Monday, May 06, 2013

we spies, yeah we slow hands

hey guyyys!
how are you? i'm good, really enjoyed the long weekend especially as i had saturday off :) sorry i haven't been blogging much, i've been so busy recently with college and work that i hardly have time to fully put a blog post together. but in 6 weeks college and my exams will be over, eeek! i know it's gonna go so fast as well.. anyway until then i post my outfit on my instagram 'ronanksm' every day so check it out :) today i went for a bbq picnic in the park with some friends which was lovely. here's what i wore.
 photo IMG_3879_zpsc3e9d61d.jpg
 photo IMG_3896_zps7d2c629f.jpg
 photo IMG_3891_zpsd20e6d29.jpg
blazer - beyond retro
dress - topshop petite
socks & nail polish - american apparel
nike air force one mid

 photo IMG_3886_zps6ae4b5cc.jpg
i picked up this dress earlier this week in topshop petite, at 5'10 i'm fair from petite haha but i like that it fits just like an baggy t shirt. i haven't been into or bought anything from topshop for ages but they've got a few cute summer pieces out at the moment. i also bought these nike air force from the kids section of jd sports so they cost like half the price of the adults ones. i've disliked air force for so long; partially from working in office so having them thrown in your face by angry hoodlums on the daily, and also from living in north east london, million of kids under 15 live in them so on non uniform day that's alll i see haha. but since leaving office, and almost leaving college theyve grown on me, and i thought that if i pair them with frilly socks they wont look as 'ard paha, anyway i really like the way they look and they're so comfy :) all thrown together with my favourite blazer made me quite happy.
hope you all had a great bank holiday weekend! take care, ronan x

instagram: ronanksm


  1. Gorgeous dress! I think the frilly socks idea sounds good with your new trainers! xx

  2. Your dress is so lovely! perfect outfit xx

  3. Love that dress!x

  4. ooh that dress is pretty special! Love the oversize blazer with it xx

  5. You look so pretty! I love your hair too xo

  6. That dress is lush you look super! :D
    x Hayley-Eszti

  7. That dress is so cool ! Love the way you matched with the sneakers and the blazer <3

    xoxo from Japan

  8. argh i'm in love with your style, your dress is so cute!

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