Thursday, March 31, 2011

aubin and wills womens

evening all!:)
just a quick post to end the month and begin another. my day was okay, consisted of school.. athletics.. being tired, whistling to janelle and rubbing my eyes. but today aubin and wills (sister company to jack wills) emailed me to let me know about their new summer collection that's out :) so i decided to have a look and let you all know what i found. which to my greatest dismay of being poor, so many nice things! yes aubin and wills prices are what some might call excessively high, and which are probably unnecessary, but it's a shop. so you can either buy it or not ;)
i found so much great stuff that i'm going to have to split my findings into today, and tomorrow. girls today, guys tomorrow ;) ladies first of course:P i've made an image board of what i like, and i'll just write one sentence about each thing to keep it short:)
going from top left -
1. grey tee- comfortable can wear with anything
2- stripy tee. could dress up to be smart or casual
3. stripy jumper- comfortable, smart and good quality. could be worn with so many different things.
4. pink oversized shirt- have wanted one of these for so long, could tuck into a skirt or wear with jeans ;)
5. striped red and blue dress- again smart or casual. with toms and a cardigan or a blazer and heels
6. blue dress shirt- great lightweight for summer, could be tucked into something or worn alone.
7. striped tee- a wardrobe must have, something that suits absolutely everything.
8. pink chiffon shirt- great quality, these are in fashion and if you want one that'll be a timeless classic. i don't usually like the short sleeve but it works here.
9. blue vest top- just love this, it's so simple, could be worn with a bodycon dress underneath, jeans or shorts to create an effortless sophisticated outfit. 
10 & 11. everyone needs tees and aubin and wills have cool tees down to a tee. they're light, soft, simple but so stylish. 
12. simple striped tees once more, button detail gives and extra something, could wear with almost anything and would add colour to a rainy day :)
13. yellow striped vest top- i love yellow and this is the perfect balance between bold and beautiful. rich colour and laid back cut:) 
14. i don't know why but i was drawn to this black vest top - the small detail in the pattern gives some design to a plain garment making it not just another black vest top.
15-19. jeans- aubin and wills jeans are really great quality with supersoft, durable fabric. the cut and fit on these is perfect and everyone needs a good pair of skinnies for summer! wear with a crop top or light baggy tee on a hot day :)
20 and 21. chinos- aubin and wills have the womens' chinos right! the tan and light blue will go with most colours, good for a really hot day because of the lightweight material used. great buy!
22. plain grey skirt- that you could probably make yourself, but there's something about it i really like, maybe the simplicity and fact it would go with anything, suiting and making any outfit. 
23. yellow shorts- it's always good to have a it of colour, and this vibrant yellow will go with almost anything if you're willing to try :)
24. just a pretty belt!
hopefully i'll get the change to wear some of these amazing clothes! here are some of the "get the look" type things i found on the aubin and wills website that i quite liked :)
menswear will be coming tomorrow so keep your eyes open! and definitely check out aubin and wills!:) hope you've enjoyed reading! ronan xxx

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