Monday, April 22, 2013

cause' my skin aint light, and my body aint tight

hey guyyss!
how are you? i'm good. the weekend was such beautiful weather but i worked on saturday and sunday, then today the weather turned so grey again, as london does. and i think the temperature change is what caused me to get a little cold so i was a bit doped up on lemsips today haha. but i still managed to walk about 10 miles with my friend, and as it was in these shoes i count that as exercise :P even though i felt a bit shit and had to go around with a tissue in my pocket all day, i really like this outfit.
 photo IMG_3534-1_zps2c0f7d17.jpg
 photo IMG_3540-1_zpsacc72522.jpg
 photo IMG_3542_zps35183302.jpg
blazer - beyond retro
red turtleneck - rokit recycled
orange turtleneck, skirt, belt & socks - american apparel
dr martens aggy strap boots
 photo IMG_3545-1_zps7dc538bb.jpg
i got this turtleneck from rokit which is one of their 'rokit - recycled' items. i love it because it's so soft, plus so easily wearable. i paired it with my orange turtleneck for warmth haha, plus i like the colour contrast. also with my other pair of seed-stitch socks from american apparel. i love a good pair of socks, i haven't worn my wolf socks from topshop yet though! they had an adorable duck pair but i realised that the print was only on the front so i decided against them. anyway i've got an essay due and should probably get on with it before i end up doing it in my free period the lesson before it's due haha. hope you enjoyed the weather at the weekend! ronan x

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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

the way you grab me, must wanna get nasty

hey guyys! how're you?
i'm goood, i got back from 3 days in somerset with ruby and 5 days of florence with rob at about midnight this morning! florence is such a beautiful, peaceful city. there's so much to see and with a 'gelateria' or ice cream shop round every corner it's impossible to not love the relaxed vibe of the city. now that i'm back i really need to get a load of artwork  done for my exam next week but i've been waiting so long for a mild weather day to wear this tee so i couldn't help myself wearing it to the bank and asda today haha. 
 photo 2013-04-09130030-2_zps29e690f1.jpg
 photo 2013-04-09125808_zps0f57db0b.jpg
 photo 2013-04-09125847_zps1f721da2.jpg
 photo photo_zpsa531fe18.jpg
turtleneck, scrunchie, nail polish & socks - american apparel
t shirt - slazenger @ sports direct
boots - dr martens x aggyness deyn
 photo 2013-04-09125856_zps868570dd.jpg
i love wearing big baggy tees as dresses; so cosy but i love the look of them with the sleeves rolled up too. this is a 2xl, and what makes it even better is the fact that it cost me two pound fifty, hello sports direct! i paired it with my striped turtleneck because i thought it would go nicely with the yellow rim of the tee, plus it isn't quite warm enough just to wear a t shirt on it's own yet. it's crazy how i never used to have my hair up outside, and since rob pushed my hair comfort zone in some photos for his art project, and i discovered the joys of scrunchies at aa i have my hair up probably just as much as i have it down and this is my newest neon red scrunchie. american apparel are really good for socks as well, i thought i should branch out from the striped ones that i wear all the time and so i tried these seed-stitch socks and i think they're my new favourites. i'm just so happy that the weather is getting slightly warmer, i know it's not a heatwave or anything haha but i'm just so excited for summer.
hope you all had a lovely easter! take care, ronan x

instagram: ronanksm