Monday, August 29, 2011

my new bag

hey everyone! 
how've you been? i've been super super busy which is why i haven't posted since thursday! although i got loads of positive feedback on that post and outfit so i'm so so glad you all enjoyed it and a big hello to all my new followers! :) on saturday i had my first paid day of work at office ahhh so exciting! :D it was training as the stratford westfields opens on the 13th, but i'm so excited to start, being on the shop floor is so exciting and it's so great to see shopping from behind the scenes almost :) and it's a bonus that there's no dress code excluding the fact you must be wearing current shoes available in office (which are provided ;) ).  then on sunday i was competing all day which was okay, i jumped well in long jump (5.01m) but in triple i flopped and came third or fourth because i couldn't get on the board :( 
anyway i'm back! and today i went with my sisters and dad to buy him some new clothes which was so cute, my dad never goes shopping so he's absolutely clueless so we picked him some nice things so you may even see him on my blog ;) here's what i wore today (pictures taken by janelle):
jacket - gift from mum- topshop, as seen is this previous post from december 2010.
tee - gift from mum when she went to bath
skirt - stolen from janelle - h&m
tights - camden
ankle boots - topshop
leather bag - paul's boutique
i bought these tights in camden about 2 years ago and i used to wear them all the time but then i stopped wearing such colourful tights so they got pushed to the back of my drawer.
but i decided to give them a litter wear today in an outfit where they'd stand out but wouldn't dominate the outfit.
mum said she never thought i'd wear this tee out because it's sort of a novelty, but i really love simple tees like this - they're perfect paired with simple bodycon skirts. 
i love this boots & jacket combo, i just think they look nice together.
and i'm absolutely in love with my new paul's boutique bag!
(the runaway dreadlocks :P)
this is the bag that mum bought me as a sub for her louis vuitton one and it's perfect.
it's called the moc croc molly bag because of the fake crocodile skin look and it's just really unique and i love the charms :)
as you know blue is one of the colours i wear most but i don't think it's too overpowering, what do you think?
comfortable, casual but different :)
and these boots are so so comfy!
this was my first attempt at aztec style nails since i've seen loads on tumblr and thought i'd give them a go myself.
lastly, my mum got home from a little break in the lake district this weekend and i missed her so much. she was going out to see a friend and i took a photo which just captured her beautiful personality so i wanted to share it with you - so if you're reading this, i love you so much mum :)
so i hope you've enjoyed reading today, and all had a lovely weekend! :D also, who watched the x factor? i'm definitely impressed with the way it's been going, so much better than i expected and i love that kelly rowland doesn't pretend when she thinks someone's hot haha, love it! loads of talent so far :) have a lovely week, speak soon! ronan xxx

Friday, August 26, 2011

full vintage

hey everyone!
how're you all doing? well done to everyone who got their gcse results yesterday! :D i'm so pleased because i did a lot better than thought i would seen as i came out of most the exams thinking how hard they were. overall i got 5a*'s in english language, literature, double ict and statistics, 5a's in art, maths, additional science and re, and finally 2 b's in core science and music. so yeah, i'm happy! yesterday evening i went to blitz london for a little bloggers introduction which was basically getting to know more about the shop, and the lovely ella thompson who manages it, and then playing dress up in loads of beautiful vintage outfits! ella took loads of photos which will be on the blitz london blog  so i'll let you know when that's up: )
today i'm just going to show you what i wore to it (taken my siobhan), and a few photos that i took that i'm proud of :)
shirt - blitz
 bag and belt (formerly a headband)- river island
shorts - the vintage store, lace tights - topshop
bracelets - all gifts - silver ones from mango, pink ones from accessorize.
coat - american apparel. shoes - toms
excuse the impression, siobhan thought this picture would be amusing :P haha.
i really love this outfit. it's really comfortable but dressy in a way and i love that i'm the only person who will have this shirt. what do you think? :)
here are some photos i took yesterday that i'm really proud of:
 my ham, chorizo and omlette sandwich.
 close up
london at about 8pm
with tropical juice
 i've been taking more and more photos, what do you think of them? :) if you like them, there's loads more on my facebook page so check it out. ooh also very exciting news! my mum has this amazing louis vuitton barrel bag and i asked her for it but of course she said no although she did say i might be more prone to mugging if i had it. so instead she bought me a similar barrel bag from paul's boutique which is absolutely beautiful and so me for about a 10th of the price! so i'll show you it tomorrow or sunday - very excited! tomorrow i'm off to brent cross all day for training for office so i'm really excited about that too :D busy weekend ahead! so have a lovely one, and i'll speak to you soon :) ronan xxx

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

jam packed days

hey guys!
how are you all today? :) i'm good, had a really early start though. i woke up around half 7 to get to stratford for 8 45 for my induction to westfields. it was absolutely gigantic! and i really can't wait to get started, my training is on saturday! eeek, i also got a new phone today. as i mentioned in my last post i got an upgrade which is a samsung galaxy ace (fake iphone type design) but it's actually really cool, fast and has some really awesome apps and features so i was pleasantly surprised! yesterday evening i went indoor go-karting in enfield which was absolutely amazing! although i have some soft spots on my back where it hurts today from zooming round the track at full speed. but it's great fun so i think you should all go haha! also today, i went to see my friend who i haven't seen in aaaages which was lovely, so i wore something casual, comfortable and with my red dr martens.
snood - gift from ruby - accessorize 
bodycon dress - siobhan mckenzie
 her fur gets absolutely everywhere!
 jumper - h&m
she's always got her tail up!
the black bits are actually fleece so they're really soft and comfortable!
she has beautiful eyes.
i look like i'm wearing way too much for the sun, but the day started wet and cold and brightened up but was still chilly.
so i've got loads happening in the few weeks, my days are jam packed! although i have added in days for lazing around, eating endless packets of passion fruit and ice cream. i get my gcse results back tomorrow, and surprisingly i'm quite relaxed about them, i tried my best so that's all i could have done :) good luck to any other gcse-ers tomorrow! i hope you all get what you deserve (without sounding evil haha :P) lastly, don't forget to check out my facebook page for all the photography i've been doing, and don't forget to nominate me in the cosmo blog awards by clicking the badge on the left hand side of this page! have a lovely week! speak soon, ronan xxx 

Monday, August 22, 2011

bacon and ham bagel

how's everyone tonight? :) i'm good, spend the last hour or so cooking chicken breast wrapped in parma ham and couscous which was quite nice. now i'm sitting down to watch cherry healey's new documentary which will be amazing as her documentaries always are! 
i'm quite tired today, i woke up really early after a bad dream and didn't get back to sleep. but today i went to the orange store to find a new phone because i'm due an upgrade (even though i don't particularly want one) i just wanted to get blackmail orange into giving me free internet.. and i'm getting it along with a samsung fake iphone type thing. i'll do anything to avoid the blackberry hype! although i'll have to wait til' it comes to decide whether i want to get rid of my little motorola flip out. i also went to brick lane with amna to hand out her cv which was fun, and i had the most delicious bacon and ham bagel rom the bagel shop.
 playsuit - h&m
 tights - sainsburys
 denim shirt - blitz
 bag - topshop
 nail polish - barry m
 i love this outfit because it's casual and comfortable
the sleeves are rolled up so i could wear this shirt with loads of other outfits 
 i wore this with my toms
 return of piana
 she got her fur all over my knee!
what do you think of my outfit? :) oh also i took a few photography-ish pictures around the house today, check out my facebook page to see them. i've gotten really used to posting every day this week, but i think i'll go back to every other day now that vest top week is finished so i'll speak to you in a few days! have a lovely week :) ronan xxx

Sunday, August 21, 2011

the ultimate-vest top week : day seven

evening everyone!
how are you all? :) i'm excellent! as you may have noticed my blog has undergone some refurbishments and a clean up and i really love my new blog! new features are the page system, layout, the colour scheme and also now i have a facebook comment bit at the bottom of the page so you can leave comments via facebook if you don't have a blogger account! have a little wander and i'd love to hear any comments!
thanks for all your lovely messages about my job at office, i'm so so excited and i really can't wait to get started! lots of people have asked how i got it: what i did is go on the office store website and go to the careers section and applied online, then i got called for my interview where i tried my bestest to stand out :)
 today i went to catch up with two of my old art class buddies which was really great fun :D and i decided to wear something comfortable and casual for the last day of vest top week!
vest top - jack wills
soft jeans - hollister
 photography 1
 belt - topshop
both top and jeans are supercomfortable and i love the blues together.
photography 2
i actually ironed it before i left home haha :P but i don't think it looks too horrid a little creased
i love the relaxed fit of this vest top, it makes it wearable with so many different outfits.
photography 3
both mint and lemon nail polish - barry m
 photography 4
so i hope you like my outfit as much as i enjoyed wearing it! which has been your favourite of my vest top outfits? :) you may be wondering why some of the pictures are called "photography #" and it's because as you know i have a growing interest in photography and these are just some of the pictures that i really love. i'm being inspired by so many different fashion and photography bloggers especially lily at and jeff from . you should check out both those gorgeous blogs if you don't already know them! and lastly, i'd just like to say happy 16th birthday to my beautiful friend ruby! i hope you've had an amazing day :) i hope you've enjoyed reading today, ronan xxx