Friday, April 01, 2011

pinch punch first of the month.. aubin and wills

pinch punch it's the first of the month!
how are you? well it doesn't matter because it's the weekend now! hope you all have a good one :) today my ict teacher played an awful prank on us saying that our deadline was monday instead of thursday. it was a rubbish prank because i didn't believe it for a second! :P i was too tired to think of pranks this morning haha. 
anyway, today as promised i'm going to be talking about the new spring/summer aubin and wills mens collection:) i found a lot of things i liked, such a wide variety in fact that i decided to do a mix of the aubin and wills get the looks and my own :)
these are some of the aubin and wills made get the looks that i thought were pretty nice excluding the shoes which aren't from aubin and wills.
1. i really like the first one, it looks quite smart though so maybe for a casual day out it would look better with the shirt untucked. 
2. i can't fault this, i think it's a nice easy going colourful outfit :)
3. i hate the way this model is wearing the trousers, and the shoes don't go at all. but i think the chinos and shirt have potential to work okay together, without the jacket and horrible shoes.
4. this one again is simple and looks good. 
5. i quite like this one, i'm never usually sure on white shorts because they could look like golf trousers and just a bit... not nice to be honest. the blue shorts from the first outfit would look good but i like the top half so it sort of balances out the brightness of the shorts and it works.
6. this outfit is nice also. the untucked shirt goes well with the slim fitting jeans and the cardigan to pull everything together works really well :) the shoes don't even look too bad here!
now here are a few oufits i made myself:
obviously i like each outfit :P 
the first needs a slim fitting shirt or simple tee under the hoodie. the second i really like and think it's well balanced. the trousers in the third outfit are chinos like in the fourth outfit. i reckon the trousers in third and fourth would suit either outfit, but i put the blue with the red because i thought the golden camel added a bit of colour to the blue denim fade like shirt. i like it because they're quite slim chinos and would be quite casual but could also be smart with a blazer or something. in the last outfit i love the bright polo, simply paired with straight jeans for a relaxed feel :) shorts in the style of the green ones would also go well with this, but then shorts in that style would go with any of these tops in different colours. they're available in a variety of colours at aubin and wills.
these outfits are a little less colourful.
the first would be finished off with a simple tee or shirt buttoned all the way to the top for a smartish look. i love the shorts (they're also int the get the look) and the same style as the green ones we saw just now. 
i love the baggy red jumper, it adds so much colour to an outfit, and although it might look bold it would goes really well with skinny/slim fitting jeans. i always say put something baggy with something tight so this is a perfect example. also, as red is quite a prominent colour, usually pair it with something equally as bold, or sublte like a shade of blue. 
the third is simplty a sweater and slim jeans which you can't really go wrong with but i particularly liked this sweater. 
the next outfit is a jumper/jacket and slim fitting orangey-red chinos. under the jacket could go a slim fitting tee or shirt because the jacket is quite baggy. i put the colour with it to give it a bit of colour but also because it puts some fun into the outfit. and lastly, a sweater and the striped shorts, quite simple but would work so well in all weathers. perfect for any occasion really:) i love this sweater because it's so simple but classic aubin and wills. 
these last ones were a bit of a mish mash of final things i liked :P
the first tee i really love because i love yellow but it's a lovely golden yellow like in the vest top yesterday. i put it with these dark striped chinos because as yellow is quite a strong colour it needs balancing out with something a little softer. 
the second and third tees i really like for the simplicity but the fact that they'd go with absolutely anything. the jeans look quite simple and straight which is nice to see and they'd go with most things including the purple v neck. the purple v neck looks like a really good quality garment that could suit many different occasions. 
lastly, i love the hat! i really want one but haven't yet found one that fits over my hair :P but i think they look really cute on guys, that can pull them off anyway. a simple brown leather belt is always necessary for a mans' closet and also a good pair of brogues. to go with skinnies, chinos or when dressing up. the boxers i just liked the blue and black combination, and aubin and wills boxers are really soft so it's win win :D
so i hope you all have a really good evening:) and have enjoyed reading! ronan xxx

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