' shorts and they're really comfortable! but i've worn them about twice and i've had to ask siobhan to sew a bit back up because the stitching is coming undone.. i paid £59 for them :(...

7. new look
these are simply hideous these ones. erm. there's nothing i can say about them, although when i showed my brother these just now he went "those are horrid".
sums it up really, this was the best of the new look bunch as well. 

this was river island's best pick.. honesty. they're awful, i can imagine someone with the worst muffin top ever wearing them and there being a vpl (visible pantie line) and me being horrified.. or someone with no bum wearing these loosely with tights. and they're knee length! so yeah never buy anything like this. never worth it for £19.99!

9. rokit - is a vintage shop which usually sells pretty good denim, but their website is cruddy so i couldn't get you any examples!

10. beyond retro -
they also usually have a great selection of shorts in store that make you want to be a millionaire! but the online store is quite different, and the best i could find was these... so i'd definitely recommend going in store and having a look :P the nearest i know of is brick lane :)

so i hope you've enjoyed reading today, i'll let you know when i find my perfect pair! my favourite out of all of these is the urban outfitters pair :) ronan xxx

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

summer soon

hello! so my laptop's finally working again! :) and it's also one day closer to the summer holidays! woohoo! due to me having to do gcse's this may/june, i officially finish (my last exam) on june 10! so i get almost 3 months off, and i'm hoping for fun fun fun in the sun!
the only problem is, unless i suddenly acquire funds, i shall be poor and begging money out of dad :P so i decided to try the "jazz up something old" technique, and here's what i did with one of my boring old shirts.

1. if the weather's gooood, and you fancy getting the old tum and legs out ;)
all i did here is something i copied from something i saw on the hollister website. i got a normal shirt, and only did a few buttons, then tied it so that it's like a crop top! :) and i quite like it. then i found some of my shorts from last summer (which are back in stock now!), and there you go, new outfit!
shirt -h&m £14.99
shorts - hollister £26
here are some other combinations- you can mix and match with different things, all from one shirt ;) 
leggings- jack wills £29

also, another excuse to go shopping at summer is shoes! summer shoes! 
personally, i'm not one for sandals, gladiator sandals are my worst nightmare, and i'll probably spend my summer in toms :P but i had a look around to look for some nice summer shoes, that wont suffocate or freeze your tootsies this summer!
toms of course! these ones just £40! affordable, comfortable, good looking, breathable - perfect for summer!

i am brogues' biggest fan! and these look pretty breathable and comfortable, only thing is that as they're white, they'll probably get mucky pretty quickly and you can't just bung them in the washing machine :( £32 topshop

£29.95 at schuh, these lightweight brogues look like a summer treat! as they're leather there's a possibility that your feed could get sweaty, but the 2 holes would make them more comfortable and airy.
schuh £14.95, these little beauties look comfortable and lightweight which is perfect for summer. they're not plain but the simple pattern allows them to be worn with so many different colours and outfits.
hunter wellies, for the festival goer :P waterproof and sterdy, and i actually quite like them. if it's hot, your feet will get a little sweaty though. schuh/hunter- £60
can't decide whether i like these or not, they're okaaay i guess. quite cute and probably look better on. the thick heel is better for everyday as it'd be more comfortable :) office -£65.
wedges are all in fashion now, and for some reason i can't understand, i actually like these ones! even though the sole looks like it's made from that wooden cardboard they use to board up old houses. they look really comfortable and i could probably paint and personalise them to make them look cool ;) office - £58
office £55. these adorable shoes would be great for summer! although they might not be very lightweight, they'd go with almost everything adding a splash of colour and history to your outfit.
and obviously i'd have to add in some irregular choice shoes! £69.99, the thick heel would make them so comfortable to wear around and they'd look great with so much! although you couldn't wear too many patterns with them as they'd clash awfully, who cares they're pretty.
schuh £40, the lightweight comfortable soft sole similar to toms, these would be fantastic because of the summery pattern but also warmth they'd provide for those cool summer nights. 

similar to the above but a clarks original at £80. these are brighter, but the sole looks a little heavier. they'd both be nice but so similar that it depends how much cash you have to splash ;)
lastly, another £69.99 irregular choice special, you know i love irregular choice, and these heels would be perfect for
i hope you've enjoyed reading again today and are as excited about summer as i am! ronan :) xxx