Friday, August 19, 2011

vest top week : day five

evening all!
hope you're well today! sorry it's another late post from me, i've been busy! early this afternoon i went for my office interview which i think went really well :D i did all i could have done and i find out by the end of next week so i'll let you know if i get it! then after that i went to mile end climbing walls  with my dad, sisters, aaron and marcel which was really great fun! the only thing is that you have no harnesses so you have to climb up and right back down these 30ft odd walls :P but it was excellent! so i'm gonna show you what i wore today and a few pictures from the rest of my day:) (picture heavy post!)
for my interview:
(by the way in these pictures the underlayer of my skirt rode up giving me an unflattering bump and also revealing my very pretty gilly hicks knickers so i thought i'd rock it anyway instead of retaking the photos :P taken by mumma and janelle :) )
 top - topshop
 skirt - h&m
 wedges - office
 in preparation for when i become a salsa dancing expert ;)
 i love this outfit because it's quite smart, but if i swapped the black skirt for black high waisted shorts it'd be casual :)
 these espadrille wedges are so comfortable and the nautical colour scheme is timeless.
 nail polish - rimmel 60 seconds
 grim story : i was walking into the station and i pulled my skirt down as it was riding up and these really scroungy balding men who resembled humpty dumpty's convict uncles shouted out "don't pull it down baby". i was actually horrified!
 i don't understand why men think it's okay to talk to females - let alone clearly young girls like that!
 eugh, that's one thing i really don't like about london!
and i thought i'd just share with you some photos from the rest of my day :)
 inside mile end climbing walls - i'm comfortably changed into my jack wills leggings and toms :)
 marcel on the monkey walls
 chalk to take away moisture on our hands.. and for a giggle of course :P
janelle, marcel and i on the beginner walls

after i'd thought myself up to be a bit of a pro :P
practicing my photography in nandos :P i'm not a massive nando's fan but their spicy rice is pretty good haha! i hope you've had a really great week and are enjoy your weekend! well done to all as/a2 levelers who got results yesterday! i get my gcse results next thursday :P also, if you live in london i really recommend that you go and have a little climb in mile end, it's a really great afternoon with loads of levels which makes it enjoyable for everyone!:) i'll let you know if i get the job at office! and i'll speak to you soon, i hope you've enjoyed reading today. ronan xxx


  1. love your interview outfit, it's so cute - i'd be suprised if you don't get the job just for walking in looking cool, ehehe x

  2. You are so trendy!

    love your skirt!


  3. you look great C: and I have the exact same style of skirt. xD

  4. Love that ruffled skirt! So cute!


  5. I'm blog walking here from chictopia...Love your outfit so much.. and nice blog dear!

    Can we follow each other's blog? Thank u...

  6. I love this outfit, and your hair is amazinggg. Those guys at the station are complete fails, I would be horrified too! And thanks for commenting on my blog aswell!

    I saw Planet of the Apes in the cinema, I so love ittt :).

  7. This outfit is perfect. I love every single thing about it! God, I hate that kind of disrespect...I guess not getting that often at all is one good thing about living in a small town.

  8. I love that shirt :DD
    It goes so well with the skirt!

    I'd never do climb walls.. It's just one of those thing I'm scared of xD

  9. Thank-you for the comment my lovely, I love our espadrilles and the shirt!

    Lots of Love,
    Lily from Red Brick Lipstick

  10. Thanks for your comment!
    Sorry I haven't been able to go on recently to reply. I love your striped shirt though!

  11. liking your vest top posts! love stripes


  12. You look so fantastic in that outfit,the short skirt, so casually comfortable to dress on,so does the simple shirt!Your pretty smiles so sweet to delight the whole pictures!!

  13. Love your outfit, top and skirt go so well together. The outfit shapes your gorgeous figure so nicely !

  14. OH MY GOODNESS, i would trade you my house for this shirt! :D amazing, and your smile is so charming :) ♥