Thursday, February 09, 2012

i've got the legs on my chair and a head fulla' hair

hey everyone! how're you doing? :)
i'm alright today, feeling realllly tired which is strange since i went to bed around 11 last night and had a nice lay in this morning until about 9 so i got a good 10 hours sleep! but i guess sometimes sleep makes you more tired doesn't it? it's half term next week so i'll get to make up for it then :P today was one of those days where it takes me ages to decide what to wear, because it snowed on sunday and it's been absolutely freezing since then so i wanted to be warm but i didn't want to be boring. which sort of influenced the title of today's post which is from paolo nutini's "pencil full of lead" because although it's cold,  i haven't really got anything else to complain about :P also, i wrapped my cardigan around today instead of knotting or tucking or anything else which i was quite proud of haha, hope you like it!

cardigan - princes vintage
tee - jack wills
belt - topshop
skirt - urban outfitters
chelsea boots - doctor martens laura boot
nail polish - barry m

reason for haribos - you know those days where you finish school/work and you're reallllly hungry? strawbs hit the spot perfectly ;) :P
theeseeee beauties are my new dr martens chelsea boots! i spotted them a little while back and i've been wanting to get my hands on a pair but they sold out online and instore as they were in the sale, but i scoured the dr martens store and ebay and found a pair thanks to the glory of the internet and i love them so much. they're so comfortable yet have the classic dr marten feel and sole so i know they'll last ages and i'll wear them all year round. i can just see them going perfectly with my mickey tee, high waisted vintage levi shorts, bare legs and some cute socks for summer, excited already! eeek, i cannot wait for some heat! i was born in winter but i'm definitely a summer girl! not long now though :) 
also, i've got some style inspiration for you today! i spotted my gorgeous, and very stylish friend vanesas's ( blackberry messenger picture and i lovveee her outfit in it and she looks amazing as usual, so like a stalker i asked if it'd be okay to share it with you :)
love love love this! the spikes on her denim jacket are amazing and paired with the white shirt and black leggings it looks even better :)
so anyway that's it from me tonight! i hope you have a lovely weekend, wrap up warm! hope you've enjoyed reading :) ronan xxx


  1. This outfit is gorgeous, love the colours of the cardi! Those Doc Martins are goooooorgeous! I really should bite the bullet and get a pair ;-) xx

  2. I love the cardigan and the spikes on her denim jacket are freaking wicked!

  3. love the cardigan!!

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  4. Lovely cardigan!!
    Great look, I love your dread!
    xx Alexandra

  5. Love your cardi and the doc boots. Haribo stawbs are my fav too :)
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  6. Your cardigan is so nice! And your friends style is actually awesome!! xx

  7. This outfit is so simple but chic i absolutely looooove it!!! You Doc's are the cooleset thing ever and so wearable in that gorgeous shade-not to mention i am now drooling over the pattern on your cardie! Loving the strawbs too, +the running action shots;) Oh + the use of the god that is Paolo's lyrics in your title is genius;) Hope you've had a bosh week! Xxx

  8. cute look! those boots are amazeballs lol

  9. Your style is amazing!
    I'm obsessed with you shoes :)
    Good luck with your half term next week!
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  10. I absolutely LOVE how the skirt looks with the jumper! Really nice look, like always. xx

  11. Love the middle pictures, you crazy personnn ;)
    and the boots <3


  12. I love this outfit, the cardigan is gorgeous and those boots are amazing!xx

  13. Seriously adore the boots!

  14. I love the way you wrapped your cardigan and the studs on Vanessa's shirt are amazing! xxx

  15. Lovely post! I love your shoes, they add some color to this look. You really look great!

    Shall we follow each other? I'm following you now, your blog is so cute!


  16. I love your pretty nice long slim beauty good super lovely legs!!!! <3