Tuesday, January 31, 2012

so fresh, so clean

hey guys! how're you doing? 
i'm good! spent my day at college,  wasn't too bad since i only had 2 lessons then spent an hour up in art which i always find really relaxing - listening to music, inspiring the title of my blog post today: so fresh so clean by outkast. bit of an old banger but such a tune! one of those songs that makes you feel powerful as you're walking down the road :P other songs i'm loving at the moment are bonafied lovin by chromeo, and please mr postman - cragga dubstep remix. have a listen if you don't know them!
today it was absolutely freezing so i wanted to wear something warm but bright since it's such a grey day! i bought this hoodie last week from independent brand "represent". i found it when watching some of the rizzle kicks videos as they wear it, so i decided to check it out and i love their uniquely designed items for really good prices! i wore this outfit with my rokit baseball jacket as seen in my last post.

hoodie - represent
top - h&m
skirt - lazy oaf
creepers - underground @ office
pacman nails - dark blue, yellow, pink, light blue-(right) : barry m. 
red, light blue-(left), green, orange : rimmel
metallic purple, lilac : stargazer
black and white : rio nail pens
in the second photo i was genuinely about to fall over haha :P i've got some really good wear out of my creepers since i bought them a few months ago, they come up quite big though so if you're thinking of ordering a pair i'd recommend going a size down. they're a lot more comfortable than you'd expect, not too heavy either. these are the normal double sole creepers, but we're going to get the triple sole ones into office in the next couple months i think which look awesome! we have loads of new stock in though in sports, womens and mens so check the website! we got some pink and burgundy air max in and i was sooooo tempted but the pink put me off, i'm gonna see how i feel about them when i go into work next because it might have to happen anyway haha :P anyway, i'm off to prep myself for geordieshore tonight! hope you've enjoyed reading and have a lovely week, ronan xxx


  1. Cool creepers, love the outfit & figure !
    You are very pretty.


  2. the skirt reminds me so much of Mickey Mouse lovely outfit


  3. Love your top - fantastic print

  4. pretty nails. love your creepers with the outfit x

  5. wow! great skirt! very funny!! and your nails are cool too ;)

  6. ooh that skirt is just adorable and tacky in really cute way!!! haha. but what i really like about this outfit is your shirt! super love.

  7. Love your skirt & creepers:)x


  8. You really suit the creepers, they look awesome! Love the nails :)

  9. I did nails like this a few months ago and then painted pac man on my thumbs! :-). Love this skirt, reminds me of minnie mouse ;-) xx

  10. Looking gorge as always! Cannot believe you havnt been to TGI's though you have missed out on a vital food experience!;) Loving your hoodie + creepers, + your tee is amaaazing! Hope you enjoyed geordie shore-it took bosh to a whole new level!;) That new girl is soooooooo annoying! Xxx

  11. Your skirt reminds me of mickey mouse. I think it might be the colour and the oval shapes because they are on his gloves. Really random but hey haha!


  12. omg i need your creepers in my love! and your hair is absolutely stunning xx

  13. I love your shoes!!!
    xx Alexandra

  14. So pretty!! Your nails are siccccck!

    ox from NYC!


  15. Love skirt!!


  16. Love your hair.. and nails.. and skirt! haha

    newest follower!

    love from NYC,

  17. ahhhh how I love this post and this outfit!!! soo goood! And I love love love creepers on women's feet :) GREAT!


  18. omg!!! i love your shirt and the creepers! aa, lucky you! the shoes look amazing on you xx

  19. Your creepers are the coolest shoes I have ever seen. LOVE them! You have an amazing blog! x