Sunday, February 19, 2012

a couple things

hey guys, you alright? :)
i'm goood, hope you had a week. i've been on half term from college and ruby came up from somerset for a couple days which was lovely! i also picked up love magazine, and at £6 i took a risk as it's more expensive than vogue :o although it makes up for it with it being triple the width of elle or vogue and i don't regret it in the slightest! it's got some really interesting articles and photography in it which are cool so have a read of that if you get the chance!
sorry i haven't posted all week, i've been up and down and by the time i take pictures it's dark out and so the picture quality is terrible! :( but i thougt i'd show you a few outfits i wore during the week. hope you enjoy.
 my sister janelle and i both rocking american apparel riding pants. mine black, hers purple.
janelle's top - jane norman
my polo - jack wills
my socks - tabio
shirt - topshop
acid wash jeans - topshop
trainers- vans 

jumper - hollister
belt - topshop
shorts - the vintage store
tights - henry holland @ river island
chelsea boots - dr martens
nail polish - stargazer
 vest top - topshop
american apparel riding pants in safari brown
socks - topshop
desert boots - clarks @ office
sorry about the awful piczo picture quality! had awful lighting and took them on my phone! ignore the massive crack in the mirror, some hoover accident i believe :P
top - jane norman (same style as the one janelle's wearing for "friday")
velvet leggings - american apparel
socks - topshop
shoes - navy blue dr martens @ office

i was feeling a bit inspired after seeing numerous amounts of jessie j's catsuits (which i love haha) and i never really wear something all over tight so i went for black because it's quite subtle and then my metallicish leggings which are quite thick. i also bought my docs last week and have been breaking them in this weekend which is sooo painful. but it's worth it :D but i do confess, as my friend sharon said, that i'm a fashionoholic :P
sorry again for the not great quality! siobhan took these for me quickly when i got home from work today.
t shirt - boy london @ urban outfitters
skirt - american apparel (it's actually a dress but i'm too tall for it :'( so wear it as a skirt)
tights - h&m
shoes - navy blue dr martens @ office
nail polish - rimmel & rio nail pens
which outfit is your favourite? :) 
my mumma got me the brown riding pants for christmas and i adore them. i've rubbed off on janelle and she loves them as well now, she wants to buy a black pair and i'd like a navy pair! i bought my desert boots a couple weeks ago when they came into office, we've had the mens ones for ages so i was waiting for the women's ones which i lurvvvvv, they're really comfy but i found they come up small,  so if you ever order any online i'd say go a size up :) also, my boy london tee is one of my faves, my friend laura took me to this ridiculously pretentious shop, just off brick lane that do an amazing range of boy london stuff and i really want the leggings which are black, with "boy" and the eagle printed all over!
hope you've had a good sunday? :) i spent this evening eating the most amazing roast dinner and apple crumble de maman! now catching up on got to dance and ashley banjo's dance crew, love them! :D gotta chill before college starts again tomorrow eh! anyway i'm off, speak soon :) ronan xxx


  1. love those brown pants and those navy blue docs are wonderful!

  2. ahh love all your outfits ron, loving the AA riding pants, and those yellow doc boots!! You look hawwwt in all the pics :) xx

  3. I love monday's look!!!
    xx Alexandra

  4. All of your outfits are gorgeous! Especially Monday's, you look hot girl! Wish I could be bothered to actually put an effort into all of my outfits every day like you ;-). I really want some DM's but am very scared of the breaking in stage! Everyone says how painful it is! xx

  5. So many great looks, love your tights on the monday outfit!

    I will follow you, follow back? :)

    X Camilla

  6. Oooooh jel of you buying LOVE mag-is that the one with Kate Moss + Lara Stone on the cover?? I have cut out the ad from Vogue for my wall as it is soooo cool but i cant stretch to the £6 right now;) Deffo will in the future though-sounds like a book! Love Sunday's outfit its so cool-perfect mix of casual+effort! Adoreeeeee the velvet leggings too-glad you had a wicked half term! Xxx

  7. i absolutely love your style! And your lovely long legs are very enviable! Hope you're well sweetie xoxo

  8. love all your outfits. riding pants galore! - lola x

  9. love the safari brown high waisted riding pants!

  10. I love your outfit on Monday, and the dr. martens.! x

  11. Woaah I love your riding pants, so beautiful! Also love the last outfit xo

  12. your hair/locs is/are so gorgeous and high. (i assume youre a freeformer).
    why don't you ever talk about it?

  13. Some gorgeous outfits here! I love the colour of those riding pants :)

  14. awesome looks, love your shoes! ♥

  15. Oh my I need riding pants in my life right now. You look amazing in them! xxx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  16. You look lovely! Great post, the riding pants are awesome!:) Xx