Friday, April 29, 2011

random photo post

congratulations to william and kate! :)
just a random post to show you some photos i really like that i found on tumblr. my tumblr is ( but it's not completely fashion but a few bits and bobs that i like :) you may recognise: pixie lott, heath ledger and ash stymest. i do not take any credit for these photos.
hope you've enjoyed the photos:) ronan xxx


  1. Lovely pictures.

  2. @tereza & @sia thank you both :) xxx

  3. AWESOME pics,love them all,i Adore those knitted shorts,and forgot how stylish pixie lott is those orange brogues and the leopard shorts go so well together :)

    much love

    kate xo

  4. @ronan walter is great i am loving him at the moment also im basing one of my course pieces around him and i have not forgotten your leggings!!

    i love this post babe .. i want that (denim coat), the blue bag, i want to start doing finger faces lol, swim suits wow ronan your like good food you hit the spot all the time!!


  5. <3 lovely post!
    and tumblr is fun<:
    i checked out yours.
    haha i love it!


  6. @kate thank you!:D me too they're so great haha! exactly, she's so stylish i might do a post just about her!:) xxx

    @monzie yeah i checked him out his stuff is so innovative! :D and woo thank you haha! thank you so much! haha that's such a compliment thank you i'm so so glad you enjoy my blog! xxx

    @cathy thank you! :D following you back! xxx

  7. Hi girl, your blog is really really cool! I just love it and I'm following! I'd love if you visit me and follow mine too. It's so exciting meet and know about new people around the world.

    Michelle Duarte fashion designer from Brazil.

  8. omg these are GORGEOUS!!! LOVE IT! wish i can reblog these photos

  9. So much loveliness! I will definitely have one of those puppies someday:-) xoxo

  10. @michelle thank you! :D yeah definitely, really nice blog too following you back!:) xxx

    @florence haha yeah really great photography:D xxx

    @bonbon i agree! you and me both! xxx

  11. beautiful selections, so inspiring
    Lydz xX

  12. ronan ill be finishing your leggings today and i need you e-mail address hun so we can sort out the shipping process? oh and i cant seem to access you new/latest post? why.... the one about the heels and trousers and shorts and bustier top!! everytime i click on it it says...Page not found
    Sorry, the page you were looking for in the blog yawn, stretch and read does not exist??? whats that about


  13. @monzie i replied on your blog :) xxx