Monday, May 27, 2013

dancing in the street clutching a donner kebab

hey guyyys!
how are you? i'm good! officially finished college last friday so i've got 2 exams then i'm finished. feeling quite good about them so hopefully i do well :) today was the sunniest day in ages and waking up to it made me feel so good. when it's sunny and i get my tunes going while i get ready i literally feel like nothing can bring me down haha. it's funny how even though for the whole year i rebelled against the college uniform and was quite informal, since nearing the end i've been quite enjoying looking a bit smarter (on my standards anyway) so this is the outfit that i went for today. 
 photo IMG_4736_zps1b5bc646.jpg photo IMG_4745_zps1f46d972.jpg photo IMG_4747_zps9635958d.jpg photo IMG_4841_zps836b0cf7.jpg
 photo IMG_4832_zps47bb6ae9.jpg
 photo IMG_4822_zps1c6043d1.jpg
 photo IMG_4744_zpsf71be192.jpg
blazer - beyond retro
bodysuit, belt & trousers - american apparel
jelly shoes - juju
 photo IMG_4860_zps7063c50d.jpg
 photo IMG_4864_zpscc3bea97.jpg
nope, i'm not wearing some sort of super amazing low back wonderbra i just decided to go without haha. this bodysuit is kinda impossible and i really wanted to emphasise the plunge back so thought what the heck - it's sunny out! i also channelled the chanel ad and span my necklaces round, tucking them under the neck of my bodysuit they stayed and i like how it looks! paired with my twill pants and favourite blazer i like the smart combo, relaxed down with my sparkly jellies. sorry about the photo overload, whenever janelle takes my photos for me she takes so many i can never pick which i like most.
thanks for reading, and i hope you're having a lovely bank holiday weekend! ronan x

title song: co-op - man like me


  1. The backwards necklaces add such a touch of class to this outfit! Coco would be proud :p I love the way you play wit hclashing dressing up & dress down - suited trousers with a bodysuit shoes. You're not afraid to go for the absolute no-no of jelly shoes and somehow pull it off (without looking like a weird child as i would have!) :p <3 this! x

  2. Genuinely can't deal with you, you look fucking amazing!!! That bodysuit looks so so good on you

  3. oh mi ger !! so fabulous and HAWT

  4. You look SO amazing - I wish I could pull this off! Can't believe you're finished already, I haven't even started my exams xo

  5. wow, that'S some party in the back! :D
    love it!

  6. great styling! love everything about this outfit! xx

    The Provocative Couture

  7. you look so bloody amazing!
    love your spin on smarter wear.


  8. Woww, you look amazingg gurll! Great photos! x

  9. You look amazing, gorgeous outfit xx

  10. You look bloody amazing! Deff my fave ever outfit of yours. Hope your last exams go well then you get that realllly long summer break, hope the sun comes out a bit for you then! xxx

  11. Wow you look incredible! Absolutely love this look! Pretty as always xx

  12. Love your jellies! I tried the black pair on the other day, wish I bought them!

  13. Love your jellies and you look amazing! You should actually try out modelling, you know x


  14. hey hun, just found your blog and i love it. i've followed you on blogger :) xx

  15. Hello Ronan,

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  16. Amazing jumpsuit! You're pulling it off so well

  17. omg super unique outfit! love the way you do all black look and you totally rocked the bodysuit and jelly shoes <3

    check out my latest blog post featuring mixed outfits and photos! :)

  18. I like your blog!
    Follow me:

  19. love the bodysuit now i really want one lol x

  20. Hello :) My name is sheena. I'm from switzerland. And I saw you picture on tumblr. You have an amazing style and I really love to see your pictures of your outfits. I just wanted to say that I like your style :) And I will follow you
    xo, sheena