Monday, April 22, 2013

cause' my skin aint light, and my body aint tight

hey guyyss!
how are you? i'm good. the weekend was such beautiful weather but i worked on saturday and sunday, then today the weather turned so grey again, as london does. and i think the temperature change is what caused me to get a little cold so i was a bit doped up on lemsips today haha. but i still managed to walk about 10 miles with my friend, and as it was in these shoes i count that as exercise :P even though i felt a bit shit and had to go around with a tissue in my pocket all day, i really like this outfit.
 photo IMG_3534-1_zps2c0f7d17.jpg
 photo IMG_3540-1_zpsacc72522.jpg
 photo IMG_3542_zps35183302.jpg
blazer - beyond retro
red turtleneck - rokit recycled
orange turtleneck, skirt, belt & socks - american apparel
dr martens aggy strap boots
 photo IMG_3545-1_zps7dc538bb.jpg
i got this turtleneck from rokit which is one of their 'rokit - recycled' items. i love it because it's so soft, plus so easily wearable. i paired it with my orange turtleneck for warmth haha, plus i like the colour contrast. also with my other pair of seed-stitch socks from american apparel. i love a good pair of socks, i haven't worn my wolf socks from topshop yet though! they had an adorable duck pair but i realised that the print was only on the front so i decided against them. anyway i've got an essay due and should probably get on with it before i end up doing it in my free period the lesson before it's due haha. hope you enjoyed the weather at the weekend! ronan x

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  1. Sorry you got a cold this weekend! That sucks! I love this outfit, that turtleneck is perfect:)


  2. <3 this outfit so much! especially the blue socks! x

  3. Love this outfit, styled perfectly xx

  4. You look gorgeous! I've loved the sun this weekend, we need more xo

  5. Ahhh this outfit is perfect, love the blue socks and shoes combo to! xx

  6. Ah no, worse thing when you have to work when it's lovely out! Hope you feel better soon xxx

  7. You are so perfect , seriously I follow you on Instagram and you inspired me to make a blog hahahah , get well soon :)