Monday, March 14, 2011

make up

good evening :) hope your day's been good! 
funny story - it's my brother's 18th birthday today so my family went to nando's because it's his favourite, and we ordered in total 50 chicken wings. mad i know :P but to be fair i only had 5 and a mixed leaf salad which was pretty nice, (sorry aaron if you're reading this, i know it's shameful to even think about salad in nandos haha).
so anyway i was going to dress my brother today because he got some cool new clothes for his birthday and i haven't done male fashion in ages! but he's buying new stuff on thursday so i'll do that this weekend so watch this space :)
  today i decided to do something i haven't done before which is make up, because i don't wear black make up ever i only wear coloured so here's just a little bit about what i do :)
Photobucketcoloured make up can change a bland outfit into something interesting and different! today i couldn't be bothered to dress up so i wore something simple: grey.
this old grey, cotton topshop top which i nicked from my sister a few years ago, with these grey leopard print h&m jeans which i've had for about 4 years and they're now ankle swingers, but the beauty of wearing jack ups is that i know they're short, you know they're short, and they're comfortable so who cares :P and obviously with my toms because they're just so comfortable.
but this simple outfit can look so different with some bright and different make up. i have absolutely no make up experience other than normal techniques i've copied from my sisters especially as for darker skin there's absolutely no make up advice in everyday magazines, so the only way i know what i like is by trying loads of different things. which if any, is my advice to you, if you don't try something different then you'll never know if it suits you :) 

1. if i'm dressing up

i was in a rush apologises for the awful eye liner :P
i never wear foundation or blusher so here i've just used white barry m pencil eyeliner, red collection 2000 lipstic, (mascara only in the left photo) rimmel blue lash extention mascara on my right eye, and left blue barry m mascara on my right. 
it's a simple fact that to exaggerate the size of your eyes or any feature, you use a colour that will make them stand out. so the darker your skin is, the lighter the eye liner to use, and the lighter your skin, the darker the eye liner. i use white because if i make the effort to put mae up on, i want everybody to notice it. you can do the top or bottom of your eyes, if you do it all round your eye, it opens your eye up completely but to be more subtle just do the bottom or the top. to stand out is also why i use bright red lipstick, i could have used white or yellow lipstick but i didn't want to overdo it, but i definitely would love to in future. 
the coloured mascara brings out darker eyes because it contrasts with them (made that up but it sounds right :P) and i like to use blue or green with white eye liner. you can't see here so well but my bottom lashes are lilac. never worry about using different colours for different parts of your face because if you wont try, you'll never know and it will probably look cool. 

2. everyday
so this is more of a look i'd go for everyday. ignore the silly faces :p
this is a less bold everyday look i sometimes go for, using barry m dolly pink lipstick with light pin and blue eye liner, and light green mascara.
if you say all those colours out loud they sound awful, but i think they look quite interesting. as i was saying with the colour experimentation, don't worry about doing your eyes in different colour eyeliner, i would actually go out like this believe it or not :P and i think it looks quite cool. by only doing the bottom of each eye, i'm drawing attention to my eyes but not widening them which is what i want here. the green mascara opens up my eyes a little but it's more just because i personally like it. 
when i bought this pink lipstick, i bought it because i wanted it, but i didn't go too light so i didn't look like a nicki menaj wannabe :P so you should find a good balance that doesn't look overdramatic but gives your face some colour and stands out.  for some reason i don't use eye shadow, i think it's because as i use coloured eye liner and mascara there's no need for more colour but i might do soon and i'll let you know when i find one that works :)
so that's all for today :) thank you and i hope you enjoyed reading, ronan xxx

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