Monday, November 05, 2012

and she stands there singing for money

hey guys, how're you doing?
i'm goood! back to college today though :( and it started with me getting in trouble for wearing boots.. feels like the beginning of term all over again haha. it was quite a cold day to day but nice and bright, so it turned out to be one of those days where you layer up to the max and then powerwalk and end up being a sweaty mess upon arrival - not hot hahaha.  
 jumper and belt - beyond retro
shirt - h&m
skirt - american apparel
scarf - lazy oaf
timberlands - from a friend
 this corduroy skirt is quickly becoming one of my favourite winter pieces; the a-line fit sits comfortably over any of my favourite knits and sweaters, bringing me in at the waist so my outfit still has a nice shape to it. and these timberlands are a new entry to my shoe collection! i've been lusting after these since a few weeks ago when they came into stock at office just before i left, but the £135 price tag put me off as my friend rob got his in a charity shop for £7! so i decided to leave them and buy the aggyness deyn strap boots instead. then a few weeks later, rob texted me and told me that he'd found his sister's old pair of timberlands - the exact ones i wanted - at home and that she didn't use them any more... so i was sooo happy when i found that they fit! they're so comfy and easily wearable with pretty much my whole wardrobe. what are you guys loving for winter this year?
hope you all have a lovely bonfire night, i'm just excited for the sparklers to be honest! haha, take care. and thanks for reading! ronan xxx


  1. Lovelyyy! I just love the pairing of the jumper and skirt, because at times you're kind of split between wanting to be warm but you still want to look girly hahahaa, the belt really rounds it all off and breaks up the pattern with the texture of the skirt and screw the school, it's way too cold to be wearing ballet flats everyday >:/
    Absolutely in loveeeeeee with this outfit though xoxx.

  2. I wish i could get away with wearing a jumper like that. i love how you styled it with the A line skirt. Makes your waist look so small

  3. I am in love with this whole outfit, what an amazing jumper!
    Maddie xx

  4. love a freebie, and these are soooo nice! xx ps can i steal rob??

  5. Love this outfit, i want that skirt so bad! you look amazing xx

  6. you bought the aggy straps?? so jealous! can't wait to see how you style them! I really want to buy them but i need to save for christmas presents :( x

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  7. Nice blog sweety! I m following you now on GFC! Hope you'll visit my blog and follow back if you want! :)


  8. That's so lucky about the boots! Ahh man what is the matter with teachers, it's too bloody cold to be wearing little pumps do they want you to freeze or what? We got in trouble for wearing boots when it snowed, they were lucky people turned up at all haha. xxx

  9. So pretty!


  10. Love the jumper, it definitely brightens up a grey day! xx

  11. Wow, I love this outfit!

    - Keyta

  12. Lovely post !

    Great inspiration :)



  13. Love this outfit so much. Need that jumper, so retro and cool! Looking perfect as always x