Friday, November 02, 2012

i used to think i was fierce cos i was in all the houses

hey guyyys! how've you been?
i'm great, had such an amazing time in madrid! it was so nice waking up in a different city and being able to explore freely. the food was completely different to here in england, and it seems that spanyards do really love their egg haha! we visited quite a few different areas of madrid, however one thing i really liked about it wa that as we were staying on gran via, which is like the oxford st of madrid and everything was within a 30-40 minute walk. one night we went to a jazz  bar called café central, which was 13 euros to watch the show which lasted 2 hours. it was such a lovely environment with comfortable seating to just relax with friends. howerver, i'm disappointed to report back that fashion is madrid is a bit poo, there seemed to be lots of european high st shops such as h&m, bershka and zara, but i didn't really see anyone dressed really interesting or different :/ 
anyway, i got back on the 30th, which only gave me a day to think of my costume for halloween! but here's what i came up with.. can you guess what it is?
polo neck and trousers - american apparel
belt - beyond retro
clarks original desert boots @ office
 i'm beetlejuice!
hahaha, only one person worked out who i was, but i was so happy with my costume, plus face paint is always exciting isn't it! i was so pleased with everyone else's efforts as well, my friend liam (to my right) came full out as yoda, with a hat, light sabre, ears and allsorts haha.
i'd also like to say a big thank you to everyone to celebrated with me and took part  in my 100,00 view giveaway. and i'm happy to announce that the winner of the tie-dye tee is Riley Ellise from The Life Of Riley. So i've contacted you about your prize! :) 
hope you've all enjoyed reading today and have a lovely weekend! take care, ronan xxx


  1. amazing outfit! Actually love the striped combination so much! x

    woo go riley, couldn't have picked a better gurll! She's one of my best friends, haha!

    check out my giveaway, it's worldwide!

  2. damn fashionable AND scary. oh how i dig it so much!!

  3. Super fierce look! Love it x

  4. that is awesome!! you are the most fashionable beetle juice ever hahah


  5. Ahh glad you had a fab time in Madrid! And your outfit has gotta be the best I've seen I love it! I guessed who you was because I watched Beetlejuice last night haha xxx

  6. love this post and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  7. amazing halloween costyme! :) xx

  8. This is such a cool halloween costume idea! Would definitely wear that polo neck crop top out on a normal day xx

  9. I love your costume, I totally got it right! Hhahaha xx

  10. eee you look so good, I love seeing what other people dressed up as! x

  11. Awesome pairing with the top & trousers it looks like some amazing jumpsuit. Such an awesome Halloween outfit. Love your blog, following now :)

  12. Haha love your look, you all look amazing!

  13. Great post!

    Cool outfit :)