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helloo! how are you? i've missed posting this week! i haven't posted since last sunday i know, ive been so busy with work, revision and such but i'm determined to do a post every 3 days at least, i promise i'll try my best!
i hope your week's been good :) mine's sped past. spent 2 extra hours at school today doing art as well which was... good? in case any of you were wondering i did this- about a 1.2m wide :) the eyes are different because one's made of like thread, as are the right top eyelashes, left eye white bit and the outline of both eyes :P and it's on brown paper which makes the paint slide but anyway yeah :)
anyway so today i wanted to talk bags ;)
bags and shoes are known to be a girls' best friend! but to be honest, i've never really been up to the girly standard with the bags as i've never really been into them! but as i get older, there's more things i feel i need to carry around with me on a regular basis including my polaroid camera which is brick sized.. and of course receipts from the last year which are yet to exit the realms of my bag! 
the bag on the right is one that my mum got me for Christmas in 2009 and i love it to bits. my first proper bag and it goes everywhere out of school with me, the only thing is that it's getting a little small for me. here it's filled with 2 purses and some receipts as most of the things fell out once i tried to hang it up unzipped haha. but as you can see it's quite small, and time for me to get a real bag!
satchels are all the rave this season, literally the only type of bag you can find at the moment! and even some of the most a list celebrities are getting on the wagon! here pictured- mary-kate olsen, kirsten dunst, leighton meester, nicky hilton, jessica alba and chloe sevigny. 
i personally, aren't the biggest satchel fan so i wanted to have a look at what bags are out there and at what sort of prices:)  i've looked at topshop, accessorize, christian louboutin, louis vuitton, vivienne westwood and lastly paperchase. 

1.  topshop - is the first place i looked
the first bag is a take on the satchel but with a different twist seen as it's suede and not leather. i quite like it but i'm not sure about the tassel, it really puts me off. although i think £25 is a good price for it.
the second i thought looked like a tiny tooblbox but when i zoomed in it was just dimantes which i didn't like. it's a clutch which isn't what i was looking for but i still don't like it. it's a bit too flashy for me personally.
the third one is just hideous, i don't think any amount of money would make me carry this monstrosity around. okay maybe monstrosity is a little strong, but i'm not having a giggle when i say it's £320. i don't think the bad would be that bad without the... side.. embroided bit and i'm sure someone somewhere could pull it off, but for £320, it's definitely a no no on my bag quest.

2. paul's boutique
the first bag is okay, i quite like it. simple, classy. but the only thing i don't like about it is that there's nothing different about it, nothing that makes it stand out just that little bit. maybe something small like making the handle a different colour would change the bag so much.
the second i quite like, the only problem i have with this as an everyday bag is that with the shape, all your things would sit at the bottom of the bag leaving you to sift through like mary poppins to find the thing you're looking for every time.
the third one is okay, quite a nice pattern i think. the only problem with this one is that as it's so patterned, if you wear a lot of patterned clothing then it would clash or make your outfit too busy.
the last one's okay, i personally wouldn't spend £66 on it because it's a bit too "look at meeeeee" for me. i don't think it's quite me anyway because it's the "typical handbag" style and look and that's not really for me. 

Photobucket3. vivienne westwood
i really like these 2 from vivienne westwood's bag collection. the first although it's patterned, it's really simple and sophisticated which i really like. though it definitely couldn't be worn with a lovely tan jacket or pva trousers, but that wont be a problem for me. the problem is the hefty cost though. 
the second bag i really like, is sort of similar to a christian louboutin bag that you'll see in a minute. 
what i love about this bag is that it's simple, compact and the chain strap would make it easily wearable with lots of outfits as the colour wont clash. the only thing is that this would never fit my polaroid in! and also.. i'd have to somehow aquire £155.

4. christian louboutin
this is the bag that i was just talking about which i have fallen in love with. i don't know what it is about it that i love. definitely not the £425 price tag.
these bags just look so classy and sophisticated, the rich colours suiting almost anything. for everyday maybe not, but for going out definitely! i need to have one of these! 
5. louis vuitton!
my mum is louis vuitton's biggest fan! and i've never really seen the hype.. that was until i'd seen their latest personalised bag selection! there are over 70 bag, purse and accessory types, here are 3 types you can get. the colour isn't changeable, but what you can do is change the writing and strip colour. on the bag far right, i've personalised for me ;)Photobucket
i love this personalisation. the one on the right that i personalised coming in at £650. although i don't know if you agree, but it's a beautiful bag! i really like the fact you can personalize things with different colours because it makes the bag all that more special and unique and if you can afford it, why not? ;)
Photobuckethere are a few other louis vuitton bags that i found, the first one i quite like, i'm not sure whether i like the multi coloured logo but i quie like it in this design and think this would be a nice little run around bag. i like the shiny and matt colour contrast and would love one of these. i really like the second as well, you would have to root around to find what you wanted though which could get annoying. i like the simple design though and see why so many people spend so much on louis vuitton bags. the red one is definitely one of my favourites, i love this bag. ever since my sister for a red marc jacobs purse i've become a little obsessed with this red type bag. i'm not usually one for shiny things but something really draws me to this bag. is has a shoulder length strap as well which would make it really comfortable to carry. this is definitely on the wish list!
the last bag, i quite like for some reason, maybe it's because i love blue and compartments and this is exactly what it is. the leather you can see from this tiny picture is really good quality and i love the subtly logo embedded onto the fabric, but for £1440. i think i'll pass!

6. accessorize usually have a big variety of bags so i thought i'd have a little looky for anything less satchelly.
Photobucketthe first one i found was basically a fancy draw-string bag that strangely i really like. i love the patchwork and it's definitely big enough for everything i'd need to carry. the only thing is i wonder how it would sit, as it has a shoulder strap but hangs and is round, would it knock against your hip as you're walking? that would be annoying. same for the last bag on the list. i don't really understand why there's a £10 price difference though, i think the first is a lot nicer than the last. but maybe that's just me as i'm not a very "pretty in pink" sort of girl. 
i love the second bag so much! it would fit everything i need and although technically probably a satchel, the pattern and shape make it different and it's really nice. i went into accessorize the other day actually and the material is really soft too, i'd love this bag! quite a good price at only £30 i'd say as well.
i quite like the third bag too although it looks a little like a laptop bag and i'm not sure about the olive green strap and brown handles.. i'll let you make your own mind up about that one.
the fourth brown satchel i do like though, i don't usually like satchels but i think like the flower one, this is also a particularly nice one! a good size and shape. accessorize is good quality so this would probably last a long time and i'd be quite happy carrying this bag around as brown does go with everything after all!

7. last but not least paperchase!

these 2 bags are really cute! i love the first lunch box type one and i'm actually very close to buying one and carrying around like a normal bag because if you think about it, it's gotta be strong, durable and sterdy so the perfect bag! it would carry everything you'd need and noone would bother try and steal it from you thinking all it'd have in it is a banana and a sandwich! i might just start a new phenomenon there ;)
the second bag is quite cute, i am a backpack lover, my schoolbag being a vans paint splattered rucksack. the only thing is that you'd have to take the bag off your shoulder every time you want to get something out which could prove an inconvenience! which is why i'd go against the rucksack.
i hope you feel enlightened to bags as i do :P and definitely have a look at some of the websites mentioned as they really do have some cool stuff!
i'll let you know when i get a new bag :P hope you've enjoyed reading today and i'm hoping to do a street style soon so stay tuned! thanks :) ronan xxx

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