Wednesday, October 17, 2012

i observe by his shoes and ties

hey guyssss,
how're you doing? :) i feel like i haven't blogged in ages! but i've been quite busy. getting really into my college work now, trying to keep up to date and with my work so i don't get overwhelmed when it gets to exams and handing coursework in. buuut a little weight has been lifted as i've quit my job at office! i was there for over a year and it was starting to become a burden as i wasn't enjoying the job any more, so i decided to quit and had my last shift last week. the only thing i'll miss is probably the discount haha, but i'm giving myself a little rest for a few weeks then i'll be looking for a new job in retail, i think it was just time for a change :)
so this post today isn't really about me; i always notice that one of my closest friends rob dresses really well and has a really nice variety in his wardrobe from high st to designer, to vintage, to second hand pieces. so yesterday after our visit to camberwell university open day he let me take a few pics of what he was wearing. 
 jacket - rokit
slim trackies - zara
shirt - primark
stone island hat, hoodie, nike trainers - brothers
bracelet - gift from mum
watch - gift
bag - eastpak
chain - mums
i really like this outfit, i love the black layering with the earthy coloured, paisley style jacket and the hint of colour of the gold chain. 
this is what rob has to say about his outfit: " the jacket fits a bit awkward but ho hum, might sort that out later with a bit of a nip n tuck here and there haha." rob actually took a line of elastic out of the bottom of the jacket which made it a little baggier, and i think he'd like to take some of the elastic out of the sleeves too. however i like the way it fits, i think a bit of fitted-ness quite suits the bagginess of the rest of the outfit and compliments the way that the legs of the trousers is tapered. rob also says "i suppose i like the clash of femininity and hooliganism haha, probably why i'm wearing a stone island hat and floral jacket. i like streetwear but often find it necessary to pair it up with smarter pieces as i don't like to look too scruffy."
also wanted to show you this picture of what rob and i wore to azealia banks' mermaid ball at the aquarium. she was amaaazing, and we were front row :D which was totally worth getting full body bruising and almost beaten up by her crazy fans haha. 
i wore: mesh dress, bandeau, and metallic boob tube - american apparel. vajazzles - amazon. plastic jewellery - poundland. bindi - bethnal green. white eye liner and green eye shadow - mua @ superdrug.
rob wore - jersey - charity shop. slim joggers - beyond retro. face paint, stickers and pirate hat - poundland.
so i hope you enjoyed today's post! 
you can check out rob's tumblr here: take care, ronan xxx


  1. He is so, so stylish! He's rather gorgeous too, what a lovely combination haha!

  2. Haha, you guys are so cool!

    Pip x

  3. that last pic is sweet!! sometimes you have to let stuff go, it is good to change when you are getting bored :)

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  4. he's hawttt, and has style :) thanks for visiting my blog yours is lovely :) xx

  5. I like how he layered this look and added the gold accent cute!

  6. I agree...I like his jacket


  7. Come work at Uniqlo haha! Jokes, if you want a stress free life it ain't the place to be (totally joking mr manager if for some bizarre reason you're actually reading this comment.) Love your mates jacket and you both looked so amazing when you went to see Azealia Banks (still so jel) xxx

  8. Really love his jacket, the colour and texture is nice.

  9. I love menswear and this guy is rocking it. Love your azealia banks outfit too.

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  11. hey, your style is really awesome!!! love it so much! and your friends looks rad too (:
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  13. Great post!

    Absolutely loving this!



  14. Cool jacket!

  15. Wow I really love his jacket. I'm so busy too! I hope you have some time to yourself and it sounds like you made the right decision with your job.

  16. Ah working in retail is the best, I love it! Good luck with finding a new job! I adore Rob's outfit - I want the jacket myself!

    Well jel that you were front row! Saw videos of it and Miss Banks was awesome!

  17. He definitely has an eye for details, he looks good and has a great style. Good luck with school and finding a new job.


  18. your friend is very stylish. i love azealia banks, so jealous right now!
    by the way i'm following you on GFC! xx