Monday, December 24, 2012

you're up and you'll get down

hey guys! how are you?
i haven't blogged in like 3 weeks eeek! i've been super busy i guess and haven't had to chance to sit down and write a proper post. it's a combination of college, work, sorting uni and it being dark when i leave and when i get back! :( but one of my new year's resolutions will definitely be to get back to blogging because i do miss it! that along with starting to exercise again because i miss running and stuff, just need to make time to do it! even though i haven't been blogging i post most my outfits on instagram (when i'm not just slobbing around the house anyway haha) so i thought i'd show you a collection of all the outfits you've missed out on from my instagram 'ronanksm'. today is also my second bloggaversary! can't believe it's been two years already but i don't think i'll ever stop! at least til i have to swap fashion for comfort which is hopefully never haha!
all american apparel
all american apparel
jumper - gift from laura : tee and cake. shirt: topshop tall. skirt: american apparel. aggy strap boot: dr martens
nail polish: american apparel. sweater - gift from laura: tee and cake. shirt: h&m. skirt: topshop petite
all american apparel
all american apparel
all american apparel
hat: diamond dozen. sweater: princes vintage. shirt: h&m. skirt: urban outfitters
all american apparel except socks: sainsburys haha
jumper, turtleneck and trousers: american apparel. belt: beyond retro. hat: diamond dozen.
so as you can see i wear even more american apparel now that i work there! but i'm really enjoying the job, and when i'm not working i'm living in sweaters which have become one of my favourite things! chunky shoes, sweaters and polo necks sum up my wardrobe at the minute. and i've been loving my diamond dozen hats, which has launched now and you can buy the collection at:
anyway i've got to go crack on with the festivities! so thank you to all my readers and people who enjoy my blog because knowing you enjoy reading as much i enjoy writing is such a lovely feeling!
merry christmas, and happy new year! 
love ronan xxx

insagram: ronanksm

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

diamonds are forever

hey guysss!
how're you all doing? i'm good. been busy with college and work recently, it's going well though! even though it's getting colder and i miss being able to leave the house without a scarf and hat on. although not when the hat is by diamond dozen.. i'm so excited to tell you about new and upcoming independent streetwear brand, 'diamond dozen', which i was lucky enough to meet the founder of last friday. lewis - a graphic/web designer based in london - decided to start up diamond dozen to incorporate both his design talents and interest in the independent clothing market. however diamond dozen isn't your average independent label, lewis successfully captures his own creativity and the spirit of london into his innovative designs which are to include a beer pocket tee - holla!
tee and beanie - both diamond dozen
american apparel riding pants
boots - office
featured here in this exclusive collection preview are some of the tees and 3 out of 7 different beanie colourways which will be available to buy on the 12/12/12! here you can see the beer pocket tee which i mentioned, isn't it great haha! probably just big enough to fit a little can of beer in too ;) this is just the beginning of a strong brand, which is why i'm so excited to be just a small part of it! if you're into streetwear, or are just looking for that little something different to spice up your december then you should check out diamond dozen, launching in just 7 days, and you can sign up to get 10% off your first order at
and check out the diamond dozen insagram too 'diamonddozenuk'
i'll definitely keep you updated anyway! that's all from me today, i've got some english work to do which i've been putting off all evening haha. have a lovely week! ronan xxx

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

i wanted love, i needed love

hey guyyys! how're you doing?
i haven't posted in what feels like forever, waaah! i've been soooo busy recently as i got the job at american apparel (eeek!) and so have been there quite a bit. also it gets dark at like 4 nowadays! so by the time i get home from college it's pitch black and all i wanna do is get into bed with a cup of tea. i haven't really been embracing the weather, it's so grey and dreary in london i'm a little in denial about how cold it is and am still wearing 15 denier tights haha. anyway today i wanted to show you what i wore to college yesterday, it's one of my favourite outfits that i've worn in a while!
please excuse the state of my room, i probably should have tidied before taking pics :P
polo neck & tights - american apparel
belt - beyond retro
skirt - topshop
worn with my aggyness deyn strap boots as seen in a previous post
i lurvv this outfit! this is exactly the type of thing my mum used to wear in the 80s, and i love the all black embellished with my silver necklace, belt buckle and the buckles on my shoes. american apparel polo necks really are one of my favourite cuts of top as they're so comfy and warm; this is one that my mum bought me for my birthday. and i love these tights, they're like mullet tights: business at the front, party at the back haha. they've got quite a burlesquey feel too them which i love. 
hope you're all well, and have adjusted alright to the cold weather (unlike myself) haha. i can't remember if i mentioned this in my last post but as i've been busy, i don't get the chance to take photos for and write out blog posts but i do usually take photos of my outfit every day and upload them to my instagram which is 'ronanksm' and my wiwt 'ronanronanronan' so find me on those if you fancy :) 
i'm looking forward to catching up on all your blogs tonight! :) take care, ronan xxx

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

and i told you to be patient

Hey guys!
How're you all doing? I'm gooood. Excited to be saying that I'm writing this post from my iPad (eek) which I got for my birthday. And also that this is my first post as 18 :D I had an amazing birthday, then I went to see Jessie Ware on Tuesday which was amazing! If you haven't listened to her yet you should check her out. I posted a photo of her, and I have been posting my outfits most days on my Instagram which is 'ronanksm' so check that out if you've got it :)
blazer - beyond retro
polo neck & trousers - american apparel
jumper & boots - dr martens
i decided to whip out the trousers and tights combo as it was sooo cold this morning! but these twill pants from american apparel are so warm and comfy, although a little loose at the waist so i've belted them with my all-round-amazing beyond retro belt. i also put my striped polo under my jumper for extra warmth especially around my neck, as i have asthma which tends to pipe up a little when the weather suddenly gets colder i can still wear what i want with my little polo poking out the top haha.
anyway that's all from me today, got to get some art work done! hope you have a lovely evening :) thanks for reading! ronan xxx

instagram: ronanksm

Friday, November 09, 2012

if you ask me i'm ready

hey guyss, how're you?
i'm good! today is officially my last post as a 17 year old as it's my 18th birthday tomorrow eeek :D so excited! i'm so happy that my birthday falls on a saturday as well, i'm gonna be spending the day with my family and forcing them to play board games with me heheh :P don't worry though, next week i'm gonna go paint the town red haha with some friends to celebrate being fully legal. no longer have to go to the dodgy shops that i know wont id me hahaha. 
 shirt and dress - topshop
shoes - office
belt - beyond retro
so this is what i wore to college today. i've had this lovely velvet dress for ages now but i never really knew what to pair it with in winter, but last night i thought of putting a little shirt under it and i love the way it turned out! i feel quite alexa chung today with the pinafore style dress and lightly patterned blouse. 
you may also be wondering if i have 2 identical belts from beyond retro in different colours.. this is actually the same belt but it's reversible so has a black and a brown side! it also has little joints twice where the silver emblem is and that actually enables you to spin the belt so if i wanted i could have it part black and part brown. how great is that! an absolute steal as well it only cost me a tenner although i had to spend a quid getting another hole punched in it, it's been put to such good use as i've been wearing it with pretty much everything!
anyway, i'm off to finish my cooking. got steaks, homemade potato wedges, steamed veg and rice all on the go so i better get back to it haha! have a lovely evening and i hope you've enjoyed reading :) ronan xxx

Monday, November 05, 2012

and she stands there singing for money

hey guys, how're you doing?
i'm goood! back to college today though :( and it started with me getting in trouble for wearing boots.. feels like the beginning of term all over again haha. it was quite a cold day to day but nice and bright, so it turned out to be one of those days where you layer up to the max and then powerwalk and end up being a sweaty mess upon arrival - not hot hahaha.  
 jumper and belt - beyond retro
shirt - h&m
skirt - american apparel
scarf - lazy oaf
timberlands - from a friend
 this corduroy skirt is quickly becoming one of my favourite winter pieces; the a-line fit sits comfortably over any of my favourite knits and sweaters, bringing me in at the waist so my outfit still has a nice shape to it. and these timberlands are a new entry to my shoe collection! i've been lusting after these since a few weeks ago when they came into stock at office just before i left, but the £135 price tag put me off as my friend rob got his in a charity shop for £7! so i decided to leave them and buy the aggyness deyn strap boots instead. then a few weeks later, rob texted me and told me that he'd found his sister's old pair of timberlands - the exact ones i wanted - at home and that she didn't use them any more... so i was sooo happy when i found that they fit! they're so comfy and easily wearable with pretty much my whole wardrobe. what are you guys loving for winter this year?
hope you all have a lovely bonfire night, i'm just excited for the sparklers to be honest! haha, take care. and thanks for reading! ronan xxx

Friday, November 02, 2012

i used to think i was fierce cos i was in all the houses

hey guyyys! how've you been?
i'm great, had such an amazing time in madrid! it was so nice waking up in a different city and being able to explore freely. the food was completely different to here in england, and it seems that spanyards do really love their egg haha! we visited quite a few different areas of madrid, however one thing i really liked about it wa that as we were staying on gran via, which is like the oxford st of madrid and everything was within a 30-40 minute walk. one night we went to a jazz  bar called cafĂ© central, which was 13 euros to watch the show which lasted 2 hours. it was such a lovely environment with comfortable seating to just relax with friends. howerver, i'm disappointed to report back that fashion is madrid is a bit poo, there seemed to be lots of european high st shops such as h&m, bershka and zara, but i didn't really see anyone dressed really interesting or different :/ 
anyway, i got back on the 30th, which only gave me a day to think of my costume for halloween! but here's what i came up with.. can you guess what it is?
polo neck and trousers - american apparel
belt - beyond retro
clarks original desert boots @ office
 i'm beetlejuice!
hahaha, only one person worked out who i was, but i was so happy with my costume, plus face paint is always exciting isn't it! i was so pleased with everyone else's efforts as well, my friend liam (to my right) came full out as yoda, with a hat, light sabre, ears and allsorts haha.
i'd also like to say a big thank you to everyone to celebrated with me and took part  in my 100,00 view giveaway. and i'm happy to announce that the winner of the tie-dye tee is Riley Ellise from The Life Of Riley. So i've contacted you about your prize! :) 
hope you've all enjoyed reading today and have a lovely weekend! take care, ronan xxx

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

100,00 views giveaway!

hey guyyys, how're y'all doing?
i'm good :D just been enjoying my freedom from work haha, but need to get back into work soon and hoping for that to be at american apparel! but i've also applied to dr martens so we'll see what happens there. it seems like the weeks have flown by to the half term, and in just a few months i'll be at uni! i went to visit ravensbourne university by the o2 last week and absolutely loved it, it's definitely where i'd like to study for my art foundation and possibly my degree!
anyway today is a giveawayyyyy! haven't done a giveaway since i hit 250 followers hehee, but this one is to celebrate reaching (and getting over) 100,00 blog views! you guys enjoying my blog means so much to me and so i thought i'd do a little giveaway to celebrate.  the winner will recieve this tie-dye tee that i made (in a men's medium) which is so great to wear alone - i can't really get away with it haha but if you're under 5'10 it should be fine! - tuck in, crop, or wear with leggings etc. sorry about the bad lighting, it seems to be getting so dark early nowadays and by the time i took the photos it was pitch black outside!
the colour is light blue mixed with red giving a nice burgundy colour in the mix. if you'd like to enterrr my give-away, you must be following my blog via google friend connect. and comment with your name and email address so that i can contact you :) i'm off to madrid tomorrow for 5 days - eeeeeek! :D - so entries close, and the winner will be chosen on the 1st of november.
whilst i'm in madrid i'll try and take some streetstyle snaps and will be visiting world renown rastro market so i might come back with some nice little spanish pieces! i'm hoping that while i'm out there someone will teach me to flamenco haha but that might be aiming a little too high for 5 days :P anyway, i hope you've enjoyed reading today! take care :) adios! ronan xxx

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

i observe by his shoes and ties

hey guyssss,
how're you doing? :) i feel like i haven't blogged in ages! but i've been quite busy. getting really into my college work now, trying to keep up to date and with my work so i don't get overwhelmed when it gets to exams and handing coursework in. buuut a little weight has been lifted as i've quit my job at office! i was there for over a year and it was starting to become a burden as i wasn't enjoying the job any more, so i decided to quit and had my last shift last week. the only thing i'll miss is probably the discount haha, but i'm giving myself a little rest for a few weeks then i'll be looking for a new job in retail, i think it was just time for a change :)
so this post today isn't really about me; i always notice that one of my closest friends rob dresses really well and has a really nice variety in his wardrobe from high st to designer, to vintage, to second hand pieces. so yesterday after our visit to camberwell university open day he let me take a few pics of what he was wearing. 
 jacket - rokit
slim trackies - zara
shirt - primark
stone island hat, hoodie, nike trainers - brothers
bracelet - gift from mum
watch - gift
bag - eastpak
chain - mums
i really like this outfit, i love the black layering with the earthy coloured, paisley style jacket and the hint of colour of the gold chain. 
this is what rob has to say about his outfit: " the jacket fits a bit awkward but ho hum, might sort that out later with a bit of a nip n tuck here and there haha." rob actually took a line of elastic out of the bottom of the jacket which made it a little baggier, and i think he'd like to take some of the elastic out of the sleeves too. however i like the way it fits, i think a bit of fitted-ness quite suits the bagginess of the rest of the outfit and compliments the way that the legs of the trousers is tapered. rob also says "i suppose i like the clash of femininity and hooliganism haha, probably why i'm wearing a stone island hat and floral jacket. i like streetwear but often find it necessary to pair it up with smarter pieces as i don't like to look too scruffy."
also wanted to show you this picture of what rob and i wore to azealia banks' mermaid ball at the aquarium. she was amaaazing, and we were front row :D which was totally worth getting full body bruising and almost beaten up by her crazy fans haha. 
i wore: mesh dress, bandeau, and metallic boob tube - american apparel. vajazzles - amazon. plastic jewellery - poundland. bindi - bethnal green. white eye liner and green eye shadow - mua @ superdrug.
rob wore - jersey - charity shop. slim joggers - beyond retro. face paint, stickers and pirate hat - poundland.
so i hope you enjoyed today's post! 
you can check out rob's tumblr here: take care, ronan xxx

Sunday, October 07, 2012

never the case in my day

hey guyyys!
how're y'all doing? :) i've had quite a busy week. went to see man like me who are one of my favourite groups everrr -who you may recognise from the ikea 'kitchen at parties' advert - at the electric ballroom which was absolutely amazing. and i touched johnny like (the lead singer) and it made my life hahaha. then thursday i popped into 'the vintage store' as they were having an evening of mingling, music and 20% off - holllaaa! - which was lovely, before heading down to vyner st's 'first thursdays' evening of little galleries late night openings showing loads of different types of work from known artists to university students which i really enjoyed. 
this is what i wore yesterday.
shirt & socks - topshop
sweatshirt - slazenger @ sports direct
jeans - blitz
aggy strap boot - schuh
belt - old headband - river island
bindi - a little shop on bethnal green high st
i picked up this bindi after thinking about what to wear to azealia banks' mermaid ball on saturday (eeeeek! :D), but then i decided to just stick it on to see how it looked and i really liked it. as i don't wear any make up, i liked the little bit of sparkle it added to my face and plus it's blue so, definitely a yes haha. i also feel like people really underestimate sports direct, i've found some hidden gems in there like this jumper which only cost me £6.50! it's supersoft and i love the duller red colour which gives it a bit of a vintagey look. i picked it up lilywhites -oxford st, which is still called lilywhites but i think it's been taken over by sports direct. 6 floors of sportswear is a little tiring to get through but definitely worth it for the things you can find! :)
anyway that's all from me tonight, hope you've all had a lovely weekend! and i hope you've enjoyed reading, ronan xxx

Sunday, September 30, 2012

why's she here in your house babe?

hey guyssss! 
how're you all doing? i'm gooood. had a really lovely day today, went for breakfast at this place up the road from me and had a nicest croissant i've ever tasted! then spent the day on oxford street and wandering around covent garden and chinatown with my friend whilst eating cookies and ice cream, lusting after rails of pretty things, wishing we had had more money and thinking about how great it would be if we lived in liberty :P here's what i wore today.
polo neck & jeans - american apparel
aggyness deyn x dr martens aggy strap boot - schuh
these are my new boots that i bought today eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek aren't they amazing! i love them so much! they're from the aggyness deyn collection @ dr martens and i even broke my "i-will-never-shop-at-office's-rival-schuh" idea to get them. i wasn't sure whether to at first because they are a hefty £150, but i had a top yolo moment once they got on my feet. i absolutely lurvvv them! they're so different, really comfy and that sole is never gonna wear away is it haha. 
anyway i'm off for tonight! trying to get into a better early-night routine for college and have had quite a tiring weekend so i better start getting my things ready. can't believe it's october already, this year has gone so quick! i hope you have a lovelllly week! and have enjoyed reading tonight :) ronan xxx