Wednesday, October 24, 2012

100,00 views giveaway!

hey guyyys, how're y'all doing?
i'm good :D just been enjoying my freedom from work haha, but need to get back into work soon and hoping for that to be at american apparel! but i've also applied to dr martens so we'll see what happens there. it seems like the weeks have flown by to the half term, and in just a few months i'll be at uni! i went to visit ravensbourne university by the o2 last week and absolutely loved it, it's definitely where i'd like to study for my art foundation and possibly my degree!
anyway today is a giveawayyyyy! haven't done a giveaway since i hit 250 followers hehee, but this one is to celebrate reaching (and getting over) 100,00 blog views! you guys enjoying my blog means so much to me and so i thought i'd do a little giveaway to celebrate.  the winner will recieve this tie-dye tee that i made (in a men's medium) which is so great to wear alone - i can't really get away with it haha but if you're under 5'10 it should be fine! - tuck in, crop, or wear with leggings etc. sorry about the bad lighting, it seems to be getting so dark early nowadays and by the time i took the photos it was pitch black outside!
the colour is light blue mixed with red giving a nice burgundy colour in the mix. if you'd like to enterrr my give-away, you must be following my blog via google friend connect. and comment with your name and email address so that i can contact you :) i'm off to madrid tomorrow for 5 days - eeeeeek! :D - so entries close, and the winner will be chosen on the 1st of november.
whilst i'm in madrid i'll try and take some streetstyle snaps and will be visiting world renown rastro market so i might come back with some nice little spanish pieces! i'm hoping that while i'm out there someone will teach me to flamenco haha but that might be aiming a little too high for 5 days :P anyway, i hope you've enjoyed reading today! take care :) adios! ronan xxx


  1. Beautiful Top!
    Hope you have a lovely time in Madrid, jealous you're escaping this horrid uk weather at the moment!


    Check out my giveaway? It's wordwide, good luck!

  2. Wicked top, I'm deffo entering! x

    GFC: Riley Ellise

  3. Niiice tee!
    Thanks for the comment =)

  4. yay for tie dye!


  5. Love that you made this yourself. Great top

  6. I lived in Madrid for a year it's an amazing city and the rastro is great! So many weird and wonderful things there! Enjoy yourself :)

  7. thats a cool shirt :)

    Santenne of Crystallized Elements.

  8. Great post !

    Simply gorgeous !!

    Have a great weekend :)



  9. yay congrats on that massive amount of views :) love that funky shirt!

  10. Good luck with the job apps, imagine the discounts at AA or DM ahhhh. And massive congrats on the page views/followers etc, well deserved I genuinely love your blog (promise I'm not being all up your ass because you have a giveaway, it's the truth haha!)
    Hope you have a fab time in Madrid you lucky guuuurl xxx

  11. Hi from Chicago!

    Your blog is so awesome and I love your style xxx


  12. Ahhh I've missed reading your posts Ronan!! Love love love this top + well done on getting that many page views-incredible! Have an amazing time in Madrid aswell you lucky thing, bet the street style will be next level! Oooh + hope you're uni hunts going well, UCAS is pure stressing me out haha.
    Molly Xx

  13. These are some really nice pictures! Oh and the outfit is cool, simple but classy, love it! Your blog is very interesting, keep it up! And please check out my new post :)

  14. this loooks so cool! have fun in madrid! x