Tuesday, January 31, 2012

so fresh, so clean

hey guys! how're you doing? 
i'm good! spent my day at college,  wasn't too bad since i only had 2 lessons then spent an hour up in art which i always find really relaxing - listening to music, inspiring the title of my blog post today: so fresh so clean by outkast. bit of an old banger but such a tune! one of those songs that makes you feel powerful as you're walking down the road :P other songs i'm loving at the moment are bonafied lovin by chromeo, and please mr postman - cragga dubstep remix. have a listen if you don't know them!
today it was absolutely freezing so i wanted to wear something warm but bright since it's such a grey day! i bought this hoodie last week from independent brand "represent". i found it when watching some of the rizzle kicks videos as they wear it, so i decided to check it out and i love their uniquely designed items for really good prices! i wore this outfit with my rokit baseball jacket as seen in my last post.

hoodie - represent
top - h&m
skirt - lazy oaf
creepers - underground @ office
pacman nails - dark blue, yellow, pink, light blue-(right) : barry m. 
red, light blue-(left), green, orange : rimmel
metallic purple, lilac : stargazer
black and white : rio nail pens
in the second photo i was genuinely about to fall over haha :P i've got some really good wear out of my creepers since i bought them a few months ago, they come up quite big though so if you're thinking of ordering a pair i'd recommend going a size down. they're a lot more comfortable than you'd expect, not too heavy either. these are the normal double sole creepers, but we're going to get the triple sole ones into office in the next couple months i think which look awesome! we have loads of new stock in though in sports, womens and mens so check the website! we got some pink and burgundy air max in and i was sooooo tempted but the pink put me off, i'm gonna see how i feel about them when i go into work next because it might have to happen anyway haha :P anyway, i'm off to prep myself for geordieshore tonight! hope you've enjoyed reading and have a lovely week, ronan xxx

Thursday, January 26, 2012

feeling casual

hey guysss! how're you doing? :)
i'm doing good! today the sun came out so i got a bit snap happy, especially as my camera died and i was using my siobhan's fancier one :P i had a late start to college as i do on a thursday, i start at 12 20, but the damned transport mucked me around. my train was scheduled for 12:03, then got delayed by 5 mins, then 10 mins, then 20 mins, then cancelled! then all the trains to highams park got cancelled so i had to run for a bus in order to get to college at all! nevertheless i made it, and it wasn't too bad since i was wearing trainers. 
shirt - jack wills
american apparel riding pants 
socks - matalan
trainers - nike air max ones @ office
sorry for the amount of photos! but i couldn't pick which ones to use so i thought i'd use them all :P i love this last picture that i took of my air max. think it's pretty cool. they're so comfortable! i got them at the beginning of january, although for running trainers, new balance are better. they're more "fashion trainers". i also got this shirt just before christmas, i haven't worn it before today though because i wasn't sure what to wear it with. but i decided on my riding pants for a casual and comfortable look. my mumma bought me some new riding pants in the "safari brown" colour for chrimbo which are amaaazinnggg. love them. as it's winter i've been living in my american apparel bottoms as you can probably tell from my january posts, they do the best stuff that fits my body right. next i want to get my hands on some of the "rich purple" disco pants. they're amazinnng! but it'll hurt me to spend £70 on them haha. anyway, that's all from me today! hope you have a lovely weekend, speak soon! :) ronan xxx

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

wolf sweat

hey guyyyys!
how're you doing? :) i'm good, been working hard at office and college. i had my sociology exam last thursday which went okay, but i really wanted to drop it and the school wont let me so i've got to stick it out til' june, but i'm just not going to stress about it. i'm really enjoying my art and english courses especially, and i found out that central saint martins do art foundation which would be really good seen as i want to get into fashion!
here's an outfit i wore out on saturday with some of my office fam, which i decided to wear to college today to show you guys because i love it! although i don't think my head of year liked it quite as much as i did, but i guess we are meant to "dress smart" oops :P 

jacket - rokit 
scarf - gift from siobhan - river island
wolf sweater - princes vintage
shirt - hollister
velvet leggings - american apparel
socks - borrowedandneverreturned from laura 
boots - office
what do you think? :)
this is my new favourite sweater! i found princes vintage whilst looking for something cheap and cheerful on ebay. i found some of their listings then googled their website and they're an online vintage website which also make their own prints on sweaters and tees like this one. this jumper cost me £20 so they're really reasonably priced and they have some really nice, different stuff for men as well as women. 
i also love these leggings because they're so comfortable, i got them just before christmas when american apparel were doing a 3 for 2 offer so i bought 3 pairs, in blue, burgundy and grey. i couldn't resist! :P haha.
anyway, thank you for all your lovely comments on my blog! i appreciate every single one :) hope you're having a nice start to the year, speak soon , ronan xxx

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

mickey discos

hey guyssss!
happy new year! :D and i hope you all had a really amazing christmas. i'm sorry for the lack of posts! i got really busy over the christmas holidays with work, sleeping, drinking far too much rum and eating faaaar to much chocolate :P but it was good :) my blog turned 1 on the 24th of december as well! happy blog birthday! and i just wanted to quickly thank allll of you for reading, supporting and more importantly enjoying reading my blog as much as i enjoy writing it :) 
 mickey top - urban outfitters
disco pants - american apparel
lita platforms - jeffrey campbell @ office
 here's an outfit which i wore yesterday to pop to boots haha, little overdressed maybe but i got these litas for my 17th in november and i take them out as much as possible! they're super comfortable and i just love them, the only problem is it's really difficult to be inconspicuous in them, and i was at the cinema the other day and i saw one of my old pe teachers *gigantic cringe* and trying to hide in litas was a bit of a flop haha, but i love them anyway :) also, i picked this top up from urban outfitters just befoere christmas and i've literally been living in it! just like my disco pants, except i got these for £15 at the aa flea market sale - bargain! love this outfit, it's simple and comfortable!
anyway i wont bore you too much haha, hope you're all well and those of you who have exams looming- good luck! speak soon :) ronan xxx